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Revision 9, Human Nature.

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:23 AM
Revision 9

The latest build, No.9 of "Telepathine", a test subject control drug, Administered by the prison doctors a few hours before to the 33 people sat restrained in treatment chairs, on the political dissidents re-education block 6 treatment rooms, was finally allowing direct, controlled, access to the minds of the subjects.

The "D.R.E.C.O" Dissident Re-Education Control Officer, A man picked for his unwavering belief that party and state, whichever it was at the time of the two on offer, was always correct.
This persons unwavering ability to accept everything he was handed in a party pamphlet, or, state directives issuance, as being the "Truth", made him the only person the selection board could see in the role of DRECO.

Over the course of the next ten minutes, the "Dreco", Could feel the "Brightening", the process of each individual mind becoming available to his control connection.
He could feel a level of finer presence, he could notice the individual uniqueness of each being brightening within the shared thought space, this had been missing from previous tests.

The testing originally started a year ago with the DRECO being injected whilst on his own, to accustom his mind to the Echo Presence, the forming of a thought or thinking about something created a surge as the mind, dealt with the thought being shot into the shared thought space the drug created, and then of realising the presence of it within his own basic functioning of mind.
It made you feel as though you were thinking along a tube, whereby thoughts normally appear in a single moment of relative existence, now, they were drawn out processes that contained the beginning and end in the same perceived drawn, weirdly stretched out moment.

It was realised very early during the research track that two kinds of Telepathine would be required, when both the subjects and the DRECO were given the same chemical formulae, the effect was completely unusable.
The DRECO it seems was strong of mind, he could manage up to 5 individuals when they were given the same formulae, the analysts noticed that the watcher has a basic fundamental advantage over the watched, the fear response created an un-even playing field.
Though when the number was raised to six prisoners, no matter which six, the effect was unmanageable due to "Co-operative resistance".
This research was to be used on the most hardened of political dissident prisoners, These Party and state feared the most, Two different formulaes were required, one that gave the DRECO access, the other removed the subjects ability to resist, giving full and complete access.
This is the ultimate aim of the research track, a final box to be ticked.

Most people when experiencing Telepathy, and feel they have things to hide, are driven by their fears.
Political dissidents, regarded as terrorists for their thoughts, particularly have things they feel they want to keep hidden, their whole being is laid out in a moment of timelessness and thusly available to the person they are in contact with, the emotional search function the human mind fundamentally works on, is very adept at noticing things, subtle things, a person would rather try and keep secret.

Being fundamentally flawed though as people, we allow those things we would rather keep secret to escape into the higher cogniscent mind, and the moment a "Secret" escapes the bond from being a subtly suppressed emotion under containment, into a recognisable and glaring object of embarassment, the "Object" becomes instantly recognisable to the person you are in contact with.

The echo presence shifts it as an emotional content image, from the emotional feeling all our memories and personal content is maintained as, into a stream of usable data, words, the basic functioning of your brain, is now attempting to subvert your own will.
It is impossible to suppress something indefinitely, no matter how hard you try, when the eye of scrutiny is upon you, and you can feel it's ever watching glare sat in the upper space of your mind, waiting, waiting, waiting, it also knowing that you are trying with all your being to maintain the veil, the effort becomes too much, it only takes a momentary lapse, and it happens.

This momentary lapse is always accompanied by an uprushing of "Bio-shock", The Bio-Shock is a defence mechanism that allows a person "Space" to recover, it weakens the connection, it feels like you are at the moment just before the full stretch point of a bungee rope, the bio-shock kicks in and the bungee rope snaps your mind into a new space.
It feels as though your heart is tied to the bungee cord and the feeling of the uprush is as physical as a slap in the face, this is normally accompanied by a sharp intake of breath and white knuckles.
You now have a few seconds to recover your senses, to assimilate your minds new state of being, Knowing your secret is out, and, no longer a secret, the machine owns another part of you.
The subjects breathing and muscle tensity are measured, these events are flagged with a drop marker into the data going to the super computers, so the thoughts that elicited the response can be later reviewed by analysts.

A natural telepath has the ability to commence conversation on their own terms, Human ability in this regard is very rarely "full on contact telepathy", though more often, a gentle "Grokking", a state of unsaid knowingness between the participants.
Telepathine is literally a chemical forcing of this ability into a higher full contact state, you are unable to switch it off, unable to walk away, it is ON, you are a participant for as long as it lasts.

The discovery that Telepathy was a hit and miss affair in the early days had caused much consternation to those managers at the apex of the program, they required repeatable scientific method and analysis, the human mind is anything but ordered when under extremes of pressure.
If the drug was too weak, they found the participants were able to avoid the DRECO's focus and maintain personal thought autonomy.
If the drug was too strong, the whole program collapsed into a morass of unusable information even the project supercomputers that captured and analysed the thought waves could not make any kind of sense of.

Here something was taking place, though what, they had no idea, the DRECO reported a combination of the minds was beyond his personal control, working as one mind, uncontrollable raw primeval power attempting something totally beyond his ken.

The Managers spoke to the engineers who said they would "Attempt to find cleaner algorithms to sort the data".
Notes were made for future attempts to chart the possibilities, and to map what was taking place there.
Secretly, and 34 people knew this, the DRACO feared this place, and 34 people knew that 33 of them regarded this place as the way out.
But, none of them could understand why.

The DRECO knowing these people were contained inside a prison, Knowing they were the most
watched prisoners out of the many thousands here, was even more confused by this knowing, but, he KNEW it, they had found something none of them understood, something so ethereal, it was impossible to put a finger on and hold as a complete and sentient thought.
And yet, it promised reassurance, they all knew a sense of laughter had rippled at some point from somewhere through 33 of them, the supercomputer hadn't deduced where it started.

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