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The light at the end of the tunnel - Motion sickness?

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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 05:32 AM
About a year and a half ago, I had an OBE and tunnel experience due to alcohol poisoning. Up until last year, I was always extremely thin, with a very high metabolism. I spent a day out in the sun sweating and not eating, and stupidly ended the day celebrating with a friend, with a small bottle of whiskey.

We drank fairly quickly, and when he had to leave, we finished off the bottle as shots. I took three large ones in quick succession, having never really been any kind of a drinker and not knowing my limits - unfortunately by the time I'd had a few mixed drinks my better judgement was already out the window.

Right after he left, I lost almost all muscle control. My roommate and one of his friends showed up, and I asked him to help me to the bathroom, that I was going to be sick. After helping me, he could see that I couldn't even control myself enough to stay near the toilet, and brought me a large pot and placed it in my lap, then went back into the living room.

I leaned over the pot, HARD, putting a lot of pressure on my abdomen between the leaning and the pot. I lost my ability to breath and felt myself fading out.

The next thing I knew, I felt myself separating from my body; It was a weird almost sucking feeling, like being pulled out of the center of myself to create an exact twin. At this same moment, my mind completely cleared and I no longer felt even the least bit drunk or ill. I looked up at the bathroom door, stood up next to myself, and immediately started drifting, and passed THROUGH the door, and started down the hall. I had a feeling that drifting without walking, and passing through solids should be highly alarming, but I still felt calm.

The sort of floating along brought me into the living room, where my roommate and his friend sat. The friend asked my roommate if he thought he should go check on me, and he answered "No, he'll be fine...I don't want to see him puke." I opened my mouth to say "No, he's right you should" and in a split second flash found myself floating....In the tunnel with a light at the end!

The tunnel seemed very long, and with a fairly large diameter. The light at the end seemed pretty far but blindingly bright, and I was floating towards it very slowly, but picking up speed. It also seemed to not be casting into the tunnel itself. The sides of the tunnel seemed to swirl like a dark smokey haze, and had strange lit patterns that moved and changed in a rhythmic way.

I've always suffered extreme motion sickness, and as I picked up speed, I felt the old familiar tingling, mouth-watering nausea begin to surface. The motion of the tunnel, the light patterns, and myself were just too much. I started to groan and just as I knew I was about to start vomiting...

I sat up a bit, took a huge gasp of air, and did, into the pot on my lap. Blah!

I'm not sure if I had a supernatural experience, or a superdrunk one, but it seemed extremely visceral and real at the time. I am now absolutely convinced that these are both phenomena that people actually believe to have experienced though.

I learned not to drink more than I can handle that night, and I also learned that you are NOT allowed to vomit in the tunnel with a light at the end.

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by maus80

it is only my interpretation: i think you almost died. but it was no coincidence, "something" wanted to "vaccinate" you. so you do not drink so much, ever again.


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