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About the alleged Zionist Israel... let's look at this link/ possibly pick it apart.

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 04:35 PM
ok, this is for those who understand this information or have a lot of biblical knowledge.
It is not meant for those who just want to add opinions like "this is terrible" or "this is racism"
If you feel this way, please add some substance to your opinion (even though I know opinions are important to many ATS issues) but I would really like to look at the facts or at least some kind of decisive reasoning to possibly deconstruct the following page.

the reason I think this is important is because this link may very well contain some true and interesting information... yet it does seem riddled with racism and white supremacy and I'd like to know what the take is for those who have looked deep into this issue... and I know some of those people are on board here because this is actually the first place I heard of Khazars. This information really started opening my eyes, but we cannot allow it to be brought down with hateful propaganda.

What I think might be happening here is a true conspiracy (I DO believe there are false Jews) but it seems that some of this info might be getting hijacked and partnered with a lot of white supremacy to make the whole story look like pure racism. Surely some are following my meaning on this. Please tell me if you are not clear what I am getting at. It even mentions Queen Elizabeth and many are trying to tie her to Illuminati.

I am VERY interested in this subject. The history of Khazaria is an interesting one. Read about it. Look at the location where this land once was. It seems these people were employed by the byzantine empire to fight Arabs and dissolve Tengriism (which is the faith of the Eternal Blue Sky)... which was actually widely practiced despite having never heard about it. It seems that many Arabs practiced this as well as other countries who practice Buddhism, but it seems that Christian crusading really drove the faith of Islam hard into the hearts of Muslims... so in an attempt to destroy Tengriism, fanatical Islam became more the norm which should have been expected.

The Khazar-Arab wars long ago I believe were before the splitting of the remains of the Byzantine empire into the orthodox and RCC... please correct me if I have misinterpreted that. I think this is when people believe that Khazars ventured into the land known as Israel to take it over as it was a important trade hub and a part of the Silk road, but it SEEMS this would be more buried into the past and perhaps less detectable by genetic experts than more recent changes to genetic Jewry.... help on this???

... because now it seems that Jewish blood has been once again refreshed into Ashkenazi's by the same type of infiltration and that new partnering with older genetics (Palestinians who are Arab and Khazar) who are seen as inhabitants of the area has happened once again... and the research says that it is newer ITALIAN blood (or in my opinion, the work of the Vatican after the re-establishment of RCC/RE in Italy)

So I think the same old tricks are seen through the history of Israel.

Infiltration of the area by 1) ancient Rome during the Roman empire in the time of Jesus 2) then by warring people later in the shifting byzantine empire which is still the RE (after the fall of Rome) and then 3) infiltration by Italians after the fall of Constantinople and the establishment of the Vatican in Italy after the Great Schism.

So it's the SAME plight involving the SAME crap infiltrating the SAME trade hub.

Is anyone following this?
... I mean it makes a lot of sense to me when you look at the genetics.

Rome wants Israel. Period.

Rome has shifted, it's genetics have shifted but it's grudges, it's wars and it's greed remains very similar.

So now let's look at this lengthy article. Please read it in full and let's just talk about which components seem correct and which do not seem correct partnered with the fact that it kinda stinks of white supremacy and let's also look at this- that if the author of the article wants to insist that Israelites were whites and they continue to make that distinction throughout the article, then how do you explain these perfectly white looking Zionists Jews that the author says cannot be real Jews, but they also say that true Israelites cannot be any color but white and infer that white people are God's chosen people, but only SOME of them.What about everybody else and why even make the skin color distinction AT ALL? they discredit the most important information in their article.. and that is of a BIBLICAL nature, which teaches us that these types of distinctions are an affront to almighty God who created all beings and that all races are capable of salvation through Jesus Christ. There seems to be some facts in here but they have interjected a HUGE contradiction and thereby are making this whole belief and conspiracy stink of racism.

I want to do this because people NEED to know about the history of the Jews and why all this nonsense is happening and some of the information in the article is possibly correct, but when you start reading the blatant hate... it discredits the whole thing. We CANNOT let people take information we really need to be tracing back and tying it to something that will make anyone who is looking up this information out of a new found curiosity fueled by those who are trying to get to the truth of the matter and makes them say to themselves "ah, more white supremacy bunk" and cause them to never want to read about this issue... and this is an IMPORTANT issue.

But you know how it is, they take truth and spin it. You know the trick.

Now let's look at the article and separate truth from bunk so that if my suspicions are correct, BE AWARE that they are doing this and if this issue is important to you and you write about it or you make videos or threads about... please include the awareness of this hateful spin practice into your work. In my opinion they did the same thing with skinhead literature. They took awareness of certain people controlling the media and big business and partnered it with hate and criminal activities among impressionable youth to discredit the whole conspiracy. They said "There is a group of so called Jews running your media and big business and taking over your country AND blacks have black appreciation month. where is your "white pride"... one is a complete travesty, one is very understandable. they through them together into the same pot of hatred and told them how to dress and how to wear their hair so they could be identified by law enforcement as a "hate group"... and they are, yet some of the information is correct and needs to be known by EVERYONE.

please read this and help me extract the truth from the lie.

EDIT... mods, I think this is where this is supposed to go but wasn't sure.

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 09:38 PM
bumping this to see if I can get thoughts from the night time people... or the day time people on the other side of the globe. I know there are a few in here that talk about this a lot. (hopefully not the guy who wrote the article
...sorry, guy but it's a ttttadddd slanted)

I realize that many may not know a lot of details about this, which is why I think it is so important.

People really need to be aware of this. Especially those who tend to vote according to the Zionists and what the media tells them. People will argue against the Zionists but tend to center on the US and not even know the origins, not even be able to trace it back and actually explain things... show how all this breaks down, thus putting forth not such a convincing argument and neo-cons hold fast to their beliefs. Even Hagee separates the RCC and Zionists when somehow the two are connected... and isn't HE an interesting fellow.. writing all sorts of books against the RCC and then profusely apologizing the catholic league.. having been such a tool for Zionism. Interesting. It's like they brought him back into "check" so they could use him more fully. Knowing he was sold out to one side, they had to get him apologize to the other if they wanted to fully use him as a media motor mouth zealot for the elite cause.

bumping to see if the Zionist conspiracy experts have checked in tonight...

I will probably bump this a few times before giving up and letting it die.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 12:20 AM
I gotta get to bed..........but commenting here so I can find it easily later in the afternoon.

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 10:30 PM
ok... thanks. get back as soon as possible. i have not been on much in the last couple. been feeling like total crap and having nightmares. I have been doing some reading of gog and magog and everybody seems to think it's everybody ELSE, but i just stumbled across something very interesting that i want to make a thread about on another subject.

gonna have to catch up when i feel better.

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