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Gibson vs Sheen Or I Just Don't Get Hollywood Morality Sometimes

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 05:14 PM
So Mel Gibson loses his anger and says a lot of mean things about his wife. Nobody wants to work with him in Hollywood anymore, even though they know he was goaded on by his wife.

Charlie Sheen does drugs and can't do his job, gets fired, goes on a tirade using a lot of Jewish racial slurs against his former director and makes several outlandish videos about winning. The result? He gets a new series on FX and is probably paid even more.

I just don't get it. Why wouldn't they both be out of work in Hollywood now and forever? Wouldn't the racist slurs against his former director be just as bad as Mel Gibson's rants against his wife? Why all the selective forgiveness? Why does Charlie Sheen deserve to work why Mel Gibson doesn't?

I just don't get it.

If it's about money, then Mel Gibson can make them just as much money as Sheen can, if not more.

If it's about age, Sheen is 46, Gibson is 55. Maybe it is about age and they don't want Gibson because he's an old man so it's time to throw him out and it gave them a reason to. Hollywood does tend to be youth centric.

If it was about true morality, and if racism is truly wrong in Hollywood, then Sheen shouldn't be working at all.

And recently Robert Downey Jr called on Hollywood to forgive his friend, Gibson.

So why won't Hollywood forgive Mel but will forgive Sheen?

I just don't get it.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 05:18 PM
Cos Mel is a Aussie? Or maybe something to do after he made The Passion. Things went quite down hill for him after he made that movie.

I don't get it either, Mel Gibson will always be a legend in my eyes. Well thanks to Mad Max.

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 05:22 PM
It's because Mel Gibson just isn't good tv any more.
Charlie Sheen's ratings are crazy.
Also Mel Gibson is a douche.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 06:12 PM
Well, I'm not certain what anti-semetic slurs Sheen used...I'm not familiar with that (not saying he didn't, it just wasn't the main point of the coverage of his tirade).

Gibson, however, went OFF about the Jews. Jews were also highly offended by his movie THE PASSION. You see, I've worked in Hollywood. There are two groups of people that you just don't piss off in that town, the gays and the Jews (and you can probably throw in the Scientologists for good measure).

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 06:30 PM
Actually, he didn't go off about the Jews. His tirades were directed at his wife. There is a recording of that tirade.

Same thing with Sheen's tirades against the director.

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