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Bad Heroes part 3 [TFTG]

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 02:35 PM
Beezzer landed with a quiet “Oooff” and heard a female voice say, “Oh don’t tell me that THIS is our savior.”

Beezzer peered in the semi darkness and saw a pair of feet in high leather boots. His vision flowed upward revealing to him a great set of legs, a taunt body and an angelic face….and a writhing mass of snakes for hair.

His eyelids slammed shut and he curled into a ball, “Oh Crap!” he thought.

“Really?” The woman spoke. “You’re the hero?,… Hey! Look at me when I talk to you.”

“Hell no!” Beezzer gasped amazed he was not stone, “you’re Medusa.”

“Med who? My name is Lysdexdia. Why are you in such a state? What is wrong with you?”

He looked at the wall and noticed that the howls had ceased. “Can I go home now, snake lady? I don’t want to get stoned” Beezzer curled tighter, into a smaller ball.

“Excuse me?” Lysdexdia asked. “What in Hades are you babbling about?”

“I’m a man and if I look at you, I’ll turn to stone. I’ve read the stories.” Beezzer was starting to shake and his stomach was threatening to revolt on him again. He was truly terrified for the first time in his life. Sure, he’d read the stories but never believed them.

“Mytho-what! I have no clue as to what you are talking about. We summoned you here as it was prophesied that a man from another realm would be the guiding force behind our revolution. I’m starting to think that the Seers were wrong or misguided.”

Beezzer continued to look at the wall, the shakes starting to abate, “Prophesies? Seers? What the hell is she talking about?” he thought.

A hand grabbed his hair and yanked him erect. “OWWW! What the hell!” His indignation caused him to whirl on this new threat and he opened his eyes ready to fight. And he looked right into the face of Lysdexdia.

“What is wrong with you”, Lysdexdia asked, “Are you a simpleton? Did we get the wrong man?”

“Um…uh…err…wellll…uh,” Beezzer found he could not form words and was still starting to realize that he was not stone. The events of today were starting to overwhelm him.

“GREAT!” she yelled, “We got the village idiot rather than a Savior!”

That got Beezzers ire up. “Hey! I’m not an idiot!”

Lysdexdia’s face was so close now that their noses nearly touched. “Prove it.”

Beezzer looked about the room. Wall sconces lit the windowless chamber and for the first time, he saw that he was not alone.

A figure out of a nightmare, all wing and sinew slowly emerged from the shadows. The gargoyle leaned over to the shaking man and said, “Boo.”

Beezzer fainted.


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