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Kent Walls Rant III : testicular fortitude

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 04:21 PM

money seems to be an issue here...

Job market-

No Jobs available anywhere!!!!!

brought to you by
ATS member- Jordan River

There Are LOADS of jobs out there, but people dont want to work!

brought to us by
Ats member-ModernAcademia

There are LOADS of jobs out there, but NONE of them pay living wages!

Brought to us by
ATS member - V1rtu0s0

Well to some this up,

A lot of people complaining about there being no work.

Then when that is proven wrong

it doesnt pay enough

I grew sick of listening to what amounts to liberal propaganda... in an attempt to say republicans need not respond

(please note I am not conservative... I hate you both equally... EOA policy)

Thats right I am going there and I am driving a semi through it

I can fix it for you sonny!

The main thing of this thread is for those who want to succeed... those who dont, *snip* yourself...

Let us start at the beginning

While you read this, reach down and see if you have a pair... Are they still there?

For females, you should already have a collection in a jar..

So start with this...

its called a PLAN
-First you need money-
that is the goal not the job


-Cash requirements vs where you sit

It involves several budgets, not just the one you have

Now, go write it
come back and reread this when you know what your expenses are...

-Good you did it right?

bet you forgot something...

we all get 24 hours a day
Kent's Rant number two: Are you there?

do a time budget-
its simple how you spend your time, then what i cost you to do them
(I spoke more on productive wage in my thread above go read it then come back)

Now comes the part where we have fun
- your short resources right
time to cut cost

Rent or mortgage?

Find somewhere cheaper but jobs are nearby-
do take into account family security!!!!

talk to mom and dad and inlaws... move in if you can arrange it

make sure you pay them, or can arrange for a cash set aside for yalls own place
have a preset time limit

number of mouths to feed

Cut the budget- try shopping at different places
note aldia and save a lot or krogger have not proven cheaper
note do keep a price list- make sure someone is being a cost nazi-

Dollar stores and 99 cent stores- for canned goods and some other items

Keep an eye out for sales but the extreme coupon crap is not worth it
(unless one of you is not working... even then timelog time spent) try and find deals but do not sweat it

start stocking up-
plan your meals ahead of time

personal note-
Walmart had the best deals with time spent planned in-
Sams club has fallen- not checked costco

Albertsons sale for buy one get two on steaks and chops

Chicken - try and catch sale at walmart or albertson- other wise they are about the same so walmart is the choice based on price

unplug crap and make sure it is unplugged when your not there
(leave on the fridge my special needs children)

Use the breakers if you have to and just leave on the fridges circuit

electronics all absorb electricity when plugged in wither they are off or on

Household garbage-
This one is hard... quality matters here...

cleaners in bulk from sams or costco-

soap for hands and dishes- 99cent store

ect- well you have to do a price search for your area- but so far in my experience its either bulk or make do at dollar stores

(btw when me and my girlfriend moved we left over 400 dollars worth of food and supplies for roommate. We also still go shopping for him. we spend about 200 a month and he is eating well and has about 1000 dollars of bulk food save... ) ( he has been trading it with a few people to get yard work ect done)

this was all done on min wage for the haters out there

The water bill-
not much can be done here
get clean but leave the bathing part up to the household member- some comforts cant be gotten rid of - no naziism

with this said
run dishwasher only when full
shower more the baths
dont run the water when you brush your tooth

as for the lawn-
- try barrels if you cant- use watering cans and water your yard yourself and rose beds-
only at night
no sprinklers

go electric in your house

for your car-
see if walmart still has 10 cent off a gallon in your area

otherwise find a reliable place for gas (pay inside not at the pump)
fill your car all the way up- not ten here or five there-
gas mileage- bang for you buck is king- always fill the tank

plan your daily trips and get rid of unnecessary ones- one trip or minimum number daily

consider bus service and let partner have car for house to save money on gas-
dart 65 a month versus refilling everyweek
me and my girlfriend discussed this and I said no- I now pay for all the gas in the car myself-

as for the rest
no gym memberships- workout at home
no eating out
cable- cancel it
internet-cancel it (unless you START and use it to run a business- it is then a business expense and different cost -get it in the business name)

you do not need a tv- spend time with your family

books however- necessary evil, half priced books or amazon- this has to stay in the budget- you cheapskate

movies- dollar theater- no popcorn- byod- or the rental things for a dollar-
note they have lost my business because they raised prices on some movies so screw them
or walmart and other places have DVD's for 5 dollars or less
pawn shops are overloaded with DVD's for three dollars- i got a season of b5 for 7 dollars

Cell phones-
try straight talk or metro-
the bill should not be more then fifty dollars

watch your contracts terms- do not renew-its not worth it- all you buy now is the phone and amazon can get you a great deal better price

none of the crap on the function you need- the communication line however you do need- with unlimited text both straight talk and metro have- metro not in your area? well that leaves straight talk (45 dollars a month for unlimited minutes and unlimited text!)

