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Dramatic climate change in our future?

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posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 09:23 PM
Models may underestimate climate swings

19:00 30 September 04 news service

The climate may have varied much more wildly in the past than reconstructions from tree-rings and ice-cores suggest, say climate scientists who have studied 1000 years of simulated data.

The findings by Hans von Storch from the GKSS Research Institute in Geesthacht, Germany and colleagues are provoking a heated dispute. While some scientists argue that their methods are flawed, others warn that their results imply climate changes in the future could be more dramatic than predicted.

Could this be a more accurate assessment of the changes to come in our weather? Just look at the past five years and it seems like these changes are already occuring.

Ask Floridians what they think.I can't wait to see what this winter brings.


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