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U.S wants access to bases in iraq!!!

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posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 03:41 AM

I think the reasons we attacked iraq are starting to show themselvs.

The bases would provide U.S. presence in all key regions and allow continued air access to the capital for humanitarian and relief supplies.

Im sorry but who actualy believes those are the only reasons they want access to those bases. I hate it that our government is doing things like this. It appauls me that they say one thing and do the other. I wish i could stop them from doing this.

The article also says if the un sanctions are lifted there will be no naval intercept program to stop smugiling oil from iraq. This means the us is free to do it all they like.

[Edited on 21-4-2003 by ilovepizza]

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 07:42 AM
bases here? Besides, lets face it, if we didn't maintain a presence here, then we'd be accused of abondonment, etc. Not to mention, when it's go time for Syria and Iraq, it'll be much easier this way...

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 09:39 AM
I cant see the Iraqi population standing for it...

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 10:05 AM
I'm not saying there will be bases all over the place...but I doubt we did all of this just for Iraq to end up a Shiite state like Iran.... Not saying I totally agree with the way it was done...I don't. But I'm just calling 'em as I see 'em here....and I fully expected to see a US base near Baghdad, and likely one in the South, and one in the North as well....

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 03:56 PM
"For example, it is not clear whether the U.S. military would want a permanent basing arrangement or more flexible intermittent access. The official noted that as the postwar Iraqi military is reconstituted U.S. military forces might return to the country to help train and equip troops, if both sides agree. Such a move could lead to the need for some type of access agreement."

I think it is important to read this paragraph and understand it. Try to look at this from both sides, ok?

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 05:28 PM
I did read it, but those are just words. The government tells the media what to say. So until i actualy see that happening i wont believe it.

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 09:13 PM
some follow up:

I was excited at the prospect of pulling most of our forces out of the ME, especially SA. We were there to contain Saddam - and he's gone. So, what's the point now?

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 09:43 PM
There is no point, so they say. I think that they have a planned agenda for the Middle East (I truly hope they don't).

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 09:55 PM
The point is money...and lots of it.

The first axiom of authority is always its own preservation.

The reigning authorities in America for the last twenty years are looking for new sources of money. If they can't get the stupid masses to invest their 401k in Wall St, and they can't send all the American companies to Mexico or Taiwan they can certainly steal a country with four trillion dollars of potential revenue and call it liberation.
Makes me wish the Chinese had just let them sell Pepsi and Ford products there 5 years ago....

posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 12:50 AM
What's the point now????

Well, I think the point is to be able to have a centralized location for the US Military in the Middle East. Looking at a map of the Middle East one will find and see the extensive and endless amounts of reasons that Iraq has for building a strong system of trade. For many years Iraq was the center of trade. Now that someone like Saddam is 'gone' and someone like Bush is 'in' then the tables are bound to turn back into the times when trade was abound, right????? Well...............actually....

That is the idea, but not the plan. Even if the US wanted trade to flourish in that region, the chances of that happening are almost non-existent due to the dire situation that was initually caused in the first place. That situation is the Israeli-Arab situation. That situation and this situation with Saddam are all concieved from the same plotters. Those plotters are NWO Agents.

The Arab's have a thing when it comes to foreigners. Even foreign Arabs. If you are foreign in anyway the Arab is bound to look at you differently. Why???

I guess it is because Arabs know the mind of the foreigners. They know from history and from their culture what a foreigner wants. For a foreigner always wants something, right???? (If someone can point out an instance when any foreigner isn't in need or in want of SOMETHING then I will go on, but for now let me get back to the topic.)

So due to the realization among many Arabs that any foreigner has an agenda, the Arab World has in effect become defensive. They fear foreigners because they know that they want SOMETHING, but they as Arabs can't ever really know or believe what that SOMETHING maybe. For it is known that representation among men has allowed false characters with false agendas to move along more freely in this world. The Arab world has made many sacrifices to stall and relinquish the this false and misleading representation by simply not recognizing the represenatives. Those represenatives include any foreigner and ESPECIALLY ALL ISRAELI'S, OR SHALL I SAY JEWS.

The reason the Arabs feel especailly indifferent with the Jews is because of the long standing religious wars between the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, and the Muslims. Religion helped them form bias aganist one another so they as people could be spilt and the NWO Agents could more effectively control them. I think that the New World Order is much older than anyone else here has stated it to be. I think that the idea of the New World Order is millions of years old. Yes MILLIONS.

This World Order is alien.

Hence World.

Think World, not state.

This is not how the man thinks. Man thinks regionally not universally.

At least not yet.

Some men think both and some men don't think at all. It is the men who 'don't think' that are NWO Puppets. It is they who are lead along to believe something that is false. For the Agenda is what is real. It is the Agenda of the New World Order Plotters that represents the man who 'doesn't think'. For it isn't that he doesn't think, but that he allows another to do the thinking for him. The Agenda can be your own frustrations or your own desires. You never know really. All you can do is try to be everything the New World Order isn't or doesn't want you to be.

Now some might ask, "Yeah but what does any of this have to do with Iraq???" To that questioner I would say:

Everything. Everything is Iraq. Iraq is the begining. Iraq is home to the Garden of Eden and to the 'first' 'civilizations'. The land of Iraq is sacred to all. Or at least it should be. Iraq is sacred to Paganists and Satanists because of the culture and the traditions that are known to that land. Many ancient 'civilizations' in and around Iraq were involved in sorcerey and witchcraft. Many were sacrificers to the 'Gods'. Sacrifices were done on animals and humans.

