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There Are LOADS Of Jobs Out There, But NONE Of Them Pay Living Wages!

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 05:21 AM

Originally posted by rebellender

Originally posted by artistpoet
reply to post by rebellender

you are slave to the harshest employer of all, the customer

yeah, everybody has a real smart answer, funny it dont work that way on this one


You sound bitter - I am not being smart intentionally
I love what I do and put my all into it - My customers are those who buy what I love to do
Because they see something they like in my work which is my own expression
I guess I am fortunate that I require little money to be happy and am happy to be able to do what I love
Heck I do it for free also
Sorry things have not worked out for you as you may have wanted

Oh no not bitter, bitter isnt the word
see its attitudes, you are an anonymous poster but still I have to be careful not to call you out, so I will say its your Cavalier attitude that things are not working out for me the way I wanted.

A lot of people had worked 30 years even for the same company, their retirement package was a portfolio shrank out to a third if lucky,

talking about people who put years into home ownership then cant pay for them and well good bye....

Its the attitude portrayed that somehow its their own fault.
Quickly blame is established as a psychological self absolution so as to deny the humanity of loss.
Further fueled with a knee jerk statement of "There are $8hr jobs falling off trees and all are too proud to take one.

Mister Poet guy, after one loses everything he has worked hard for there is no pride left.

Is it possible that the $8 hr jobs filling the "Indeed" page are EOE mandatory advertisements for jobs left in a company that slashed jobs and cut payroll to stay in business and the $8 hr jobs are filled in house by the lucky ones that got to stay?

I have been honest with you, be honest with me. what in your 30yr Working Career have you LOST?
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I am on your side and not using the word "bitter" to somehow put you down.
I understand by your honesty why you feel the way you do - I hope I am not presuming too much.
The system is set to do good people over - I have seen it occur to friends and family who ran their own businesses.

My Father a carpenter and a good carpenter once said to me "I have built hundreds of houses yet I do not even own the house I live in."
As a kid I remember him working 7 days week even had an evening job to support his family.
My parents were brought up with what is termed as the "Protestant Work Ethic"
I also am hard worker at anything I do - not that I am saying that is good it is just how I am.

My parents did eventually buy a modest house only to lose it during the financial collapse UK - Not that they could not handle that but company's defaulted on paying them.
My brother also lost businesses that way.
Honesty yes I am - It is how I was brought up.

But to cut to the chase as I am running late and have to go out -
I have never liked or wanted to be part of what I saw as the system.
I am different from a lot of people in that I have little regard for money or possessions
However on leaving school I went to train as a Sign Design Draughtsman
The days before computers did all the work.
I enjoyed it and stuck it out till I decided to walk due to a new boss who I just could not get on with.
So I go apply to join Art College
Meantime I spend a year labouring on building sites for my Father
Who taught me carpentry skills
I go to Art College yet drop out after 2 years to go work on community magazines as an illustrator and writer.

I join a Secret College to learn many new things
Then I join with friends who get land and tumble down buildings
We rebuild and grow crops and live off the grid

I leave after 8 years to pursue my love of Art and Poetry which is a whole other story
Also get work from my brothers company to raise funds.
Look after artist friend who has terminal illness

I could go on but in all honesty - I am probably the poorest person I know
I grow my own food and have very little by choice and am reasonably happy
You see I am fiercely independent and hate the system the screws most all over
So many talented and good people get screwed over and consigned to the scrapheap
I just can not play their game
I believe in community and goodness of spirit
I could say so much more but what use would that do
I do not wish to cross swords as I respect you though our outlooks may be different
I just hate the Matrix that screws near all over

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 05:37 AM

Originally posted by Daedal

Originally posted by ChaoticOrder
reply to post by Daedal

Also what makes me feel good is knowing me and my family are taken care of. If the rich or "shareholders" want to rip me off, so be it, there times' coming.

Their times coming? Hahaha... don't make me laugh. The occupy movement has been a miserable failure. There is nothing in the foreseeable future which will change the system to the degree required, you are simply dreaming and praying for something that simply wont happen because you're all too weak to create the change you desire. Look at what you just said, you'll let them royally screw you over just so long as your family is taken care of... they have you by the balls and you don't even realize it, let alone have the courage to do anything about it.
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First of all you don't know me, so let's get that straight. Second I'm not talking about OWS, like you for some reason believe I am. Do you believe that those who continue to commit atrocities will just be able to keep doing it, without accountability? Well I guess what you believe and what I believe are not the same. That's okay though, things change.

