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There Are LOADS Of Jobs Out There, But People Don't Want To Work!

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:33 PM
I have to say I find the OP quite arrogant and presumtuous...but still, he has a point.

People keep saying you need money to start your own business, not necessarily, depends on the business you want to start and your level of skill in that field, if you want to be a programmer or web developer and have the relevant experience then it's relatively cheap and easy to negotiate and win contracts...especially if you have access to the net.

People are making excuses, I know people who for years have made ridiculous statements like "bloody foreigners stealing our jobs!", "there are no jobs out there!", etcetera...there are jobs, but they think they're above doing them, the very same people who if you suggest they apply for a job cleaning or waiting tables or something will turn their nose up as if it isn't good enough for them.

The reason foreigners end up doing these jobs is because they've a better work ethic...especially here in the UK, they will do the mundane, menial jobs that the natives here think is beneath them.

Here are the facts...if you ain't skilled then you don't deserve to do the skilled work, it's that simple...if you work hard and educate yourself and develop those skills then you can take pride in yourself and your achievments.

People are saying things like..."well who has x amount of money to buy a book about programming/web dev?", you can learn this stuff for free, have an internet connection, takes time and effort, also what's to stop you getting a job as a cleaner or working as a waiter or something to support yourself financially while you pay for your own education? I learned a few programming languages years ago and did a few small jobs, I know lots of people who did work on sites like rent-a-coder back in the day and made a reasonable living out of it, it cost them nothing but time and effort and some initiative.

I've done loads of horrible jobs in my time, kitchen porter, factory work where I was doing 7 12 hours shifts a week at one point, in my current job I worked hard and learned as much as I could and am being funded for training to gain qualifications that prove I've served my time and learned a thing or two...but it wasn't easy.

The OP has an arrogant attitude, but still makes a valid point - the type of jobs he mentioned (electrician/plumber etc) mean nothing, there ARE jobs out there...people just don't want to do them because they're not so glamorous or well paid and they have this inherant sense of entitlement like they think they deserve deserve what you earn.

I understand that this doesn't apply to absolutely everyone, there are people with families, single parents etc struggling to make ends meet...but I personally know a lot of people who are fit to work...but just don't want to because they can't find a job they want...I did jobs I didn't want for years, I hated them but took pride in doing them and doing them to the best of my ability, whether it was mopping floors or writing code.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:37 PM
Should I weigh in? Why not.

I'm basically a self-made man. I started out a teen runaway and now I run my own international business and I'm doing quite well. I say this not to brag, but to give context for my next statement: The system is broken. The system stinks. There are fewer opportunities in America and the rest of the world than there were a generation ago. I would have a lot more trouble accomplishing what I did if I started out today. The system funnels corporate welfare to bankers and punishes true entrepreneurs like myself starting out now. A lot of the problem is immigration/outsourcing/offshoring (something that OWS refuses to engage with, to their discredit), some of it is taxes and overregulation, but a lot of the problem is a skewed system that rewards entrenched interests. The American dream is dying, and blaming the victim (little guy) is not going to solve the problem. If the systemic inequality (of which I am a beneficiary) is not dealt with, the system risks cracking down the middle. I am an entrepreneur and a self-made man, but not everybody can be. There needs to be a way for people lacking the talent, time, or ability to simply live without drowining in a sea of debt and instability.

And that's all I have to say about that.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by Phenomium

I call a plumber and an 18 year old, bubble gum pop, school girl shows up because she just HAD o take that job.

Ah, now you know why they want people with experience.

Actually, it could cost nothing to do the training. The books are in the library or online. Study costs nothing. Getting a certificate is another matter. Any knowelgable person can probably go to an electrical firm and work for peanuts as a "gopher". Eventually, they will help you with your certification. This is an avenue for a company to find cheap labor and you to have employment and eventual certification.

This is "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps". You will have to sacrafice a lot of effort and time. That will pay off eventually. Complaining will accomplish nothing. What do you do in your spare time? If you play video games for even one minute of the day, you are wasting your life and precious time.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia

Originally posted by SmArTbEaTz
So I guess since you learned it that way everyone can right? If that was the case everyone would get the same scores on tests and exams... I can read every damn book on a subject but it doesn't mean I will understand it as much as someone else.

