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I am spilling the beans on The Smiley Face Killers

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 03:21 PM
While I neither endorse or necessarily believe that there is a killer that leaves smiley faces behind, there are suspects disappearances and drownings worth a second look worth a closer look. Any parent who has had a child disappear needs to be aware of this info law enforcement has not told you.

The FBI knows who the killer probably is if there is one,but failed to connect all the dots. A Milwaukee FBI investigator became aware of the suspect in 2001 or 2002.

A man who lived in the Ann Arbor region for a while sent his ex girlfriend threatening e mails. She already knew he was calling the police as a fake witness that would claim to have seen the victim the night he disappeared. This is a man with an obsession with patterns and numbers. Those pattern theories that have floated around the internet are not that far fetched at all, though some may be wrong. The girlfriend turned him in for making those phone calls. She knew about some instances where he called in and used the initials of the victim.

There was a lot they did not do however. They only looked at areas where they knew for sure he had connections ,but there was a much larger area then what they looked at where LE was getting calls from alleged witnesses that used the same initials as the victims. This includes lacrosse. They will not tell the public that they do not know if the people that called in are who they said they were. It goes all the way back to when Anthony Skifton and Charles Blatz disappeared. Those calls kept coming in about until the time Chris Jenkins disappeared. IT was someone claiming to be Steven James Cox that called that one in. He found the body. A body that was put in the water not long before it was allegedly found.

Suspicious calls in fact came in at least as late as 2007,though not always using a victims initials, but the FBI did not investigate for the same reason. They started with suspects and only look at where they knew they could connect them to. They did not look at all the similarities and go from there. They ignored the fact that Craig Burrows was missing the same day but a different year as Charles Blatz. Well I could go on and on and on and some could just be coincidence,but the coincidences would be far to great for it to all be coincidence.

One suspect was ruled out solely because his mail was being sent somewhere else. Well of course it was,because he had it sent to his final destination while out on a road trip. No one has vouched that he was in fact where his mail was sent. The same man hung out at the same bar and in the same neighborhood as another suspect. Another coincidence? We may never know the whole truth,but parents need to to be aware of what they will not tell you. Be aware of other recent strange disappearances that happened recently. Find out all you can about the alleged witness and if there are any strange similarities. As crazy as this all sounds ,keep in mind there are crazy things people do. The zodiac killer for instance or the alphabet killer that killed people with double initials then left the body in a place that started with the same initial.

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 03:36 PM
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