So the representation of this worship is enticing to the Satanist crowd. Satanism is something the Illuminati is often compared with. In fact they say that the leader of the Illuminati is a 12 foot albino lizard named Pindar. Proof that Pindar exist has not yet been discovered by the living, but I don't doubt that the dead have plenty of proof to go around. Pindar is often equated with the master of the demon world, who most people know as Satan or Lucifer. Yet no one I know has ever tried to make a distinction between the two. For Pindar could be Satan or just a pawn, or maybe even a brother, or father. No one really knows.

What we do know is that the Illuminati is a group that is often misrepresented. I find many sources that often have extensive claims about the Illuminati with nothing to back it up other then their 'honest word'. Yet many will just go ahead and say that they are the Illuminati and that finding proof should be the least of your worries. So to believe in the Illuminati is to believe almost anything, cause lets face it, anything and everything is connected to the Illuminati, right??? Well..................actually..........

That is the idea, but this time it is also part of the plan. You see, the Illuminati is just the tip of the iceberg. The Illuminati is Pindar's people. The Illuminati is like an underground army. Or a terror group. Like all armies and all terror groups they have a leader. Yet like all armies and all terror groups they also have another boss. The armies have government and public opinion, the terror groups have their banner and the voice of the people, or the public opinion. In this case the Illuminati has the terror group bosses. The Illuminati makes governments and breaks armies. The terror groups make armies and break governments.

Now on to the Illuminati and there role in Iraq.

The land of Iraq is sacred to the evil ones that corrupt this world. The evil ones that corrupt this world are the NWO Agents. Remember what I said about the Agenda of these Agents and how your actions and feelings can be their Agenda. Remember that. Always remember that. ALWAYS. (Don't forget)

Now the Illuminati is all about power. The Illuminati knows that knowledge is the key to all power. Therefore the Illuminati is a crusader for power. The Illuminati is the master of the arts because the master of the art is the person who is the master of their mind. So the Illuminati knows that art has representation of inner wisdom and knowledge within the mind, heart and soul. So the Illuminati has planned to corrupt and demoralize one's heart, mind and soul. They do this through the forming of schools that teach everything from 'wisdom', to religion, to masonry, to law, to standard education, to art, to philosophy.

The Illuminati isn't the master of this deception. That is where everyone gets them wrong. The Illuminati has no authority over the public scene or any of the educational institutions, whether they be religious, academic, or spiritual. The Illuminati has another playground. They play on the battlefield. They are Agents not Teachers. MUCHLESS PREACHERS. They care not to convince, they only want to control and consume.
The things I said about them controlling schools is only what is what is been lead to believe. The one's who were lead to believe where also quite intentfully decieved. For the Illuminati is not everything. The Illuminati has other origions.

The real Illuminati, not that Adam Weisenpthicrapoollla, is the Illuminati.

The Illuminati of Weishaupt was just a faction of outlawed or renegade Agents. They were Agents who left the system for another. The Illuminati is controlled from the reptilian world in the 4th dimension. The 5th dimension aliens races are controlling the 4th dimension reptiles while the 6th dimension race/races are controlling the 5th. For the sake of science and everything that is and is possible I will state that the dimesions can in effect be controlling one another in different stages and perspectives throughout time. So the 4th could be controlled by the 7th because the 7th controls the 4th, 5th and 6th. There is no way to know who controls what, other than the one's that are above your dimension.

You see, we as people can see in what is usually called "3d". Now that means that we are living in the dimensions of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd realites. Yet that also means we can't see the dimensions above that level, which are homes to several different realites. So if you are a 4th dimension creature you live in all the dimensions below that. Now when I say "Live" I mean that you are native to the reality that is those dimensions. In other words, you can manifest yourself within what is what, because what is what is reality. So where you manifest is where you live, or where you can go.

The Pawn's of Pindar are slaves in the 4th dimension, so they have enslaved the creatures of the 3rd. They have enslaved the human race. How do they enslave us??? They enslave our minds. I said earlier that the Illuminati doesn't control the education systems but I didn't say that don't control the one is educated. They cut straight to the case. They are masters of the mind. They create the ideas we cling to. They create everything that is corrupt and they try their hardest to incorporate what is corrupt into our minds. They use many tools and fools to go about their ways. They are the Agents who corrupt.

The Illuminati is really controlled by a massive Brotherhood of mind controlled slaves who have one Agenda. That Agenda is the control of all things known to all things that are known. They want everything; they are a snowball of magnetic and explosive fury just waiting for it's chance to consume all. It is one force that many would call evil. Therefore it is Satan and the sin that is the corruptor. It is the bad. Not the man, not the Jew, not the German, not the American, not the Racist, not the rapist, not the criminal, not preacher, not the propagandist, not the rebel, not the terrorist, not the soilder, not the civilian, not the black men, not the French men, not Charlie, not the Reds, not the Arabs, and definately not the Iraqi's.

For it is the land of Iraq that is sacred to Satan. It is 'his' ground that the corruptors are seething for. It is Satan who wants his prize that is Iraq, and Satan has come to get it. The Bush Family is just the ultimate puppet to achieve that prize. The black hand of Satan has no shadow. The black, dark and evil shadow of Satan is within the sinful man and woman. The sin knows no bounds, nor does the virtue. The virtue of man is the key to God. The virtue of man is the regret of all sin. Sinners are not to be thrown away by God. The sin that corrupts takes innocent and beautiful people with them, including the Bushes. The people who are corrupted are not to blame. The people that are sinners are also victims. Now observe my signiture. It is more propaganda form the corrutors. For Allah would never not love. You See??????

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