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If Aliens and UFOs are real then consider this theory

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 05:24 AM
Its been bugging me for a while now and I have tried to work out if its possible.

Ok here goes, My daughter and I recently were watching the meteor showers (which were as expected and easy to work out) and the odd slow "not trailed" object were also viewed. We seen the ISS fly over which was nice to see as it travelled so fast (17230 mph) we could easy work out what and when was above us. but some odd objects were so high though that they could not have been planes etc and no flashing lights were seen just a few dull grey objects in the clear night sky. My daughter having asked me a couple of times to explain to her what these odd objects were, I said maybe they were satellites but I could'nt answer for sure other than they were known as UFO if you could'nt confirm what they were. by this time she was getting scared thinking that UFOs existed and that was that.
So I looked on the web (as you do) as I like to follow stuff like that and came to a theory.

If an Alien civilisation existed then how long would it take them to reach us?
One website says that Alpha Centauri would be about 4.36 light-years away from us and Gliese 581c is about 20.5 light years away which some astronomers say another planet orbiting the same star might be liveable.

If we as humans tried to attempt to travel to Alpha Centauri this would take us 60000 years and Gliese 581c aprox 282000 years. as light travels at 186000 miles per second it would be over 23,462,784,000,000 miles away just to get to the 4 light years mark. so if humans live till aprox 90-100 years of age how old would these Aliens be if they ever arrived here. Also I came to a conclusion that if they were able to get to us under a super speed way then surely they would have to travel within excess of the speed of light? if this is also the case then why would they need lights on their spaceships (Which most people claim to see when encountering one). and if they did have lights why would they be flashing at a speed that we would be used to, bearing in mind that the fastest we can travel is the speed of sound ? and if for what reason would they need any form of lights on the outside anyways. If the technology was there surely they wouldnt need them as everything would be avoided by sense rather than visual,.. I know this theory sounds absolutely bonkers but had to put it on here for other peoples opinions/theories..



posted on May, 24 2012 @ 05:45 AM
I think it's short sighted to place human technological obstacles upon interstellar species. Think about how you would explain a microwave oven to a pigmy native.

What if breaching the speed of light was never a problem for them? What if they never even encountered it, what if they never used speed as their means of travel?
If an interstellar species were truly advanced, they would see rocket engines as quaint, they would see linear travel impractical. I think that wormholes and space/time bending technology are a good deal more likely when it comes to advanced civilisations.

Imagine an ant asking you how you know each person you meet is not an enemy without sampling their pheromones first.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 05:59 AM
Lights are most likely there for the same reason we have lights on vehicles.

To see/be seen or as a by product of a process.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:08 AM
perhaps they have a combination drive which incudes a certain amount of teleportation?
Eistien/rosen bridges?
Who can say what they utilise, they are here...................................

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by psyclops777

They are using Warp drives of course

Ok now seriously there are many possible answers as to how they manage to travel long distances.

They have mastered the speed of light or faster than speed of light engines.Which would make them come here from Alpha Centauri,with Speed of light about 5 years(if i remember correct) and with faster than light technology i don't know exactly,but propably a couple of weeks.

Another theory is that they use wormholes to travel long distances in short time.

Truth is with the current knowledge of technology and science we cannot do it ourselves,but there is always hope for the future.

"We don't know all the physics there is to know yet, and something we don't know yet might give us tremendous capabilities," Geoffrey Landis

How to get to Alpha Centauri

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:13 AM
reply to post by psyclops777

How long would it take? No one here has any idea, no matter what the distance is. The reason for that is because of the technological differences. All we know is what is possible for US to do and how long it would maybe take US to do it, you, or anyone else, know nothing about how these beings travel, therefore the question is impossible to answer.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by Necrocharadon

Thats why I posted this theory, to see what others thoughts were

Obviously, if there were a higher advanced being it wouldnt be hard for them to have better than Human Technology, and yes I agree they would possibly use some sort of bending of space or wormhole? but again look at the numbers of speed and time. Surely they would still have to travel for years or undergo massive stress's to travel at light speeds.

I for one think that Human Technology of today is still very primitive compared to what it could be like in the future, but Im still bashing my head how a alien being could travel here on so many occasions and just fly by ? and for what, there isnt anything here for them and no other planets around us seem to have what they would want. I think after 70 years of UFO sightings we would have had clear concise proof of them by now.

I am swinging more to the thoughts that maybe what people are witnessing is our own PTB using what they think is Future Technology and just letting people believe what they want to believe.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:23 AM
Im not quite convinced that is why they would have lights ?

Originally posted by Threegirls
Lights are most likely there for the same reason we have lights on vehicles.

