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Left wing political thugs use criminal tactics to intimidate and bankrupt law abiding conservatives

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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 07:42 PM
Accidentally discovered some interesting information about a man some call "domestic terrorist" who is funded as an attack dog by Soros' Tides Foundation, Barbara Streisand, among others.
Now the term "domestic terrorist" has been used to describe anyone vocally critical of the current administration as well as by the current DHS director in connection with individuals who vocally support the Constitution of the U.S.
This guy actually used bombs to injure innocent people.

In the worst incident, Kimberlin placed one of his bombs in a gym bag, and left it in a parking lot outside Speedway High School. CarlDeLong was leaving the high school football game with his wife when he attempted to pick up the bag and it exploded. The blast tore off his lower right leg and two fingers, and embedded bomb fragments in his wife’s leg. He was hospitalized for six weeks, during which he was forced to undergo nine operations to complete the amputation of his leg, reattach two fingers, repair damage to his inner ear, and remove bomb fragments from his stomach, chest, and arm. In February 1983, he committed suicide.

He and his "crew" have been using dirty trick tactics and physical intimidation to try and silence anyone who exposes him in print. He also uses frivolous lawsuits to try and attack and bankrupt anyone who mentions him in press or in a blog.

Audio evidence presented by one of his conservative blogger victims (alleged) suggests that one of his associates called 911 posing as the blogger, claiming that he just shot his wife. Police showed up to the house, manhandled the victim, and terrified his (still living) wife and children.

Links here:

If even a fraction of what is being presented by these blogs is true, the use of propaganda has spread to what is essentially fullscale terrorism with this crew. Terrorism supported and funded by establishment forces in the left wing propaganda apparatus, indirectly connected to the Democratic Party and ultimately to the criminal in chief.
No mention of this man or his actions is mentioned in the MSM.

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