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The Magnification Of Life

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:03 PM
The reason? It's given a reason: a dare
The purpose? It consequently has a purpose: to experience and witness
The meaning? It's given a meaning: the ideal
The point? It consequently has a point: sex

Therefore life magnified spells out a sentence...

A dare to experience and witness the ideal sex.

Keep in mind, whomever has a paranormal beginning, will give themselves an explaination, such as a dare the ideal.

Example: It would be a dare for a mother and a son to consent to becoming sexually intimate.

Example: It would also be the ideal if sexual intimacy is hightened by something so naughty between closest relatives. That should make life a dare to experience and witness hightened sex.

It would take at least two willing to do a dare, to be the lucky ones to pop right into existing for evermore.

Inside the ideal... Life is also making all sorts of characters so that there may be all sorts of heightenings to life's point between whomever exist.

The point to life is the smash hit. For it is the harmony at its finest.

But what say you all?

I strongly believe in Gods. Just two.

The Gods (just a mother and her son) are paranormal, consequential, and lucky beings, living a dare to experience and witness heightened (the ideal) sex.

The Gods are perfectly merry with their incest.

I strongly believe the original sex was incest that happened between the Gods taking on the physical in a paradise they made.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 08:32 AM
Life is a high way.

The way of life? High. Everthing is a high. Calm is a type of high. Etc. You can move up or down from calm, and it is a high of some kind.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by WarJohn

it is amazing how u far u believe that images made to ur face value are absolute facts existing

merde why cant u think normally, and start to stop ur bull#

now tell me, how gods make sex?? sex is only for absolute objective identities meaning their free existence rights, while fully seen of objects reality

how air make sex ? and what is a mother of air ? and what is a son of an air? and how do u isolate individuality in air?

nature love sex life but nature there is not a god, she is alone body project of existence freedom as a positive fact, so she never mean another to make sex with she loves to work the less for true existence freedom while getting the cheapest most positive out of it, so making everything having orgasm as positive free existence fact

and u r wrong, the root of sex drive reasons is never family ties on the contrary it is total stranger making truth only alive as one positive free end from doing nothing and seeing none, so pur positive gift free of truth effect without even recognizing it at any perspective

u should stop willing to mean superiority from absolute inferiority, what is wrong or inferior cannot b superior so never a reason of any

u should


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