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A farewell to arms....for now..

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 03:06 AM
Well guys, it's been a hell of a run and I've learned a lot from some...and enjoyed the give and take with everyone else. I mentioned this morning that I was planning to take a break after the Summit was closed out and done. I'd intended to work hard as I did in the fall, for support from a distance toward those on the front lines in Chicago tonight.

I'm sorry to say, a great many things came up in my life today and it's just not possible for me to do anything in that direction, at all. As a few others have said in the last few days, this is a thread I never thought I'd write. To be blunt, I've never penned a goodbye letter on any site I didn't actually OWN..and then, well, I kinda owed that much to those I was shutting a service down on as everyone would agree.

However, I do find myself writing this and dealing with a number of other things I never thought I'd come to see in my lifetime, in our nation. I don't leave forever. I can honestly and with all sincerity, say that if the net is still here and a site still exists to come back to, I will be back. When isn't entirely within my control after today, but it'll be at least a month..maybe more.

I want to say so much more..but I can't right now. A number of reasons..but hell, it's not least of which because I'm at a loss for words in going that direction at all. I'm not experienced with this kind of thing, as I said..and I hope never to be.

I'll say this and leave it with that. The change in circumstance have nothing to do with Staff here...or anywhere else I have a presence online. It's not about Occupy. At's not a direct connection there...and the bunny isn't trading that red shirt in the avatar for a jail jumpsuit or anything so dramatic. ..complications arose since this morning with some things I was doing and places I was at that just..changed things. (sigh)

Anyway... Enough of all that. I was taking a break anyway, the timing only changed by a day or two as it happens..and of course, a lot I wanted to do in helping some folks couldn't be finished. Sorry about that to those I had things ongoing with. If you have my direct Email or my site addys, contact me there and I'll reply when I can.

A last note I do want to share though and in lieu of what I'd intended to have, this will have to do. By way of help and a note of caution..... I want to say just a couple quick things. I don't have links...I won't be back again, even for a peek, so agreement or belief in what I'm saying isn't relevant for me. I need to feel I at least tried..and said what I need to.

Chicago..and what we're watching. It isn't isolated, it isn't limited to Cook County Illinois and the Media isn't everywhere right now. Nor will they attempt to be. Events are moving faster than I would have thought they could..though I should be mad at myself for not expecting it.

It's like a UFO researcher actually seeing one land on their front lawn. You can spend years anticipating something, and many of us have for this.....yet the reality is still as shocking on some levels as any Homer Simpson who never gave serious matters a second thought. I find myself wondering now if ignorance wouldn't have been a bliss better enjoyed for the last couple years. The endless nights of going blind on research and stressing just short of ulcers sure didn't change much at this point.

Get your prep work done..and please don't waste time with it. I don't know for sure when this passes the tipping point and the changes start moving exponentially, but I feel it could start almost any time now.

There is nothing left I was waiting to signs I've been watching for...which haven't now come to pass. Part of what changed today was seeing 2 last things fall into place and at the same time 'life happened' and things got radically complicated in other ways. When it rains it pours...but just don't procrastinate and please ....even if only for natural disaster in your mind...please..don't doubt the need or urgency. Being wrong and prepared in the coming days..perhaps, but weeks and months for certain, costs nothing but time and a little embarrassment. Being wrong..won't lend itself to the chance to correct things or make it right. Even printing a few hundred pages from the Internet of instructions for those things you don't know as personal skills may make every difference when getting online isn't there for awhile..or longer.

One last thought before everyone shakes their head at the paranoid little bunny that came and went with such a flourish.....

When the things that are happening DO become what you see on CNN and Fox, it won't be a question of little time left...that will mark NO time left. Period.

Trust your gut. I *KNOW* many here feel it..I've watched and mentally noted the posts for months now. Dozens...many dozens..of them. Your gut is telling you what I can't find the words for right now. Don't ignore it...

That's 250,000 years of evolution and survival instinct screaming at you......that time's about up and things are getting real. When things go sideways..just keep a low profile until the initial waves of chaos pass....and whats happened becomes clear. No one is helped by getting hurt before it's even clear to anyone why it's happening.

That's all I had to say....and I wish everyone well. Really.. I mean everyone. Even the Foes on my little list.
Disagreement has never been actual hate. Anger? Yup... Never hate. not here..not over chat on a website. I'll see everyone back in a month or two, if all goes well or if things "shift" again and all calms one last time...I can hope. There just wasn't enough time for everything.
But, there never is in life.

Goodnight and Good Luck Everyone!

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 03:29 AM
Damn the AIDS threads are really scaring away people

Des and now you .. always sad seeing people leave
there is literaly a lot of different people here writting about all sort of things
some contain the truth and other strange fiction
but when we like something .. if you are true to yourself
no one will be able to change your mind

I also feel that a new tomorrow will rise soon
the time of changes is now and happening

Since you will no longer come on ATS
you say you will help people ? can you give some detail

Was nice talking to you wrabbit
take care and hope we speak in the futur

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Adios, my friend.

We'll talk again,

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 04:05 AM
Wrabbit I am mega curious about the last "2 things" that you mentioned, but it's likely you'll not be back. Frustrating my curiosity!

Bad bunny!

Good luck to you and all that you are into and hope for. I hope that your life is as beautiful as you want it to be.

Goes fore veryone, honestly.

Hope to see you in the end, rascally Wrabbit!

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 10:08 AM
Watch out for the DHS wrabbit. They are tracking you as I type this as likewise are me as well. Keep encrypted and keep safe.

Change is barreling forward, but no one can yet see it.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 02:59 PM
Going to miss you Wrabbit. Sorry about your situation. But, you have me like totally confused. I hope things get better and you come back to visit us.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 03:21 PM
To thine ownself be true man

Ats will be here and so will your friends.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 03:57 PM
Wow, I hope things work out and you get back soon!
Add you as a friend and look forward to your return,

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 11:02 AM
So sad, was just beginning to follow you on threads and enjoyed what little banter there was between us and other like minds.

I feel ya ... good luck to you!

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