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Random water testing?

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 01:31 PM
I did not know where else to put this, I know every thing is not a conspiracy. I think this is the best area to place it in because it will get solved fast hear.

I just picked a flyer off of my door. It offers a $20 gift card for homedepot or wallmart. All I have to do is fill out a small form and put some tap water in a container they left so that they can test it. The forum ask questions such as how does your water smell and taste. How would you rate your water? Are you using a filter? Do you drink bottle water. WHAT AGE GROUP ARE YOU IN? ARE YOU THE OWNER? I have never seen one of these before. Water analysis is very expensive $150-$300. The flyer says they will call with the results and give you a $20 gift card. It seems to good to be true. I looked them up on the internet and could find nothing. The company is called Climateshield Enviromental Industries . It would seem that a company like this would have a site so that we could see what they are about. Has any one ever ran into any thing like this? Is it a scam?

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by Infi8nity
Is it a scam?

This link suggests it would be a scam.
Certainly every other "free test" of anything I've ever heard of is just a method of getting to tell you that there is something seriously wrong that needs fixing NOW, and you have to buy this product or service.

This link at the FTC site is also worth reading.
Some scammers got caught.

The defendants' sales network initially contacted consumers by telephone, purportedly to conduct a survey, distribute "free" soap, or to arrange a date for free home-water tests,
During subsequent in-home sales presentations, the defendants or their sales representatives conducted various tests on the consumers' tap water and claimed that the testing indicated the presence of contaminants, pollutants or other impurities. They then pitched their treatment device as able to solve the particular problem identified

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