If you don't understand it then keep reading/studying
There's something called the Law of Progression

Originally posted by SmArTbEaTz
People want to be happy with what they do for a living. If not we are just slaves to the system. I say find something you are interested in and make the most of it. As long as I can feed my family, government assisted or not, and I am happy... that's what really matters.

What a disgusting statement
You don't want to work in an environment where you are unhappy but you are fine with collecting checks that you don't deserve THAT ALSO COMES FROM THE POCKETS OF POOR PEOPLE WHO ARE FORCED TO CONTRIBUTE.

Man you really are an idiot... I have worked all my life, and still do. MY DAMN TAXES GO INTO THAT WELFARE @$$HOLE! SO I DID EARN IT! Just because people do not want to pay people for their worth is no reason why I should not get it.

It's because the cost of living has gone up while the wages haven't that has caused the problem.

As for reading... I read fine TY
and just because I may understand it doesn't mean I'd be good at it. You need to clean your soul and search for yourself my friend... because you are so lost...

I doubt comments from some lost idiot as yourself is going to sway my decision to feed my family... and BTW @$$... I get $240 in food stamps per month to feed my kid that goes 100% to food, and my mom who was laid off after 45 years in the ER (because the company wanted to hire younger personal they did not have to pay as much to) has had to cash in her 401 and retirement to help pay the bills. I live in the cheapest apt in my area which is $806 a month. I pay child support to my son's mom because I'm no deadbeat, even though she doesn't let me see him. As for getting a lawyer... with what money? I get $10 an hr and couldn't even afford to drive across the state if she did!

Oh yeah... my daughter has ADHD and we were just switched over to partial pay... which means I have to come out of the pocket for $2200 before they will step in. This means we can no longer afford to pay for her meds. In turn her attention span has reduced and her grades have fallen.

If I ever met a jerk like you in person I would kick your ass... you don't know me or any of us hard working Americans on here... We are not lazy... WE ARE ABUSED!

Get yourself right...

OR since you know it all and claim anyone can do anything IF they just pick up a book and learn how to do it...
then take your butt to Congress and make some damn changes MR. Smarter than everyone else... OR can you not get by on reading a few books to do that?

PS... you are the one who needs to learn to understand what you read because I never said I wasn't willing to work because I DO WORK a 40 hr job... just not happy getting under paid...
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extra DIV

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:45 PM

Originally posted by silent thunder
Should I weigh in? Why not.

I'm basically a self-made man. I started out a teen runaway and now I run my own international business and I'm doing quite well. I say this not to brag, but to give context for my next statement: The system is broken. The system stinks. There are fewer opportunities in America and the rest of the world than there were a generation ago. I would have a lot more trouble accomplishing what I did if I started out today. The system funnels corporate welfare to bankers and punishes true entrepreneurs like myself starting out now. A lot of the problem is immigration/outsourcing/offshoring (something that OWS refuses to engage with, to their discredit), some of it is taxes and overregulation, but a lot of the problem is a skewed system that rewards entrenched interests. The American dream is dying, and blaming the victim (little guy) is not going to solve the problem. If the systemic inequality (of which I am a beneficiary) is not dealt with, the system risks cracking down the middle. I am an entrepreneur and a self-made man, but not everybody can be. There needs to be a way for people lacking the talent, time, or ability to simply live without drowining in a sea of debt and instability.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Great Post !

Big question.....Are you hiring??

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia

Originally posted by Jersey Devil
How many of you remember your grandparents if they have passed. They lived through basically a depression. Women worked in steel plants as husbands were either at war or worked 2-3 jobs themselves. They worked till they retired. Some meaningless jobs but they NEVER complained about the pennies they got paid and NOTHING was beneath them. Now things changed in the US. Either people have to adapt and do the same as our families did before us or imigration will continue and those from other more poverish countries will gladly take on all the mundane meaningless jobs and there will be none left. Ever see the Oprah episode? Single woman w 3 kids refused govt assistance and walked everyday collecting cans and going to auto repair shops asking for scrap metal. Today she owns the largest (or one of) scrap recycling businesses in the US. Nothing was beneath her.

