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Mitt Romney scared Ron Paul is winning!!!

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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by Davian

Originally posted by SeventhSeal

Originally posted by kerazeesicko
this is pathetic.

The RP supporters are just making crap up...but hey what ever makes them feel like he is in the race.

Hate to be around around when they realize...he stands no chance...but them let them keep dreaming..

Ron Paul has NO chance whatsoever beating Obama in November (but it will be close)... but he will wipe Romney's votes with his Texan ass.

That's for sure.
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Are you kidding?
In a straight up debate Ron Paul would wipe the floor with Obama. Especially if he didn't have his teleprompter. You can tell Ron Paul is extremely sharp (even if he isn't too good at public speaking). He will twist Obama and wring out all of his shadyness and evil with sheer logic.

Ron Paul 2012

Paul would be quite successful in a debate on certain subjects and his wit would indeed overpower Obama's BS...but many Americans wouldn't care for Paul's views on prohibiting same sex marriage on a federal level. But yet again, the current President hasn't done much regarding that issue either. I think it'd be a very entertaining debate nevertheless.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by Davian

** COMENT and Reference> CRITICAL TO UNDERSTAND ME My current items are now posted on this site again under my moniker "arbiture" If any can not get my new posts under "arbiture" Make noise if you have any issues, any of my posts. despite my oh so charming personality, I will do my best but god damn it, as far as possible but must have some obnoxious poop, something akin to killer BO.

But I will gradually degrade post, going and posting under just "arbiture" We will see... If this same does occur again, I will find out why, whom, and when.

I do not mean to do an off the subject post. Because it is IMO the most important political issue of our time. Our next President of the United States of America. And our time's rapidly running out.

First and foremost each so much a pathetic sot that puts the issue along Romney change of his song and dance. His political dance is beyond a moniker of his lack of any balls, sorry ladies. no sexism intended, none.
Your comment my friend taking on Obama in a debate. Obama will blow Ron Paul out of the water if Dr. Paul can get close enough. One I hope I do have is Dr.Paul and our President can come close enough to a debate?

Dr, Paul HAS can not close to a free and open debate the GOP they are afraid of him, the GOP, and most upsetting, he is called a nut because is scary and is upsetting to TPTB in the GOP. This make's me sick. I truly hope, indeed Dr Paul, could debate Obama. as it would be very interesting but as long as he is in the GOP camp, no chance in hell. NONE. And thats because the GOP mainstream and the MSM as well will say he's crazy, a lunatic, and so extreme. That is one example of why I am working hard and fast on ways to change certain rules that are in any debate.

I really want Dr. Paul to debate one-on-one our President Obama. Throwing Romney into the mix would show how stupid a man (Romney) with many faces if one choses to check the the time and he is sucking the shall we say political movement at any time. What I worry about is the danger, a serious and real one that if Dr. Paul is a written into the ballet as much as I believe in a free vote remember what did happen in 2000?

For those of you too young to vote, a fast refresher our 8 years of nightmare Dub'ya. Thats when Ralph Nader was so arrogant AND NO WAY IN HELL could win, and not a stupid man, and I lost all faith in one with such an ego, personal ego above the nation. That had the supreme court decide WHO won, despite Gore getting the popular vote (can you say screw the electoral college and we we got the dumb ass President of my life time, I was born in early 1961, and one Dubya , starts insane wars that Obama doing everything he can to get our nation out of places we have no business being in like you know obscene patriot act? Boy my country lost its basic rights in so many ways few even understand, thanks to the patriot act. We got so royally screwed.

God help not jus this country but world if that ass hole Romney is elected and given brainless and rich stupid people with personal desire to f*** every one who has any ideas, consciousness We are all seriously screw. A Jesus H Christ I AM ONE OF THE 1%!! And why oh why are I'm concerned? Because I din't pathetic, wuss of wussies Romney his hand on the chicken switch, and have the $^GE$%YUJM!b#%^7!! tea party drinkers, and whatever else controlling ANY thing AFTER the next election. Any questions anyone?

So please all you true believers unless you another 4 GOP IDIOT CRAP, vote for Obama and you chose not to? What can I say the "true believers" are screwed, and all the rest of us. So get your crap together, please I beg you. And I don't beg, ever, unless its life and death stuff. Please.
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