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Just HOW much does it cost to produce a litre/gallon of petrol/gasoline ?

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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 09:57 PM
Here in California USA the high price is caused by the lack of new refineries(none built in over 40 years and a few closed.) so every time one has a problem the price jumps 50+ cents a gal
Plus the cost of clean additives that are mandated to be put in our fuel like up to 10% alcohol(20 years ago alcohol was used in cheap gas and once it was mandated the cost went up so now its the expensive gas)
Plus taxes the 3ed highest in the US.
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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 06:33 PM
Why hasn’t anyone actually broken down the amount of profit made on a 42 gallon barrel of crude?
Keep in mind that the total yield depends on the type of crude being processed and overall, refineries in the USA are yielding about 49% gasoline (20.5 gallons) from the mix of crudes they process.

Gasoline 20.5
Distillate Fuel Oil (Inc. Home Heating and Diesel Fuel) 9.83
Kerosene Type Jet Fuel 4.24
Residual Fuel Oil 2.10
Petroleum Coke 2.10
Liquefied Refinery Gases 1.89
Still Gas 1.81
Asphalt and Road Oil 1.13
Petrochemical Feed Supplies 0.97
Lubricants 0.46
Kerosene 0.21
Waxes 0.04
Aviation Fuel 0.04
Other Products 0.34

* All the above adds up to 44.66 gallons of product and that’s more than the original 42 gallons because of something called refinery gain - "the processing and chemical changes decrease the density and hence increase the volume of the refined components."

As of 8-16-2012
West Texas Intermediate (Texas light sweet) is at $95.28 a barrel.

Gasoline Average for Regular Unleaded (US) $3.71 gal
Distillate Fuel Oil (US) $3.96 gal
Kerosene Jet Fuel (US) $ 3.13 gal
Residual Fuel Oil (US) $3.93 gal
Petroleum Coke (US) –price needed
Liquefied Refinery Gases (US) $2.87
Still Gas (US) – price needed
Asphalt & Road Oil (US) – price needed
Petrochemical Feed Supplies (US) – price needed
Lubricants (Engine Oil US) $16.00 gal
Kerosene (US) $4.00 gal
Waxes (US) - price needed
Aviation Fuel (US) $6.24 gal
Other Products (US) - price needed

With just partial totals from above we are already over $150 made from that $95 barrel. It would be interesting to see if we could come up with an exact retail value for all the products made from that single barrel of crude along with all the government subsidies given to produce it.

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