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Multi-Dimensional Beings

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 08:08 AM
Another thread was made by me, but the OP was a quick sentence and it didn't work, so I'll ask for that one to be locked and I'll do this properly. This is my own take on this that clearly isn't unique, nor do I think everything said is correct. I think and feel that it's correct but understand that there might be mistakes. I know that I don't "know" anything, so this is as much theory as it is anything else.

How is this a general conspiracy? Because it generally affects every one of us and there's probably many "interests" out there that would rather this wasn't brought up too much. (I see them as family, even if they do seem backwards to us at times. Bored of division now.) I think they're fine if some of us accept this and realise it, also if we speak about it in groups of like minded people, but if we start getting a "lot" of attention and many others start taking notice then they probably get a bit wound up. Most of us know this anyway.

So divide and conquer, divide and rule. We often think of those statements on a large scale as referring to the world's population, but it also applies within ourselves. We've been brought up and taught so many apparent facts about ourselves and the world, but why have we been taught these things and not other things? Basically because we're being brought up to exist in a flawed way.

We spend so much time "thinking" and not "feeling". Being male or female and not realising that those energies are supposed to work together as one. That our hearts and brains are supposed to work together, that we're not supposed to be divided in any aspect but instead allow every aspect to work in synergy. And if those aspects do work together without division, then in time, as a species on this planet, that falling away of division will manifest outwards.

And if that does a lot of other things will also fall by the wayside and we'll understand, or lose the separation, re-member, a lot of things about who and what we are.

People go on about Aliens, Demons, Gods, Goddesses and so on. But if you take everything down to the quantum level and beyond, what's the difference? How are any of us different? We aren't I don't think.

So we have the things we've been taught, basically a lot of conditioning so we can do "jobs" in this consensus reality. Then we have the food we eat, we've been brought up eating food that isn't balanced properly, unless we've been very lucky and managed to eat the best foods from birth, so I think that seriously affects our development. We have mental and physical conditioning that shapes us in the wrong way and knocks out the balance between heart and mind, inner and outer, and so on.

So even though we might be the same at the quantum level and beyond as many other species if they're out there, we're clearly not when we come up into other levels of matter, and one key thing, obviously, is our DNA.

Now, 90%+ "junk" DNA? No, I don't think so. I think as we've been separated from what we're supposed to be, our DNA has been knocked out. I won't even try to propose scientifically how I think that's the case because I clearly can't and won't pretend to, but I can try in my own way :

Our DNA is a "slice" that fits into this "dimension", and in our so called reality we're stuck in one "slice" of being. But we know we're capable of being so much more. I think that if we start becoming truly what we could be, or start going back to what we're supposed to be, that "slice" starts connecting, or re-connecting, to other slices in other dimensions. So what we think of as our DNA is only part of what it's supposed to be, and many other slices, or parts, make up something a lot more complete than what we currently see.

Also like the visual spectrum and the electromagnetic spectrum. We only perceive parts of it but we know there's many other parts. On the same token what we know of as ourselves and our reality is only a small part of what we should know of. As we've become more divided, more messed up, more separated from what we're supposed to be, we've lost touch with other dimensions and whatever's actually going on in those dimensions.

Then you can take this a lot further. Seeing as we live in a consensus reality that we mostly agree on, what we know of as our limits are probably just completely false. So if that's the case, what can we do if our minds aren't conditioned, if our bodies are working properly in synergy with our minds, and we've also been getting the right nutrition? What can we do if all the false division is broken down and we have true balance? What if inner and outer no longer makes sense because the polarity doesn't exist?

I think at that stage the "consensus" would rapidly change and we'd start being able to do basically whatever we wanted to as long as we weren't harming others and creating division and resistance that would as far as I can tell, take us away from our natural state. And in that state, we're probably multi-dimensional beings that can move out of this current dimension if we wanted to just like we currently leave one building, street, state, region, country, and so on.

The problem is that we've been conditioned and divided until most of us don't even really think about this any more. Or if we do it's classed as insane, magic, fantasy, delusion, and riducule is the first dish to be served out. I personally don't think there's anything delusional at all about it, and when you meditate enough, correct your nutrition, discard a lot of the false conditioning and start being more natural, with less division and more in synergy with the way things are, it becomes a whole lot easier to accept.

When it comes right down to it I often think of it like this : anything we can do in our dreams, we can also do in "reality" if our mental and physical conditioning is truly gone. I'm not just talking about "waking up" in a relative sense, in a way that we reject the lies of the system, etc, I mean seriously going beyond almost everything we take as fact, and almost all of the limits that we've had imposed on us, and that we've placed upon ourselves.

