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5 Steps to stop CISPA

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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 06:05 PM
I ran into this site

Do not be afraid to use this site. You cannot be arrested for using it. We have to stop this bill, if it passes a massive war will brake lose. I like the way the internet is, viruses and all. Its a vague reflection of reality. We take this supper powerful tool for granted. Its a toy to most American's. Imagine living in a mud hut in Africa, then one day some one hands out a bunch of free smart phones. What would you do with the worlds largest data base to improve your situation? Are you going to let them censor information so you cant get out of that mud hut? This bill will be voted on very soon 5/25/12 - 6/1/12

Imagine waking up and ATS is gone
It could happen within the next couple of days.

If you do not want to use the site then call your local senator and repeat this message. Most likely it will go to a answering machine.

"Hi, my name is [______], and I am calling from [my town, my state]. I am asking the Senator to vote NO on S. 2105 or any cybersecurity bill that infringes on my civil liberties. The right to privacy is very important to me, and I think there are better approaches to cybersecurity. I would like to request a meeting with the Senator for my group to speak to him. What is the best way to go about meeting with the Senator or your staff? Is there a Memorial Day event that the Senator will be attending? WIll you make sure to note I called to oppose S 2105"
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