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Their created Nemesis.

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 09:41 AM
I exhale my frustration, I rage inside and out. I ask the damning question, I ask who the hell are you. I scream from the pit of my soul. I hurl my hate at you. I launch my disgust into the stars.

I am your enemy, I am not your chosen few. I see not cause for celebration. I find not remorse in your destruction. Death is too good for you. Dishonor to light a punishment for you.

I think only of making hell on earth for you. I think only of overturning the worlds foundations and casting you into the deep abyss of rotten flesh.

I am your immortal nemesis. Every generation shall haunt you. Every nation shall stand against you. We are the beast you hunt. You are the good hunter that cannot rid his world of us.

We will be born to every generation. We will be born into your blood lines. We will be born into your families. We are like the never ending waves that crash into your countries coast. We will never end though you kill us a thousand times. We will not go away.

Our souls shall haunt this world forever. We will not go silently into the night. You will have destroy this world for us to leave. I say that even then we will haunt the scorched rocks that are sent to all reaches of space.

You are our enemy. We are your chosen foe. We are the eternal resistance. We are the forever of the will of man. We are the rain on your wedding. We are the swelling of your broken flesh. We are the disease that is your mortal fear. We are your mortality.

Though you will kill us in every way that we appear, you shall never rid yourself of us. Like those that haunted us before, that have lasted for eons whispering into the ears of men. We shall take their place as the demons of your ceremony. We shall become the immortal flesh of your destruction. We are the spirit of your hate. We are the spirit of your fear.

We shall crawl into your children's minds and provide for them the nightmares of eternal damnation. We shall appear unto the dying and elderly of your wise men.

You will ask your gods for peace. You will ask your neighbors for help in keeping us away.
We shall never grow tired. We shall never fade away. Your injustice to us will be forever lasting.
You will laugh today as you find us in flesh. Your children will wail in fear and pain tomorrow when they see our shadows upon them.

You will join us here and we shall torment you for all eternity. You will ask for the creator of all, but he will not answer. He will not help you. It shall be you and us forever. It shall be lasting and painful. You will not devise a machine to keep us at bay. You will not learn a technique to ease your suffering. You will not find the answers with your wise men, with your savants or your learned men. You will be lost unto your masters and they will not know how to increase your peace.

They will suffer the same fate as you. Those beings you see as powerful will be as nothing to us. They shall take flesh for the last time and shall not know how to keep it. They shall be as men again. They shall seek to use you to ease their suffering. They shall only cast you into inequity. You will be as lambs to the slaughter.

We shall avenge our world, our God, and our souls.

You can do nothing to change, as we can do nothing to stop you. We will not go away though. You can not destroy our souls. You can not erase what our God has made. We will be your fear forever. We shall be your unlucky fate. We shall be your demons you cannot hide from.

We will shred your flesh until you and your generations to follow are dying. Then we shall shred your spirits until you are nothing but an image of tormented fear.
By our souls we shall destroy your world. No matter how many eons must pass. We shall end you slowly and painfully.

Kill us and we will become your immortal enemy.

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 10:07 AM
Who are you speaking as?
I'm assuming the Nemesis is humans?

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by kimish


We is representative of souls lost unjustly. Those that rise must account for those they send below.

If those damned souls have not faded in all their power, then why would mankind's soul fade away? They are trading one demon for another.

The question I pose is the following: Have they considered that those they usurp might become the very thing they were? Without a God of good, how will they combat that force? With science? Their super HUMANITY?

No, they will be like lambs to the slaughter. There is no good or evil. Just souls raging in hatred and injustice or resting in peace.

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

Excellent. I'm on the same page, I mean, at least I've an inkling of what you're talking about. I've talked to an individual that's talked about things like this before but i've never had time to hold an in depth conversation on the topic. I'm always interested.
Please elaborate a little more. Maybe you can get some more individuals in tune with your thought process.


posted on May, 23 2012 @ 12:49 PM
Why does it seem like everyone needs an adversary? Why do people think things like: "If only this person or group of people were killed or imprisoned or otherwise dispatched, then ALL my/our problems would be solved..."?? If you kill, and you have a conscience, their "soul" will indeed haunt you in memory-form as in the memory of the horrendous act you commited. You can find a much greater value in making friends. My two cents!

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