Great point thank you

People have become such worms I cannot believe to read some posts
The things that people are saying is so lazy and despicable

They refuse to do hard labor or change careers that isn't working because it will require long-term effort and a change in lifestyle but they are okay with collecting money that they don't deserve.

Your post was so on point you hit the nail in the coffin!!!!

Funny you say that because the wage average is actually lower then it was back then.That is why today people are forced into doing everything by credit...

Stagnating Workers' Wages In 1979 the American worker's average hourly wage was equal to $15.91 (adjusted for inflation in 2001 dollars). By 1989 it had reached only $16.63/hour. That's a gain of only 7 cents a year for the entire Reagan decade. But wait. Things get worse! By 1995 it had risen to only $16.71, or virtually no gain whatsoever over the 6 years between 1989 and 1995. During the great 'boom years' between 1995 and 2000 it rose briefly to $18.33 per hour. In other words, from 1979 to 2000, even before the most recent Bush recession, after more than two decades the American worker's average wages increased on average only 11.5 cents per hour per year! With nearly all of that coming in the five so-called 'boom' years of 1995-2000, and most of that lost once again in the last three years. And that includes for all workers, even those with college degrees. The picture is worse for workers who had no college degree. That's more than 100 million workers, or 72.1% of the workforce. For them there was no 'boom of 1995-2000' whatsoever. Their average real hourly wages were less at the end of 2000 than they were in 1979! And since 2000 their wages have continued to slide further.


Behold the invisible whip against our American rear ends...
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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:09 PM

The people that claim that there are lots of good jobs and people are just lazy are one of three people:

1. Part of the ruling elite
2. Shills hired to post by the ruling elite
3. Morons

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

All closed systems tend towards entropy. Another word for entropy is chaos.

People have bought into credentialism. Children are raised to believe they have to graduate high school with good grades so they can get into a good college and get a good job. Education is no longer about expanding ones mind, it is indoctrination designed to create good little workers who have the necessary credentials. A bright student is overwhelmed with pointless curriculum to ensure they don't expand their minds and only learn what has been determined they should learn.

Part of what is being taught is that people have to specialize. Everything is compartmentalized, so even though ignorance of the law is no excuse and will not work as a lawful defense, people are taught that only lawyers understand law and if one wants to understand law they need a law degree. This indoctrination then facilitates the mysticism of law further allowing ambitious politicians to create legislation that mystifies the public, most presuming that at the very least lawyers understand it. This mystifying legislation comes with volumes upon volumes of regulations regarding business. The plethora of regulatory schemes that exist only discourage many from starting their own businesses, which in turn facilitates corporatism.

The rise of corporatism only demands more regulatory schemes, and of course, the "educated" have been taught just how necessary regulations are, and an alarming amount of people buy into it in spite of the fact that this regulation does nothing at all to protect them from dangerous products, and certainly does nothing to protect the economy. Even when Congress passes reasonable and understandable legislation such as the anti-trust acts, they're not enforced, and those tasked with enforcing them help corporations become bigger and bigger giddily suppressing competition until it gets to a point that they must now declare that the incompetency of big businesses now failing are just "too big to fail" even though they were tasked with the job of keeping these companies from becoming too big to begin with.

People are not stupid and when they hear executive branch enforcers utter their mystical incantation of "too big to fail" they know they're being scammed, but they remain unwilling to extricate them from a failing system. Even though people are not stupid, they will do stupid things particularly collectively, and collectively people demand the system that has failed them be fixed. They do not opt out of this closed system and take the risks that come with an open system, believing that somehow they face less risk under the failed closed system.

Round and round it goes and as it has always been it comes down to the haves and the have nots. The vaunted middle class was a period where the have nots had managed to close the gap between them and the haves and as the have nots always do when satisfied they grow apathetic. Under this apathy the haves begin aggregating wealth again until the disparity between the haves and the have nots becomes so big that the have nots can no longer survive and at some point they revolt and round and round it goes...