keeping the productivity wage in mind
probably best you have it done professionally
online- check for ratings (yes smart arse you can use the library for free)

save back for these (you will have them)

Washing- if you have w/d great
go over payment cycle of bill and how they are measuring manipulate to your advantage

no washer or dryer-
consider getting your own at an auction or used sales shop- just find one each to last for six months

Savings- put away 10 percent at least

Credit Report-
make sure everything is accurate and the WAY YOU want it to read- be evil and polite but get it done

if I forgot anything post it and I will respond with what you should do... (first is think for yourself...)

now in the next part- we do the work search thing--

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 04:34 PM
So do you have your cost under control-

no matter where you are keep this in mind-
my advice comes from years of Attending Hard Knocks University- here soon I will have my associates after 15years-

Do you want your freedom or do you want to be a slave-

the great thing about america is you get to choose- chains of being a dog or starving freedom

I made my choice a long time ago- so no the advice I give you is not the easy way-get this in your head now-

only you can save yourself- your real friends do not have to be asked they are already in- the weaker friends only have to be informed

So as a real friend I am about to give you the advice you do not want to hear

You are in the situation you are in because of your own stupidity!


That ouch feeling followed by righteous anger-

good anger I can use-
you starting to plan a response over well x did y-
or is it if only they paid more
or ect...

Well its still YOUR fault... The liberal and conservative idiots have robbed you of power-

How and what branch of insanity are you on?

Easy if you are at fault you can fix it and make sure it NEVER happens again

(it applies to everything from housing to the economy- look at who you voted for...)

Your choices caused you to be starving, you are 100% percent responsible for the condition you are in... refusal to accept this means failure to succeed

now we can get to next part in the next post

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

Great thoughts and suggestions. The only thing I find quarrel with is Wal-Mart, which in our town is not the cheapest for food. Even their specials are higher than two of our local stores. I chose not to read the job threads, 'cause I just don't need the aggravation. If you can love within walking distance of your work, then that would be saving a ton on transpo.

I decided to use my car less, and as a result I did save gaas money, but the battery kept dying on me.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by aboutface

that is perfectly good-

which items- I did the price check in three counties in Texas- walmart won for bare essentials-

I am glad you check the prices- few try to comparison shop- you also mentioned a key- location-

may I ask which ones you are referring to-

will you post your price rating for your area vs quality rating

so others can see it- its the rant area so it should be cool

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 05:42 PM

Still angry at my Response?

Good I hope you are, it means there is hope for you. It means somewhere in your soul you know I am right friend.

So lets finish the repairs-

You are not after a job

whoever taught you that should be shot

a J-O-B is not the cause

Green paperback bucks are

you ready?

Income hunting-

HUNTING should be large and in charge here-

you are on of the great predators on this planet act like it and not an herbivore or a PC moron

Write out and plan this-

Well this doesnt work

BS- I pumped my friend up and helped him -
he now makes 9 an hour with a promotion coming up

First you need to lay hands on cash right-

Timing issue-
how long do you have before desperation hits

note this advice is based on regardless of record or past

No time- well you have options-
4 days a week- day labor-
search online (home or library- quit wasting my time do and do not ask- git r done- philosophy)
for temp agencies and apply at all of them

should bring in about- 50 a day
gives you 200 a week
about 800 a month-
your partners and room mates can do this

2 people means 1600 a month- you can do the rest
If you have an issue with this quit- and starve
(as a friend you need the truth not platitudes)

three days a week left free

Two days a week
you need a resume- git r done-- now that was not a request

for the excuse prone - the I am out of vagisil type
its called the workforce center in your state- free access to the jobs in your area and free resume writing areas and- some places free copies

need help because you are special needs- ask
at the workforce center or even in BTS- minus you name and address
somebody will help you

they even have it on the web-- and if your state doesnt have the aides texas does or another state

After getting your resume written- time to start the hunt

at the wf center you can apply for multiple jobs-

then you need a scheduled job- right-
your cowardly self needs more motivation - I hear you-

Try and find something with a schedule-
try walmart who is still expanding (the employee discount will be handy on cost)
same for krooger, target, sears...

where there is a will there is a way!

so far-
get money rolling in- temp work
resume output and follow ups- keep log two phone calls max

now this is where you consider yourself under-employed right?

Nope this is where you jacked up- and by what I have read you did it quiet beautifully I might add

Plan savings and pay in cash- keep looking for better income streams-

This is where you messed up last time so here you need to plan...

Do you know where you messed up?

I can tell you but it will be meaningless till you emotionally accept it. Its your fault now where did you jack up?

You assumed that the job was all there was... The hard work thing right-

problem is you did not do the smart work...

you where not robbed
your boss was not responsible you did this to yourself
so we fix it

you assumed and bet on it... you lost, so this time do not assume

from this point the generalization breaks up- into branches and potential- I can only give a broader outline to the branches you must pursue to succeed


the central themes will be
time management

happiness (you must budget this first)


which is fixable

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 06:37 PM
I appreciate the effort you spent writing this but unfortunately people don't know how to not be consumers and really don't care to learn.

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