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Great Pyramid a Water Pump?

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posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 07:44 AM

It is the contention of our research that the odd interior of the Great Pyramid was designed to serve function. The grand gallery, the king's and queen's chamber, the 4 "vents" and the connecting passages ALL serve function. That function is: to pump water.

It was the Construction Pump that consisted of the subterranean passages and chamber that pumped water from the pond around the building site to keep the successive series of increasingly higher ponds impounded by each successive layer of casing stones filled and the water locks supplied with water. This allows the Great Pyramid to be built level by level from the bottom up.

But what about all the passages and "rooms" in the upper masonry of the Great Pyramid? Was all that exquisite precision and massive construction designed for burial, symbolic or even religious purposes?

Story Lnik

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 08:18 AM
How do you explain the tombs with bodies in them?

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 08:49 AM
the great pyramid when opened by the arabs, DID NOT contain any bodies. The only thing in there is the so called sarcophagus (sp) and there is contention about this due to its dimensions

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 12:49 AM
After looking over a few pyramid threads I decided to comment on this because It is closest to being on track IMO.

Ever since reading Richard Noones' book "5/5/00 Ice the ultimate disaster " I have been fasinated with the Great Pyramid of Egypt. I don't think Kunkle went far enough though. The fact that it pumps water is as undeniable as the water erosion on the sphinx. But the purpose of the pump as never been adaquitly explained in my mind.

It is more than a mere water delievery system. IT is a complex beautiful machine that has yet to be fully understood. Some thing/part belongs center grooves and cog holes along the Vacume tube/Grand Galley but what? If the Great Pyramid was an electral generator of some sort a dynamo of some kind may belong in the vacum tube...but so far I haven't been able to think of what kind of dynamo or how the electircity might be transmited...Maybe wireless like Tesla envisioned...perhaps along the oblisks that are all over egypt? I have seen working egyption light bulbs based off of hyroglyphics..(super bad speller)

As for how it was constructed as far as masonary. I have seen a you tube video where a team of french students erected Five or so blocks several tons heavy in one day with mortar. Seemsless joints were created and it fits the model of building from the bottom up even better than quarrying huge blocks and floating them into place. It also explains the Queens pyramids as working models. Just like minature mock ups today.

Any thoughts on these rumminations?

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 12:59 AM
Although I know virtually nothing about the pyramids, in response to your brainstorming about the pyramid generating electricity, would it be possible that it used the pumped water to generate a very early hydroelectricity?

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 05:04 AM
It is certainly possible. We could even reverse enginer A working model today that would be many times better than hoover damn. With alot less enviromental impact.

Question isn't hoever can WE do it, Question is how did they do it? What is the missing peice inside the vacum tube/ grand galley?

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 09:37 AM
How about a masonic reply? Masons seem to love the pyramid and thier is alot of evidence supporting their heritage and foundation to egypt. Perhaps a grand wizard knows what is supposed to go into the vacum tube/ grand galley?

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 07:53 PM
If they did, they wouldn't/couldn't tell us. The masons are nothing if not rediculously secretive about anything and everything.

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