YEs , they will carry on , like they have always , I understand your point of view , you have bred , or rather had children , status quo is the way forward for you,hoping the future will be "ok"

The world still had not recovered from the late 80s depression , and now we are in another one , worse in fact , Where exactly where these good times ? inbetween?
If u graduated from school in the late 80,s / early 90s , what is the in that period of history to make that generation look forward to it being better, hell the berlin wall fell in 89 , cold war soon after , thousands of trillions of dollars should have /were/ could have been saved , where is it?

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 05:58 AM
For those who use welfare as a lifestyle choice and support system, what will you do if it were taken away? What if welfare ended in a month? The govt can do what it wants.

I cannot live on welfare. Welfare imprisons you. I have seen people on the reservation living off bia welfare checks for a long time. They do not get cut off. They are lifers on welfare. Some do nothing but drink until they die. The age that most natives live to be on the rez is early to mid fifties if you are that lucky. Welfare keeps you living in the winter with no heat. Welfare eventually kills you.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by Thunder heart woman

As I see it from the evidence of last years riots , cities would burn to the ground,probably the only thing stopping it happening again is the huge military and police presence set up for the olympics,

In our local area because the olympic torch is being carried down a road that has been full of holes for 5 years , has been totally tarted up , temporary flowers put in etc , shame couldnt do it when locals asked it be done rather just so it can look ok on tv

Anyone coming to london to the olympics wont get even a clue as to how knackered the rest of the country is,
wow the biggest corporate money making scam is coming to town lets celebrate....
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by dawnstar

In Montana you can get only three years of your entire life of welfare benefits such as TANF and SNAP. Once those three years are up, you are SOL. The state expects able bodied people to be getting their lives on track within those three years. They offer many programs that will help one do so. They hold job fairs and help people without computers get a used one so that they can utilize the internet and make resume's. Many families who get used donated computers go on to college or find internet work of some kind. Many section 8 apartments get free internet and basic cable tv.

The point is, welfare should be given when a family is in need. It should not be a cradle to grave system for the able bodied.

The paper ran a story on a 27 year old woman with six children. The father ran off and left. The local welfare office put her on welfare for the 3 years and when it ran up, she lost her section 8 apt and went to a salvation army and red cross paid for motel room. The woman whined and whined in her interview. You know what came out of this? The fact that she spoiled away 3 years of getting her life together. She was offered many programs, with help for the children, help with training, help with apartments for women who are working with reduced rents. She had help out the wazoo and what did she want? She wanted a lifestyle on welfare. Eventually her donated motel ran out and her mother had to come from another state and collect her and her children and take her home to take care of her. It's ridiculous.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 06:43 AM
Nice thread OP. I think it is starting to become obvious that capitalism cannot work without government intervention. The problem with those that want a small government is that they want to maintain a huge military industrial complex at the expense of social welfare. They are short sighted hypocrites and evil!

Capitalism is a flawed system which rellied on greed. Over time the lobbies have conspired to cover-up its shortfalls and the government that rellies on campaign donations has happly complied. They have smeared both unions and nationalised healthcare to the ground. They have allowed and even propped up unilateral american/jewish globalism at the expense of millions losing their jobs.

So what is the solution? It is not communism aka state capitalism. But we have state capitalism in the USA as well and it is cleverly hidden via the Federal Reserve semi-private central bank. Ron Paul seems to know what he is talking about or does he? The gold and silver standard will certainly not solve a thing, only make things worse because of the lack of gold and silver to back up all the currency in circulation, nevermind this being even less plausible outside the USA!

Just nationalise the goddam Federal Reserve and let the USA treasury issue currency. Commercial banks can then buy/borrow money from the government at an interest rate this way inflation is kept under raps. This is the problem with conservatives and even liberals...THEY ONLY THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES IN A SELFISH MANNER!

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 07:22 AM
Looking at job postings is just depressing, most jobs that pay $10-12/hr , which is far from a livable wage, specially in michigan where there is no public transport, all want 3-5 years experience and a bachelors degree, and a lot of these places are even testing for tobacco now, not just drugs.