And of course, if that's the case and it starts happening in the future, if we evolve, or re-member who and what we are, then clearly the control from governments, corporations and so on, well it won't really matter will it?

One last simple thing : if you've ever "teleported" in your dreams, I think there's a big match up there with how our minds, when truly free, shift dimensions as multi-dimensional beings, the beings that we probably are at our core, but clearly not as we currently are. And that also matches up with how some "Aliens", "Angels", "Demons", etc, move in and out of our current, consensus dimension.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by robhines

People go on about Aliens, Demons, Gods, Goddesses and so on. But if you take everything down to the quantum level and beyond, what's the difference? How are any of us different? We aren't I don't think.

As an experiencer of other realmly beings, I feel qualified to respond to this. I'm not sure if they are from another spatial dimension, although, it wouldn't surprise me. But they are non-physical and mental.

We are a type of living energy. It leads to us feeling alive to a certain degree. We feel as alive as we can with the matter that's in our universe. The beings I encountered were more like made of living thought rather than matter. The thing about the beings which stood out the most, was the amount of life they had.

What I encountered, you might would call any one of those labels you mentioned above, because both of them had at least two of each of those imagery qualities associated with those words. But what I experienced was beyond words. I experienced entities that were so alive that if we were to immerse ourselves into their world, we would die. Think about that. How can you become so alive that you die? Well that's what it was like. One thing, out of many things, that I learned from that experience is yeah they exist, and they probably want to make contact with us as much as we want to make contact with them, but we just wouldn't survive. Plain and simple. They are too much.

I believe those experiences changed me, and I don't like to change often. I saw and felt beauty so beautiful that our bodies can't handle it. Beauty almost killed me. Imagine how my concept of beauty completely changed after that. I definitely appreciate it more.

Also, I saw something very disturbing in the other entity. The whole experience with that being was indescribably, hellishly horrifying. But I wound up learning something from it, too. Acceptance. It is the cure for fear. Had I accepted this demon at the encounter, I imagine it wouldn't have seemed so evil.

After my experiences of the masculine (i think) demon, and then later, the feminine angel, I began to wonder if they were in fact one being with two faces. Earth animals have two brain hemispheres (usually), and people can do seemingly evil things and turn right around and do good things. But we unify good and evil in ourselves and we exist as neither good nor evil. What I began to see, about a year after my experiences, is that perhaps the beings I encountered are one qualitatively greater being, and that they are so far beyond what we are, qualitatively, that an encounter with them inevitably seems like an encounter with two different beings, when in fact, the angel and the demon were the same. It seems that way because our smaller dualistic minds can't comprehend extreme opposites being actually not opposite, but one. We can't imagine that good and evil coexist and actually don't exist.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 10:43 AM
Now this is much better.
Thanks for re doing this thread.
I like the way you think and am glad you took the time to explain yourself.
Very interesting theory.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by smithjustinb
I experienced entities that were so alive that if we were to immerse ourselves into their world, we would die. Think about that. How can you become so alive that you die?

It seems to me that it would mean to strip yourself of who you are to become something different.
Our old selves, for instance, would die away.
Meaning, who we are at those moment would become something different. In a positive thought- our fears, hates, loathes, covetous wants, twisted mindsets, etc. become erased.
But because that part of ourselves makes who us who we are and how we think, when stripped and taken away we are left with the best part of ourselves.
So in a way, it is death. But to leave you with one more thought.
What if the opposite were to occur? Meaning negative beings? Ones that fill you with the opposite of above?
That to me is ultimate death.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by smithjustinb

That sounds intense, and I've read about this type of thing a good few times now I think. And yeah I also think that some beings can manifest as either good or evil seeming, because at their root they're both of those things, and neither in a way. It's maybe like they've tapped the essence of what makes beings what they are and they're several levels beyond what we can currently imagine. I also think they've been around with us a lot over our history, and more recently have been known as Ultra-terrestrials.

Originally posted by ChristIsHere
It seems to me that it would mean to strip yourself of who you are to become something different.
Our old selves, for instance, would die away.

Agreed with this too. I think if we get to that stage we'll still be there, much more so than we currently are, but what we think of as our personalities and conditioning would basically be stripped away to a huge degree. I don't really see that as a problem though because I think what we'd end up with would be our true nature, and it's our so called personalities that are actually blocking that from being with us in several ways. So true nature = real personality. Current personality = not really who most of us are. Unless we're pretty advanced spiritually and that process has already been underway for some time.

And Screwed : thanks! Glad you and a few other posters replied like you did in the other thread, so I had the motivation to do this one in the right way.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:13 PM
indeed. find the self within the self. see your true self. and the old self becomes a shell.


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