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The pissing match and missing the point!!

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 09:55 AM
I have been a long lurker, but a very recent member. I maybe have no say in this, but I have seen a trend, a trend that stops up any progress concerning the aim of denying ignorance, stopping TPTB, making aspects of what is the truth known and developing any unity amoung all of us, in whom are tired of this world.

I start off in most threads I read, with covering certain evidence an Op posts, his explanations, his proof and any other important articles of info that may support the subject of his post. Some of the evidence has its holes and that is irrefutable, some evidence is very solid and cannot be overturned.
Certainly the investigative skills of many memebers here in remarkable, I do not involve such memebers in my post here, I do not involve proper skeptics nor do I involve any reasonable constructive argument, in fact my point here is to express that, I think it is almost an impossible thing for any unity to be created among us because, there are to many of us here that turn any presented subject into a pissing match, with arguments over small things, bitter speech, pride, insults, no agreement to anything, even if the truth was made perfectly manifest, still certain ones will chime in with their repute.
This is why we will never be able to stand up, we cause our own disunity, we don't even agree to disagree.
Yet we all grow frustrated as to why no one is waking up! I have seen thousands of posts go off topic because certain members need to air their frustrations, yes that is ok, but not to the extent that when everyone reading has missed the point.

Sad indeed and "the powers that be" rely on this, and friends it is working.

We have become our own undoing.

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by imagineering

I am of the opinion that much of that misdirection is being done on purpose, people are getting paid to disrupt forums.

You're not wrong about unity though, humanity just hasn't matured enough for our utopian society. People aren't really even organizing much to facilitate a better future, you would think that would be important somehow. All everyone cares about is the here and now, no concept that the world is going to suck if we keep doing it at all.
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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by RSF77

Good point.... I must agree, its occuring like a flood then. More than I have ever seen. Very sad!

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 10:17 AM
I think that you are dealing with people who cannot comprehend the main point. I have noticed that many people sort of simply "don't get it" whenever any topic is begun. And, this isn't simply here, but seems to be everywhere.

The best way for me to illustrate it is that it seems that when one says "A", someone else can't really respond to it because the mind suddenly makes some unfounded leap to "C" and then begins some irrelevant and inappropriate response/argument all about "C" that has nothing really to do with "A". It is a red herring or irrelevant thesis or strawman argument response.

THEN... what happens? Everything devolves into a "verbal" argument that has nothing to do with productive rational thought.

I am unsure if they realize that this is what they are doing. But it is pretty sad, and I don't even bother to engage people that do this any more. It makes me think plenty of negative things about them, that I won't bother mentioning here. But put simply they simply aren't worth having a discussion with.

I have also noticed that some people instantly attempt to discount anything they are told that can be considered as good, or wise, as in helpful to them, and immediately begin attempting to discount whatever statement it is. They also seem to NEED the one liner statement, which is truly meaningless in and of itself, as if it were some pearl of wisdom. Memes are simply memes, and folk psychology is simply that.

It seems that people think that if a thing "sounds good" that it really is "good" somehow. This is the mark of the emotional content of thought. It can be considered as emotional slavery, and is sort of equivalent to wearing dark sunglasses at night while driving. Of course, one can see, but one does not see clearly.

If this is the kind of "people" we have become, then issues about a government gone awry, gmo foods, tsa buffoons at the airport and etc., are pale in comparisson. It saddens me.

Can it be the foods? Can it be the constant pinging of the emotions on the boob tube and radio? Are people actually being sort of trained for this sort of response? Does it have to do with stressed out folk that have racing minds that just flip around all over the place and never really engage in reflective thought?

I do not know, but it all does seem suspicious when you consider that if we lack genuine communication skills, then it adds to the alienation that we are all experiencing ... one person to another.

It sure is a problem.
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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by akalepos

Very good input, I think in alot of respects you hit the nail on the head. Having members here conscious of the need to keep focused on the constructive progress to issues is the key. Hopefully the threads of such observations will serve as a healthy reminder for all of us to keep on track of our goal to ascend out of the things that ail us.
We must keep on the look-out so as not to feed the dogs of distraction. If not then we will be like dogs returning to our own vomit and eating it all up. (useless propaganda)

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