The plan has become obvious, they want to make america competitive on the world market for labor again, and the bastards cant even let us poor slaves have a cigarette to relax in our free time?

Worst part is when your so poor you cant just pack up and move to another state or country, your pretty much stuck.

Heres a good example of how much it sucks:

Mig Welder - Must have a min. of 3 years of Mig welding. Will be required to complete and pass a weld test. All applicants who would like to be considered for this position must have their own automatic weld helmet - $10/hr

3 years experience to make a whopping $10 an hour, mcdonalds would be a better job. And thats just the first example I ran across, there are plenty more for more specialized trades then welding.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 07:34 AM
Illegal Immigration is the biggest blight on jobs in America. Our Gov let 25 million illegals simply walk right in and invade us in silence.. They have lowered the wages in any industry they decide to move into, ask anybody who does any type of construction work. Ask anybody that works in hospitality area in hotels & motels. Go to any restaurant and have a look in the kitchen.

Our Gov dismantled the American farmer in the 80's and eradicated the textile industry through out the 80's & 90's. They let corporations move their workers over seas and every damn body that owns a company has out sourced customer service to another country. Looks as if it's direct plan to blight us into submission.

I was an electician for 29 years. I quit and started my own business about 7 years ago. I got really tired of going to work and have 22 men under my supervision and I could not communicate with 16 of them. Except on payday.

So to the American worker, do like I have done if you can. Beat them at their own game, I'll undercut their estimates all day long to get the work and the customer. So far it's been very successfull for my business.
I am not against immigration just illegal immigration that brings my country down, lowers wages, cost's jobs.

We all can't bag the burgers at mickey d's and feed your kids, it can't be done.

Drones + Southern Border= no more illegal immigration from that direction. To simple. It will never happen.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

America needs a nazi party aka national socialism. Trust me it has the potential to solve many problems!

1)No more illegal immigration and those already in the states should be deported.

2)Change the trade policies radically with tariffs.

3)Go after bankers...especially the zionist kind!

4)Go after masons.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 08:10 AM

Originally posted by buster2010
The banks and the elite in no way wants to pay people livable wages. If people were getting these wages then they wouldn't need credit as much because they would have the cash to pay for things. This doesn't benefit the banks as much as someone who has to be a slave to the bank because of massive debt.

It's funny how if people were forced to work for free, everyone would see it as slavery. But pay them money and make them give you back the money in exchange for basic human rights like food, water, clothing and shelter and suddenly most people think it's normal and fair.

TPTB dictate what our children "need" and set a price (hours) on it. They get away with it because most people are brainwashed into thinking by working that they support their children. The truth is, they support a third party who in return supports their children. Most people are that domesticated they no longer have the intellect to support themselves or their families and rely on others to do it for them.

I can't believe what the minimum wage is in the US either. It's obviously designed to make people work harder for the gain of others. Just driving even a small truck here is at least $25/hour casual or $20/hour full time.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 08:13 AM

Originally posted by Monkeygod333
I hate it when people do this. This is now the THIRD jobs thread!

Why couldnt you just post your views on that thread?

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

Why cant you just ingnore this thread if it's a problem for you?

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 08:36 AM
Why are people blaming illegal aliens because they have no jobs?

If you want those jobs then I suggest you....

- Get hired picking tobacco when the season comes around

- Get a job with a lawn care/landscaping company

- Apply with any rancher looking for ranch hands

- line up at the day labor places and take whatever they will give you for work that day

- find a sweat shop that sews women's and mens designer clothing and ask if you can work there

- start up your own food truck

Just saying...

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:00 AM
I had a few more thoughts about the economic plight in the US, specifically.

The fact of the matter is that, like a poster above me stated, one cannot support a family on fast-food worker wages, or even Wal-Mart wages for that least not without going on some form of public assistance, or working 2-3 full-time jobs to make bills. This is how the system has enslaved much of the population. You're not making enough money to live, so you are forced to suckle from the government's teat. Try to get off that teat? You end up out on the street. Now, there are plenty of stories where people fought and persevered and won. They beat the system and now are reaping the benefits of their blood, sweat, and tears. What is the percentage, however, of those "success" stories compared to the millions more that cannot get a leg up?

