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Undercover US agents brought down our new Superjet: Russia’s extraordinary claim about crash which

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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 05:47 PM
I wouldn't blame the USA as a whole even though it may well be US Corporations involved in this particular mess.

They all pull each others strings, one happy family made up of corporations, industrialists, military heads, big pharma, banking etc (the real TPTB).
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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 07:00 PM
The Russians have some grounds to be suspicious when you consider their experiences in trying to loft probes to Mars. It was a joke around JPL's headquarters in California at one time that evidently there was a "Mars' Monster" that had it in for them, the (then) Soviets, and was striking down their probes with a passion.

That cryptic comment had legs enough to make some outside the official halls and labs of government wonder if they may be some truth in that. In total, the known launches of Soviet probes to Mars is about 22. Of that number, only two had a very limited, as they call it, "partial success."

The US, on the other hand, up until 2005, had some astounding success and three failures in 16 efforts, the first back in 1964.

There is more to the situation that the mere numbers which also must include the Venus shots of both countries, but that is for another time. Suffice it to say the Russians/Soviets have good reason to suspect that they have been shut out. I personally don't accept that explanation for the plane incident. We work more in harmony with Russia than most people realized. But for their lack of obtaining any decent data on their own about Mars? I believe in the Mars' Monster.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by Saint88
Being a lurker on this site for long as I have, I was able to observe something of an odd peculiarity while browsing this site, the fact that most American members on this site love to express their resistance and boldly claim to be in utter defiance to the mass corruption and sinister plots employed by their government, yet the moment an outside force condemns or becomes involved you all suddenly turn patriotic and rush to the defence of your government knowing full well the heinous crimes it has committed against you and your people in these past decades.

Perhaps the effects of brainwashing or perhaps certain members with hidden agenda's, I can only wonder.
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I've observed the odd peculiarity that seemingly intelligent foreigners seem to think that every bad event in the world has an evil bed-eyed American behind it.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 09:41 PM
wow sounds like russia spends to much time on ats

it had to be america lol

the pilot was probably drunk

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 10:56 PM
A quick query..

A major obstacle we have here regarding stealth flights hacking outside [devices](changed), is the fact that as soon as the program's turned on in order to down/interfere aforementioned "outside devices," that pinging/touching is or can be noticed, if they're aware of what might be coming their way. Food for thought. Ipads have a nice gateway for this capability/entry in civilian use. Anyone with thoughts on how to counter something like this? Let me know, I have interest...
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:02 AM
Not surprised that something like this could happen. With a lot of modern (fighter) jets being designed not to be able to fly conventionally and needing a computer to allow successful flight (i.e. F-22), something like this could be a huge player in the not so distant future.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by BaylorCamaro

Most fighter planes since about the 1970s have required computers to fly, not just the big white elephant that is the F22..
The F16 was known as the 'Electric Jet' for this very reason.
Airbuses have been fly by wire since about the 1980s.
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by danwild6

Indeed we are all foreigner's, that happen to be passing by, the fact that you missed this important truth demonstrates your lack of wisdom, here is some advice, stop trying to grasp the fleeting moment or you will lose sight to see the big picture.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by Saint88

He's just voicing his dissent over the nationalism that's so blatant anymore these last days.

In response/addition to your comment before last, everyone has a hidden agenda. It's just whether or not these are threats to any nation's security that remains to be seen.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by MI5edtoDeath

Folks who have been in aviation for a while will tell everyone that will listen that flying for aerial photography is the most dangerous flying there is with the exception of the Jap suicide pilots at the end of WWII.

The new airplane was loaded with marketing folks and they likely demanded the pilots get close to the mountain so they could get some good pictures.

In American aviation their is a strong tradition that the pilot in command is totally in control while his aircraft is aloft. In other countries the most senior person on board can command a deviation from the itinerary while in flight. Just one more reason to fly American Flag ships when overseas.

The flight recorder will likely show some VIP shouting " get closer so I can get a picture" , just before the recorder
logs "controled flight into the ground.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by Bodhi7
It's more likely that Russia is upset that they fail at everything.

They aren't exactly known for testing things thoroughly.

I disagree with both parts of your statement. Air France lost a liner on a flight from Brazil, will you say that they fail at everything? US lost two space shuttles, are they losers?

What cr@p.

Russian flew a bazillion missions to the ISS, and they didn't lose a single ship in the process.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by buddhasystem

August 25th 2011 Soyus rocket heading for the ISS explodes just after take off, no one has a perfect record.

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