In order to have haves and have nots a closed system is required and all closed systems tend towards entropy.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:12 PM
i dont like threads that blame the people, that is honestly the one thing I dislike about the thread and honestly, My thread was to show that blaming each other is not the issue. Its the economy.

in the end i tried making my own business that fizzled too, audio recording
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if you do want to do something effective write letters to local government and senators
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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

You make many excellent points, as you often do. I find the model of entropy/heat death enormously useful for understanding so much in life, especially systemic issues.

You've also put your finger on a big piece of the puzzle with the concept of overspecialization. Whenever overspecialization sets in, systems get brittle. People's own fears and mental prisons hold them back, although twas ever thus, I don't see much way around that.

Complexity has diminishing returns. Something society has yet to internalize. People at all levels appear to fetishize complexity and "connectivity." One of the main defects is that people often overlook simple solutions. Too many people with PhDs puzzling over Gordian Knots; two few folks willing to approach said knots with sword in hand.

There needs to be a deleveraging, a de-complexification, a de-specialization. I tend to be a pessimist and thus I see it happening violently. I suppose history contains the capacity to pleasantly surprise as well as disappoint, however.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:30 PM

What the OP is talking about, I think, more than anything else, is entrepeneurship; taking hold of your own life and value and using any and all skills you have to be able to make cash to live on.

I wrote a book about a few different things that ANYONE can do, with the skills they currently have, to make cash starting tomorrow.

I got feedback from one of the people that purchased the book (it's 99 cents on Amazon, avaiable for Kindle or to read via any other e-reading method including PC). It was a husband and wife that had been homeless for 3 months and had been living out of their car.

The book was recommended to them by a friend, and they borrowed the friend's laptop to buy the book and read it.

THAT DAY the husband went out and made $100 using a menthod I gave.

Folks, it's not about JOBS, it's about making use of what you have!

Let me give an example...

Did you know that there is a way to get free text message services from Twitter? It's true. You can set up an account under any name you want, and anyone that subscribes to that using a certain format will, from that point on, recieve text/sms messages to their cell phone.

How is that useful?

I will give you an example that's been used by my company.:

Go to a restaurant in your area and set up a contract with them, that you will help them build up a list of customers that opt in to a "free sandwich a week" giveaway (or whatever you and the company decides on). Set up signage (how hard is it to print a sign on a piece of paper and stick it to the register with a piece of tape?) and then set up a twitter acount for the restaurant.

Let's say it's Joe's Pizza. You can set up a Twitter account called "joespizza". Then, if a customer wants to opt in to the program, they simply text "follow joespizza 40404". Boom. They are now opted in, and any messages that that account types in will be texted to them.

Now, let's say that the restaurant is having a slow Tuesday night. (happens often lol) They can send out a text message to all of the customers on their list, saying that anyone coming in that night that mentions the text will get 25% off of their order or something. Boom. Restaurant is full, restaurant OWNER is happy, and you can charge $100 a month to that restaurant to maintain their list, send out the messages, etc.

Do that for 10 restaurants in the area and you are making $1000 a month in EASY and FREE TO YOU money.

And that's just ONE way to use it. Think outside of the box a little bit and it can be expanded big time.

Dry cleaners, day care centers, beauty salons, ANYONE THAT NEEDS CUSTOMERS can benefit from this.

Want a super heavy duty dose? How about setting up an "Emergency Prayer Request" service, where you sign up a church for $25 a month to do the same type of thing, only sending out prayer requests to their parishoners?

How many churches are in your town? Mine has literally one on every dang corner. There's 10 PAGES worth in the Yellow Pages. And trsut me on this, CHURCHES JUMP AT THIS. (You could even give it away for karma if you wish lol)

It's about doing what you can, with what you have availbale, and NOT RELY on ANYONE ELSE to feed you or to give you what you deserve. It's about taking control of your own life and saying the heck with the rest.

Now, in that idea I just gave you, WHERE DO YOU NEED TO PAY FOR TRAINING? Where do you need to go get schooling or begging for loans?

I have, literally, a TON more things that can be done like this, that anyone can do without having to pay a dime to anyone else for the privelege of doing it lol If you're interested, you can U2U. Up to you.