To see/be seen or as a by product of a process.

if they were able to travel by such great speeds then they wouldnt need lights just as they wouldnt need windows etc. If it were possible to travel like they do then it would be all done by sense if anything and their craft would know what it was close to when passing objects. hence not crashing into things on its travels

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:31 AM
Honestly, if our current physics is correct, the Einstein-Rosen bridge is just about the only way...And for us those are just theoretical, and may not even allow information to pass through intact...Plus who knows where you would exit. For those reasons, and more, the wormhole idea is not very feasible. Unless they have harnessed that power already, and can create them at will and keep them open long enough to pass through. Even for an advanced civilization, it may be impossible.

The only other option would be that they live on the move, so to speak. Their entire population travels aboard a spacecraft, which would have to be more or less self-sustaining for long periods of time, and generations live and die without ever having set foot on a planet. Even traveling near the speed of light, the distances and times would be so great that it still would require living aboard a craft like this, without a home planet return journey planned for the future.

If they were traveling this way they would not age as quickly as an organism that was in a gravitational field, like we are on earth. There is no gravity on a spaceship that is moving at a constant velocity. There is however inertia of motion while the craft is accelerating, but you can only accelerate until you get close to the speed of light...The speed can never be reached or broken by something that large, as the energy required to do is infinite for the most part. Just not possible. Things get extremely heavy when moving at those speeds.

So I don't see any other option besides those two myself. Maybe I'm leaving something out though, lol, I don't know. I personally do not believe aliens are visiting, or have visited the earth. At least not while modern humans have been around. I think there are terrestrial explanations for all the sightings over the years. There are however a few cases that mystify me, and these have multiple eyewitnesses. Such as those of ancient peoples telling of great battles in the sky among warring factions of aliens.

I hate to dismiss eyewitness accounts, because I don't think that there are actually that many people who just make things up. I do however feel that people are easily fooled when looking at lights in the sky. Speed, distance, angles, etc. all play such a huge part in confusing people...There is no reference point in the sky. As for what you saw, my guess is a weather balloon or two. They CAN look like what you describe, and have been mistaken for alien crafts in the past.

I know that is such a cliche explanation, but it really is possible. Satellites, as you mentioned, are possible as well, but it would depend on how high we are talking about here. The government, as well as scientists, from countries all around the world, put things into the sky at high altitudes, which all have the potential to be seen from the ground. There are even things that cause lights in the sky that science doesn't understand at all. EQ's can possibly cause lights in the sky, and other physical phenomena would probably do the same. And they could even move over the sky at high speeds. Ball lightning can act crazy at times. There may be some electro-magnetic effect going on with planes under certain conditions, etc...The explanations that we cannot explain are numerous, lol.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:48 AM
Don't think in a matter of humans' perspectives. We don't know if Aliens have the same kind of protocols, psychology, concepts and technology as humans use.

We have a very limited view about universe and physics and it's just a matter of evolution and a lot of time to explore so many mysteries out there. We will be more cosmically aware into the future, no DOUBT about that.

They may have x1000 advanced technology than us which could teleport themselves into other dimensions in the universe as light energy. Who knows what they could do?

But no doubt, there SHOULD be other life out there in the universe, it's very unlikely there is no life, even in a mathematical view anyway.

Aliens could be very very different to us humans, but we may have some common psychology, and WE know we have 1 similarity.

-They are CURIOUS about us, as we are CURIOUS about them!
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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

I liked reading your theory on this thread

you made quite a few good points within it

thanks for that

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 07:23 AM
According to M-theory our Universe is a multi-dimensional membrane that exists within a higher dimensional space called The Bulk

All particles according to this theory are open-ended strings where the two ends of the string are attached to the membrane that is our Universe

However gravitons are thought to be closed strings which drift through our membrane Universe and never become attached to the membrane

Hence gravity is a very weak force because so many gravitons just drift away into The Bulk

According to Einstein gravity is a function of mass, charge and pressure

The pressure applied by The Bulk to our membrane Universe translates to tension within our Universe that causes inflation

That pressure limits the size of our Universe within The Bulk and any further expansion is entirely encapsulated within our Universe

So a distance measured in light years within our Universe may be measured in millimetres within The Bulk

All of this is neatly explained by Briane Greene is his new book The Hidden Reality

Anyway, imagine a technology that transforms the open-ended strings; the particles which comprise your body and your spaceship, into closed strings

Now you can detach yourself from our membrane Universe and travel into The Bulk where distances between stars may be measured in millimetres

So you move one millimetre to the right in The Bulk then re-attach yourself to the membrane and, hey presto, you have reached the next solar system within seconds

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:50 AM
They don't work with space/time. They work in thought.

Their vehicles are live entities. Not hardware.
Their world/existence is so alien to us that we cannot even begin to remotely comprehend it.

For instance: their hands fuse and become part of the 'steering wheel' when piloting these crafts.... and, they can 'grow' their houses and/or space crafts. Not build them.
Sort like what our virtual printers are now doing with 3D images only....not even close to alien technology!

It's science or technology we simply don't understand so don't worry about not figuring out how they travel. Just know, they do!


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