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Breaking: Chicago NATO protests heating up

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 07:52 PM
Live streams:

The Chicago protests are heating up. Several demonstrations moved into one, including at least one blackbloc protest. A few arrests and wrestling between the crowd and police, the protestors just broke through a police line. The police "surrounded" the apartment where a few indy streamers were based at.

Earlier the police were trying to route the protestors and the whole mob took off running through a parking lot to the next street, so far they have broken about 2-3 intersections where the police where trying to hold them. They also made it past the park that occupy had confrontations with the police last year, can't remember the name.

Not sure how big it is, looks like quite a few people. As the night falls this could get intense, this is the stuff the MSM should be reporting on.

More Links:

Mods if this is better suited for another section then by all means move it.
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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 07:55 PM
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Thanks. I've been hearing a lot about this day and it hasn't even begun. Can't believe things are this heated already. Many of the buildings in the area are locked down and people cannot leave or enter them. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds.


ETA: the live stream is great (quality). The guy doing it is doing a good job announcing what is happening.
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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 07:57 PM
An arrest going down now on the live stream... a lot of pushing and yelling.

Somebody called for a medic, the guy is bleeding from his left eye apparently. It was a scuffle between the police and the protestors.

Edit: Okay I guess there is another thread. I'll post my links there.
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