Hope that someone gets the idea that they can read this post and go out, right NOW, and make some money. Someone will, I just know it.

The other 99% will not. They will be waiting for someone else to hand them a paycheck and screaming when they can only apply at McDonalds or something.

Come on people. Seriously. I just handed you GOLD.
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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by dreamseeker

I would have to make at least $12.50 per hour to balance out my losing my benefits but now that I think about it I would have to make more to balance out my loans.
My loans would be about $400 per month when I start paying them back. So lets just round the pay I need up $2000 per month. Of course there are taxes so in reality I need to make about $2500. In reality I need to make $20 per hour Mcdonalds or low paying jobs will not do me any good at that point. I am on a special disablity repayment plan where I pay $0 until I get off disablity.
This is why the college grads won't just settle because if you only have $1000 to live on and $400 goes to loan repayment then you have to get welfare,. The whole point for me is to eventually get off of benefits in the next few years. There is nothing wrong with welfare or benefits but for me I would like to make a little more.
Plus I can't work many hours.
I think a lot of people have worked for crap and put up with so much that they are no longer willing to work themselves to death for an employer who does not care. I am 37; not 18; if I was 18 I would be ok starting at the bottom. How many times do I have to pay my dues?
I'm sort of in the same boat as you. IMO I don't think people should have ever allowed themselves to work in a minimum wage job to begin with. I think it creates more poverty and tells the employers that paying crap wages are just fine and people will work for that. I miss the old days of making $20 an hour for sure.

I told my friend back in 2007 that it would take 14 years to get ourselves out of this one, I'm sticking to it.

I always used to ask my friends, do you know why taco bell pays minimum wage? Because they can. It's that plain and simple, there is no reason in the world for them to pay a prevailing wage if they don't have to. I think the best times I made money was when I was working for a great company that excellent potentional. So remember the next time you accept a crap wage job, you might be hurting more than your own pocket book, you might also be hurting the economy.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

One of the things that I always thought was so sickening, was how a raise in minimum wage would go through, like it has several times in the past, and the economy would adjust to it just a couple weeks later. People at the bottom struggleing with minimum wage would anticipate relief from this raise about to happen, just to find it being squashed by the cost of everything going up with it.

They need to freeze that from happening before they raise income, its such a waste.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

I really wish I could give you more stars... Thanx for the sad truth of what has become a sad reality for us all... I feel this every time I look into my 6yr old daughter's eyes... I just hope we make it...

American dream? What American dream... we sold that dream to the kids coming over here to learn at our Universities and schools so they can go back and help their own country... what benefit is that for us? All the while we have AMERICAN kids, like myself, who have been fighting and trying to save up to pay for school.

Dream? Yeah it's a dream alright... but closer to a fantasy...

We need to stop paying for other countries to educate their youth and make them pay for themselves so we can concentrate on Americans... That's not selfish... it's smart...

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

As Lao Tzu used to always say: "Simplify, simplify, simplify!"

I understand your pessimism, and while many here tend to view me the same or as being cynical, I hold great faith for humanity. I get disgusted, I become outraged, and through it all I recognize my own disgusting attitudes and outrageous behavior and understand that we're all a bunch of annoying beings who have such great potential.

The "velvet revolutions" of Eastern Europe have shown us all that nary a shot need be fired in order to bring down oppressive regimes. That's the good news. The bad news is that those velvet revolutions have struggled to replace their oppressors with something more tenable. We all have much work to do while we're here on this planet. I am pleased to know that you are in a position to affect change in positive ways. I have no doubt you all ready have, and will continue to do so. Not just here in this virtual world, but out there in the "real world".

I am confident enough to predict that history will indeed disappoint, but worry not my friend, it will be those pleasant surprises that will make it all worth living in these "interesting times".

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:40 PM
Capitalism is simply a means to enslavement by imperial families that have banded together to study all the means of exploiting it's flaws. All to the detriment of those less informed, where information is hidden from them. As you allow your evil masters to succeed in their goals.. you can expect your wages to be less, your restrictions to be more and your freedom of individual self to be lost.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by DrEugeneFixer

Nassim Taleb's work doesn't impress me all that much, but I could see how the PTB would love his stuff.

