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CNN Hits 20-Year Weekday Primetime Low

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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 09:48 AM

The only ratings news CNN is getting lately is bad news. Last week, the cable news network had its lowest-rated weekday primetime in 20 years in terms of total viewers. From May 14-18, CNN averaged 395,000 viewers in primetime with Anderson Cooper’s AC360 and Piers Morgan Tonight. The full seven days of last week was the third-lowest-rated full week in primetime since March 1997. Additionally, last Monday to Friday was also the network’s fourth-lowest-rated weekday primetime week among adults 25-54. CNN scored just 111,000 viewers in the demo. CNN’s previous worst weekly weekday primetime among adults 25-54 was May 15-21, 2000, when the network recorded 91,000 viewers among adults 25-


I think this is great news!!! Although it may mean that sheeple are turning to a different MSM for their branwashing needs, it may also show the decline in CNN propaganda reaching the general public.

Im betting that CNN (among other MSM) would love love love to get into Iran asap cause wars always increase ratings!

thought it was interesting,
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