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Lights in the sky over Burton Wood Airbase Uk

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:03 PM
I posted this the other day but was told it may get removed as i had not done 20 post
Well now i have so here is my story.Hope you enjoy.

My auntie lived next to an Airbase in Warrington Uk that was run by the US air force called Burton Wood and it was around the time when they had Nuclear weapons stored there,and trouble with Saddam Husein first kicked off.
Many a night helicopters would be flying around and you would always see lights in the sky, they were doing maneuvers all the time especially on a weekend.
Now i lived some 12 miles or so away from my Aunties house and one night particular, me and my friend were standing outside my house talking when we saw these strange lights in the distance in the direction to where the base was.
We thought at first they must have been helicopters, until they started to act in a strange manner.
I went into the house and asked my dad to come and see and for him to explain what it was.
He also said it was helicopters,we where just about to go in, when theses 5 lights in a formation moved in the night sky from left to right at a speed that no helicopter could go.
Now we are looking at this from some distance but these so called helicopters moved in the skyline an arms distance in seconds.
Then they did the strangest thing. They stacked up one above the other and just like that video on u tube where the ball of light comes down over Jerusalem and fly's off . That's what these did one by one they shot upwards into the sky. They were not as bright as the Jerusalem one but same effect.
That was some years ago and my point is, we might never know what the government have or know and what they are up to when we sleep.
Does anyone here know of any person who was stationed on that base at this time?Oh my father said i don't know what that was but lets get the frig inside.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:07 PM
I'm beginning to think the government deliberately hides all of the cool stuff from us so we don't expect too much of them...

That way, it's easier to do a crappy job and get away with it. Spend all of the money on their own toys, which they will never admit to owning, or even existing.
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