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These kids today are SO bad! - or are they?

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 03:49 PM
The only thing I can think of which differs alot from childhoods of people much older than me(i'm 17) was that us 90s kids were pretty exposed sexually. It was pretty awesome(I remember watching Slasher movies alot from 4-8, theres way too much sex in those, dont know whether to be excited or scared when it zooms in on a tent). But the kids today have been induced to it much more, even the girls around 14-15 around my area... christ, showing their bare arse on facebook and shizz, crazy stuff, jealous of my little bro since the girls in my year were all frigid lol

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by doomedtoday

We have some friends who act like it's Christmas every day. So, guess what? The kids expect some thing every time they go to Wally World or they throw a fit. So the parents buy them what they want just to shut them up. We told them that they're teaching them a bad habit and all they can say is "We don't want to hurt their feelings".

What irked us off last year, they had dumped all the old toys in a heap in their backyard only to be ruined by Mother Nature instead of giving them to Good Will. When we saw them laying there we tried salvaging what we could but they were ruined.

The Grandmother is the worst because the boys like the Grandfather the best so she thinks if she buys them stuff they'll like her better. Yet it doesn't work that way. They like Grandpa better because he spends time playing with them and paying attention to them. [ and doesn't holler at them every 5 minutes....]

And yes, sadly now a days it takes 2 parents to pay the bills so I can see that being a problem.

Best of luck ......

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 04:26 PM
The biggest problem with today's kids is that they are taught that they don't ahve any responsibilities and can have everything given to them without them working for it.

That's why they have this feeling of entitlement.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 09:40 AM
When i was aroud 14/15 not too long ago as im 18 turning 19 now i must say i was an absolute rotten little b****. lol

But i can see exactly where you are coming from as i have experienced it. My parents divorced when i was about 12 and that in itself wasn't too bad it was what came afterwards. Me and my mother clashed horrifically and my poor dad was so depressed at the time that he was never really around when i were to be at his house. Because of the lack of affection i started to look for it in other ways, i was rather chubby when i was younger and my mum used to make nasty comments about it. i became depressed at some point and stopped eating as much however it wasn't purposefully and i lost weight. People started to comment expecially at school saying how attractive i was looking and i got alot of affection/attention because of it. So you can imagine what that said to my little mind that you can only be loved by your appearance and i had to litterly starve myself to maintain it. Then my mum started calling me a w**** because i was putting on makeup and i would no joke get up at about 5 30 in the morning to shower and do my hair and makeup for school because the affection was more important that my schooling.

Then i created psychological armouring because of all my bitterness and self harmed, skipped school, drank and tried drugs, never went to class and was really nasty to a few girls which is the exact polar opposite of who i actually am. The teachers at my school tried so so so hard to get me to leave but because it was private catholic education they couldnt actually make me leave and i was legitimately the demon child. One teacher even told one of my friends parents that i was a liar and shouldn't be trusted as i was a bad kid.

Now i have left school and working and 100% happier with my life and im thinking to go volunteer which im sure at that time of my life noone could have possibly thought this is the path i would be on. This was only possible because i was luckily enough to have my own self realisations and had a few really good people come along the way and the only thing that turned myself around was self acceptance and self worth which of course you cannot have if you dont appreciate yourself to some degree.

What im saying by this is all people really need is affection, once they lose that they feel alienated and then the antisocial behavior begins to try to express pent up feelings and also because they lose the ability to empathise as they have lost common footing with people and therefore cannot relate. There is no such thing as a bad child, just a sad one.

So S&F!
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