Good people aren't that rare, and most of what happens in this world is predictable, once you learn to recognize the major factors, and a decent respect for smaller players. Our ability to predict things is what allows civilization and technology to work.

Kahneman and Tversky's “prospect theory” is an interesting prospect, but like all modern academics, they make the simple far too complicated. People don't always go for the sure thing in order to learn what happens when they take the riskier path.

If you want a sure fire job, be a nurse or an accountant, but not everyone wants to do jobs like this, and market economics wouldn't function if they did, not to mention innovation.

Georgia farmers built an ag business based essentially on slave labor from illegal immigrants, now they expect free born men to work for slave wages. They all should be put in jail for practicing slavery in the 21st century.

They broke the law, and now they claim to be the victims. It is all quite predictable, and easy to see why they took the risk.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:45 PM
What's all this ruling elite and shill nonsense now anyone who works is part of some conspiracy...absurd.

Why do people think they inherantly deserve a good job?..The only thing the "people" are competing with are other "people", if Mr A and Mr B are being interviewed for the same job then by rights the one who is more skilled should get that job...if you lack the skills you might be aiming too high.

Sometimes we need to start at the bottom and work our way up...nobody is inherantly entitled to a good, well paid job...some people might have some advantages over others but that's just a fact of life.

I know loads of people who have never worked, seriously, guys I went to school with who are in their 30's who now spend their time sitting at home drinking, getting stoned and playing computer games and watching television. I've known people like this all through my adult life, they rob the rest of us, they sit around all day exploiting a benefits system that robs the "people" who in most cases earn a paltry wage, and pay tax to support such carefree, selfish lifestyles.

Yet they will refuse to do certain jobs as they think it's degrading or embarassing or simply not good enough...they deserve better.

They don't deserve better because they don't have the abilities to do the jobs they think they should be doing...even if you are a skilled tradesman, if you can't find work doing what you want to do then do something else to support yourself until the job you want becomes available - prospective employers are more likely to employ a skilled man with a proven solid work ethic than someone who sat around poo-poo'ing jobs that weren't worthy of them.

They are not the downtrodden slaves of the elite...they are not free spirits or anything like that, they are leeches, they leech from everyone, the people who work to support themselves, the people who genuinely unable to work and require benefits...and the system itself.

Benefits are a necessity to some people, people who actually are genuinely unfit to work and have real problems...these "people" are also being robbed by the leeches as well as the "people" who work and pay tax. To me, I'd rather mop floors and clean than take from people who are doing their best to get by and survive.

The people who are fit to work but choose instead to take advantage of the system because they're lazy and want to drink all day or get wasted and sit about doing nothing are the problem.

Most immigrants come from true hardship where there were no benefits, they come from warzones and poverty looking for more oppertunities and a better quality of life, that's why they tend to work hard and appreciate whatever job they can get...they only get these jobs because there actuall IS demand for unskilled labour simply because young people nowadays think they deserve to have glamorous, well paid jobs. They come from more privileged backgrounds, a benefits system that validates and even rewards their lazy attitudes and lifestyle.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 03:02 PM
The sad truth is, is that there are not enough jobs that will pay people a wage sufficient to cloth them, feed them and keep a roof over their heads. Mass mechanisation and computers are destroying many jobs. Plus the labour market has moved from being local fror many types of employment to world wide, so many people are now competing with people in third world countires on the other side of the world.

The only way their will ever be enough paid work for people are when those at the top pay more in taxes and pay more in wages to help lift the whole economy but the whole system is upside down.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by samerulesapply
I have to say I find the OP quite arrogant and presumtuous...

You didn't need much more of an explanation.

One person cannot use their purported success in any field as a base solution for every other person. One cannot simply label others as 'lazy', simply because they can't possibly FATHOM the situation the other may be in...

OP, people like you make me physically ill.

Consider the following before belittling people you don't know, and couldn't possibly relate to. Some have it harder than others.

Empathy. It's something which is sorely lacking in this hell of a society.

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