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'Exorcist' Author to Sue Georgetown: Vatican and the Archdiocese of Washington To Revoke Right to

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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 11:23 PM
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'Exorcist' Author to Sue Georgetown: Vatican and the Archdiocese of Washington To Revoke Right to Georgetown's Calling Itself Catholic

'Exorcist' author to sue Georgetown after Sebelius visit

Read more:

The suit will be filed with the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Washington, asking the church to remove Georgetown’s right to call itself Catholic, according to the Cardinal Newman Society, which Blatty has asked for guidance.

I somehow agree with this notion, dont ask me why

The “last straw” was the university allowing students to invite Sebelius to speak May 18, considering she was instrumental in helping President Obama draft health care reform that includes a mandate for some religious institutions to offer insurance to cover employees’ birth-control costs, said Blatty, who attended Georgetown on a scholarship and graduated in 1950.

So... where's the contradiction... and why the lawsuit, if that's what they want to call it.

The author, William Peter Blatty, says the Jesuit-founded university in Washington has for the past two decades invited speakers who support abortion rights and has refused to comply with orders by the late Pope John Paul II for church-affiliated colleges and universities.

Pssst, and they call themselves Catholics...

The Obama administration mandate also has prompted 43 Catholic institutions - including Notre Dame – to file a civil suit that claims Sebelius violate constitutional protections of religious liberty. And at least two schools have stopped offering health insurance in part because of the financial impact.

Blatty said his efforts would follow a similar and “awesome” one in 1991 in which Georgetown students submitted a canon law petition.

“Georgetown’s Catholic identity was one of the many outstanding attributes that appealed to me,” he said. “Unfortunately, I found that Georgetown today lacks the integrity to consistently live the Catholic identity it claims.”

btw.... Notre Dame will win. Obama will be ashamed, and this whole thing will bring about some good. Further establishing the rights and protections under the constitution as to religious liberties.

I truly hope that Obama doesn't think that he can dictate liberties with in religious institutions.

This is going to get interesting, I can't wait to see what comes next!!!
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