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Ga. man becomes third high-profile case of necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating virus)

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by skitzspiricy

Found this but lost the link

The bacteria can spread rapidly through the body (sepsis), and needs to be treated quickly. Many patients suffer permanent scarring and may even require amputation of a limb. About 25% of the patients who are infected with necrotizing fasciitis will die from the infection. According to the CDC, 10,000 - 15,000 American patients per year are infected with necrotizing fasciitis. Of them 2,000 to 3,000 die. Most hospital cases of necrotizing fasciitis occur in patients who have open wounds, in particular those who have either had surgery, or have been hospitalized due to an injury-causing accident. Because of the nature of the infection, necrotizing fasciitis is not a hospital infection that patients can do much to control except to be sure that the wounds stay clean.

Although NF has become increasingly common in the United States since the late 1980s, intensive surveillance efforts for the disease in our country have not been conducted since 1991.

See for a really scary survivor story.

So it does seem to occur more in the USA than the UK.

No figures for percentage of hospital acquired.

Every 'surgery' (5 times and 5 different doctors) I have had, no matter how minor, has been accompanied by antibiotics. Any open cut or wound I dab with neosporin or polysporin.

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by Covertblack
Seems that way now. I have heard conspiracies involving the close proximity to the CDC, and also a mutating bacteria caused by chemicals dumped into the ocean during the horizon oil spill.

Well, Atlanta Georgia where the CDC is takes on all sorts of foreign attacks from nutjob doctors in other countries that hate America. They usually focus on slipping some disease around Atlanta for some sick joke against the US. I wouldn't contend that the CDC was behind it. It's usually someone foreign that picks Atlanta.

I'd also be a little concerned about the 3rd case. The man's story is that he thinks he caught it from "cutting grass" in his yard and he allegedly "nicked his groin". Hey guys, does this really happen when mowing the grass, do you "nick your groin"? How did this disease end up on the man's groin for real? What was he doing and who was he doing it with? I mean Atlanta does have a serious disease problem among the prostitutes there. When a man from Atlanta claims some strange bacterial disease began in his groin and makes up a story that he was "cutting the grass".... I have to wonder.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 06:01 AM
i live in athens, and grew up in milledgeville, and have been personally affected by this. Amy is my friend, and i can barely think about what she is dealing with. its a nightmare. any way, the infection spread fast. she got real sick and almost died from like a toxic shock thing. the blood pressure meds ,that kept her alive are what caused the loss of her limbs.shes very lucky! and my friend ben saved her life!! by literally dragging her to his car and throwing her in. it happened so fast. the cut that she got was the probable source of the infection. she was wet and couldn't clean it immediately, and also the guy in milledgeville was wet when he was infected. i cant comment on the case in atl. all im saying is corexit! i did a back yard test with a mason jar and a storm moving fast up from the gulf. left the jar out in the rain.after the storm i brought it inside.. first, the jar was sticky or tacky, and there were small translucent bubbles suspended in the water that wouldn't pop and very small brown globules on the bottom of the was the gulf in a jar. this was like jan 2011

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 06:18 PM

The Bed Bug Pandemic

bed bugs are known to carry at least 40 human diseases, including Hepatitis B and flesh-eating disease (MRSA).


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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by Covertblack
This stuff keeps popping up. First SARS virus, then bird flu, then swine flu, now they saved the best for last, flesh eating bacteria. Wonderful.

What do you mean "keeps popping up"?

There are outbreaks of disease every day around the world. This is nothing new.

I remember an outbreak of necrotizing fasciitis over ten years ago that hit the UK. This is not a new virus and there are regular outbreaks in African nations.

The fact that you don't see these things reported on the news until the MSM needs a terrifying story doesn't mean that something "new" or "strange" is happening. They just need a hard-hitting story and they like to create drama.

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