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Suppressed Abduction Memories?

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 10:17 AM
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum mods. I just figure since it pertains to ET entities it fits in here. So in the period of time I was in Mexico where I saw many ET craft I had an odd occurrence whilst driving back to Mexico after visiting home. I had taken some seroquil to sleep through the bumpy ride. And if any of you have taken it you know how deep a sleep it puts you in. My theory is I was in such a deep state of sleep that I accessed the suppressed memory of my abduction. I was confronted by a very bright light and I remember a flash of a table much like that described in abduction tales. Then another flash where I saw the same bright light with three beings in front of it. They were all side by side looking at me and they had all the archetypal looks of a grey. Abnormally large head and large almond shaped eyes. I remember looking at them and the sheer terror of their appearance launched me out of my dream state and I woke up in a complete panic in cold sweats. I have never had a dream affect me so much. Scare me yes but never wake up so abruptly in complete horror. I have always experienced weird things that hint at ET contact. My thought process is very odd indeed when it comes to them as well. Almost as if I can understand their logic behind actions behind visiting earth and traveling the cosmos. I also had a NDE experience where some form of contact with an ET entity occurred but exactly what i'm not sure. I am thinking of finding someone to perform hypnotherapy on me because I really want to know if I had tapped into suppressed memories or if it was simply a dream. It is notable that I have indeed dreamed about ETs before. However never to the extent where I was face to face. That and I can also usually tell when it is a dream as they are normally attacking or invading earth when I do dream about them. This had a very different feel to it. Almost like bits cut out of a film reel so you only see a choppy single frame representation of what happened. Something like if they had indeed suppressed my memory of the incident and only a few remnants were left behind. Maybe enough to work with if I decide to dig them back up. Any recommendations on hypnotherapy? Also have any of you experienced something like this that doesn't quite fit the dream explanation?

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by d00d557

Interesting story, I think you should go for hypnotherapy and let us know when you remember more details. And about the near death experience, can I ask you what caused it?

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by d00d557

I suspect you may be the victim of self organized, self fulfilling confabulation bordering on self induced false memory syndrome possibly due to exposure or sensitivity to the collective unconscious regarding your descriptions, coupled with an either overt or latent desire, or longing to have some sort of self confirmation along those lines.

False Memory Syndrome wiki

Confabulation wiki

Similar may be said with possibility kindred to the 'religious experience' phenomenon.
The Utility of a Neuropsychology of Religious Experience

Some perceptions listed in the latest link, but correlating to both the alien abduction and religious experience phenomenon as listed are

•Loss of all awareness of discrete limited being and of the passage of time
•An obliteration of the self-other dichotomy
•Visual and auditory hallucinations
•Feelings of bliss and ecstasy
•Feelings of transcendence of the ordinary world
•Preoccupation with religious ritual (or alien/ufo reports/videos/literature/personalities
•Feelings of internal unity
•Feelings of cosmic union and consciousness
•Feelings of transcendence of space and time
•Sense of presence of a higher being(s) or reality (aliens, angels, dead relatives)
•Sense of insight into the nature of the universe and an overcoming of paradoxes.
•Entering into trance states
•Sense of sacredness
•Sense of ineffability

You're entirely within your right to believe what you want, of course. You're the one having these experiences. Personally, I'd be worried about the handle I have on my own brain getting slippery such that I could fall suspect to such neurological self trickery.
Some, however, welcome these as validation for something they've always wanted to believe in.

Most people say they hate being lied to, but, in getting to know the brain, how it works and all the software glitches and bugs it's prone to, including self deception, and a willingness toward self deception higher than an acceptance bias for truth, you'll find what seems more like people in general hating the real truth of everything around them such they need 'interpret' the truth into personalized distortions of reality for palatability with some interpretations skewed off into outright delusional.

To each their own.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:35 PM

I would say one word of caution before doing hypnotic regression, and that is it is very controversial. That is not to say people don't have genuine experiences. But please be careful, as sometimes false memories can be created during hypnosis. The following articles are science-based and discuss the problems with this. There are tons of them out there (search "hypnosis false memory recovery" "hypnosis recovered memory" - look for the most recent science-based articles). Human memory is subject to distortion - I would highly recommend doing serious research before going through a hypnosis session for the purpose of recovering a memory. Not to say you didn't have a "real" memory - or that all recovered memories are false. Just suggesting that you do some research first... Blessings. I hope you discover what you need to. - AB

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by AboveBoard

I agree with the above

False memory syndrome is usually associated with memory implantation by seedy, or simply unskilled physicians.
A number of cases have seen court time levied against real licensed practicing medical doctors, with three of the more renown cases landing about $2.5 mil settlement against the physicians.

Take note these were physicians getting sued; real doctors, not your simple non-medical certificate program 'hypno-therapist'.

Get your hypno done by a real MD, if anything from a medical legitimacy factor, but also, if you do indeed get some hanky panky put on your brain, at least they'll have an income to pay out a decent settlement.

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