Here is what I think should happen: Any corporation that willfully ships jobs overseas should be charged with at least a 70% tariff. Make these corporations realize that "cheap labor" isn't cheap. Their 1000% profit margins would suffer within a fiscal quarter, and they would be forced to come back to the states (oh no, they won't be able to buy their 3rd Bentley this year!). The corporations that continue to provide work to AMERICAN workers, and not illegals, should receive a 5% tax break each year (up to 20%) for each year that they keep jobs in the states. Fine companies, from mom and pop type shops, to the biggest corporations, a percentage of their yearly earnings (right off the top) for each illegal that they keep in their employee pool, up to a maximum of 50% of their yearly profits. Like another poster stated: instead of using those drones on American citizens, but all 30K of them on the southern border. Make them think twice about trying to sneak into the country*.

*And before I go on, I've always supported immigration. My family is made of up immigrants, 4th generation in this country. What I do NOT support is illegal immigration. This isn't a human rights issue. This is an issue of law and looking after our own first and foremost.

So, what do we do with all this new found money from corporations that ship their work overseas and hire illegal workers? Re-invest this money into retraining programs and grants (including areas that are in high need: medical (nursing), technology, ESL classes, adult ed, etc.). Use this money to better our education system and use this money to reward tax breaks to companies from mom and pops to large corporations that make an active stance in keeping jobs in our country. Set up a trust for these monies gathered to ensure that these benefits will continue once (hopefully) the outsourcers bring back money AND jobs to this economy.

With the added jobs, other areas of our economy would improve, from education positions to nursing, to manufacturing, etc., due to the fact that there would be more jobs available in various locales. You add big job centers, and the communities will spring up around them.

I know it's a naive fantasy, but I really think that this could work in the long run, and I think it could work in under five years. Of course, there's always the risk of the biggest companies completely leaving the US for good, but I think they would lose a heck of a lot of money in the process.


posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by Thunder heart woman

Why the heck should legal americans be forced to compete with illegal aliens? Are you feeling ok???

Instead of punishing criminals we are going to punish those looking for a job, that have spent at least 12 years in american schools paid for by taxpayer money, some of which have spent up to $200,000 for higher education ONLY to find out they have to compete with mexicans/indians/chineese?

I can't possibly express how angry I feel and stay withing ATS terms and conditions. Some people need to see a psychiatrist me thinks and get some reality pills fast, fast, fast, fasssstt

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by Thunder heart woman

When I was 19 I worked A full nighttime waiter job (6 nights a week) to pay my way through. I graduated top 10% of my class. I then worked 1 full time a 2 part time jobs all at the same time, to buy appropiate cloths for job interviews and day to day living expenses. Did that for 10 years until I moved up the chain. Hell of alot of hard work!!!!

Now I own my own business (wich is struggling) BUT, Have a nice home paid for and live a middle upper class life. IT CAN BE DONE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by bernierhome

That is slavery. Period! No where in the constitution does it say you have to be a slave to anyone.

If you like that though.....well I can't stop you!

We need some dignity and pride in our lives. It goes a long way!

And I don't hate anyone to the point of throwing them in some gas chamber, BUT illegals should be deported and jobs RETURNED to america. The same thing applies to europeans as well: I heard the pigg nations are suffering horribly from pakistanis/afghanis/north africans/iraqis/etc.

Tax the # out of imports, but of course some capitalist pigs would hate that. Tough who cares about them when 99% are homeless and some even starving from malnutrition and disease? It is not rocket science, it just takes some freakin balls.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by v1rtu0s0

If these jobs would pay living wages then the untouchables will have to take a hit monetarily speaking.

Living wages are subjective to interpretation. as some may think only being able to eat and pay housing as living wages, others think that luxury items and entertainment are part of living wages.

I really hate the people who come in here and say " i work x amount of jobs and thats life." bull#. that is why there is no change. That is exactly why there is no change. The people who never get hit by "bad" economic times.. those who never actually have to work for a living but live off of us think the same way as these people. "i have never taken a hit or worked in my life.. that's just how life is" these two attitudes go hand in hand in keeping anything from changing.

It reminds me of those retarded union jackasses who will fight for the top tier of senority for good schedules and give all the bad schedules to the bottom tier. They never really fight for any schedules unless their 8-5 with weekends off is threatened. then they get all up in arms and wan the low man on the totem pole to help. they never want to take a hit nor do they want a hit to bring out change on how things are done. these top sernority people can easily fight for everyone to have a good schedule but their attitude "that's the way it is"

people crap on unions often when in reality they need to exist as long as there are companies manipulating government to swing things their way as they sell the common man down river. that is why unions exist to reduce abuse. which does not mean unions are not open for corruption but there is a reason they exist. except today people are too dumb to realize this and want to get rid of the unions first instead of getting rid of the cause for unions to exist in the first place.

Today companies fire then rehire with less wages and less benefits offered. then you notice ceo pay goes up along with benefits and bonuses... yet the business has not innovated its product/service nor has it run a good advertising campaign to boost sales. All they did was find ways to work with less.

but seriously im going to go off on a tangent. the company always asks for 110% from employees. to take "ownership" of the company and go the extra mile for the customer. Yet if the company makes more profits you see none and will more than likely work yourself out of a job. I have seen in happen so often it makes me sick.

And at the end of the day people still fight amongst themselves pointing the finger at each other instead of who it should be pointed too. The companies who year in and year out make better wages at the expense of all you people who accomoadate them by working 3 to 4 jobs. new flash they will keep cutting and cutting till you people push back. they have no mercy or reason MONEY is a drug. If they could get away with it you would work for free.

We have always been slaves to these people but in the past in our country we were able to become the top tier or live a happy life as a slave for a company. As time has gone by it is harder to become top tier. Your life as a slave has gotten worse and is actually becoming slavery. To be honest in the USA we have it pretty dam good still but THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OKAY AND WE SHOULD JUST SUCK IT UP. They set us up slowly by incrementing the poverty ever so slightly at a time. You frogs are easily cooked and do not get it.

I have been lucky. I went to collge payed my way through.. got a job in the field i studied, have good pay great benefits, live beneath my means have a woman who does not bury me in debt but helps me .. i live like a king but i am still able to see how little by little it is being taken away.

I see so much division on here. If you are on here you are subject to eventually getting your job made into one that does not pay so called "living wages"

get off your high horse and realize that even though you have found a way to make it does not make it right that things are getting worse. eventually whatever you are doing to "make it" will be dealt with and you will be in the same boat as those who are already not making it.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by THE_PROFESSIONAL
It used to be that you were able to work a nice 40 hr/week job and have time for yourself and raising a good family, but now you have to work 2 - 3 jobs while no time for family and it all disintegrates; It is all part of the plan.

I got as far as this post because I agree with it completely.

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 10:32 AM

ETA; did you never anticipate you MIGHT lose your job one day? If you never prepared for this scenario after 10-15-20 years, I do not sympathize.

Did you buy the big mansion? Nice imported car? Barely able to make payments?

Yup, living BEYOND your means.
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No.. I rent an apartment, for cheaper living while my wife finishes up her college. I do have a decent car.. not super-fancy, but it was new. I know it really busts some folks chops when people buy imports - no, it's a domestic model. Not that again, it has anything to do with anything. People with very expensive imported cars have stable jobs.

If someone can comfortably afford the things they have, it's not living beyond your means. And I know it's hard to grasp, but not everyone can afford to stockpile a savings. And has nothing to do with poor planning. The money we do have saved is tied up, and we won't suffer horrible taxes to use it. No.. I'll use the rather pathetic unemployment system to keep my going until I find a job.

Why some of you are so against people getting unemployment why they find new employment baffles me completely. Even if it takes 8 months. Blame our government, the Fed, and our horrible legislation. Blame our absolutely ridiculous "defense" budget. Blame our country for being unable to properly help people when in need - don't get down on your fellow man when he is trying to pull himself back up.

What's really funny is that I paid my taxes for the unemployment insurance I'll receive. Me and my employer. YOU didn't pay it. Why do you care if I collect back some of the taxes I paid?

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 10:40 AM
i have an aquaintence who recieved approx. 4 million in inhertance money from an aunt who had property,and left it to him when she died. because he earns interest of about 75 k a year, on some safe investments, he doesn't work. the kicker?....he is a republican who is always talking about those people on welfare who are lazy and don't want to work. and as you can guess, i don't run around with him much, because he is always talking down to people who don't vote for a republican.
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