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Lawmaker wants Cost-Per Taxpayer Figures Calculated And Posted Online.(Wars)

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 01:37 AM
I think this is a fantastic idea. I would love to know those figures for myself. Who knows what the true figures are. I wonder, do they include the insurance money that has been paid to the families of those who were killed, or the medical costs for the severely wounded. I hope they do this in a proper way so as to get the most accurate figures possible. I will be looking forward to any progress they may make with this legislation.

Lawmaker: Post per-taxpayer costs online

Each American taxpayer’s share of the cost of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan would be calculated and posted on the Defense Department’s website under an amendment to the 2013 defense authorization act passed Thursday by the House on a voice vote.

The amendment was sponsored by Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., an opponent of big defense spending who for many years has tried, without success, to give taxpayers a choice of having their tax dollars spent on domestic programs instead of the military.

He said his proposal is about “truth and transparency.”

“Even if you don’t oppose war, don’t you want to know its costs?” he said.

I have a feeling this last statement means that it may take years or forever. Maybe there is an independent agency out there who is pulling all these figures and not just the government.

Lewis’ amendment does not set a timetable for how long it might take before the per-taxpayer cost of war is calculated and posted on the Defense Department’s website.

I would love to hear others thoughts on this matter.

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 01:47 AM
I think this is a wonderful idea! It seems like there are too many examples of the American gov't acting in opposition to the will of its people and if the people were more aware perhaps they'd be more likely to act. Sure, many Americans oppose the American conflicts in the middle east, but if they were aware of how much it's costing them personally they might be more proactive in trying to put a stop to it.

It's a small step but a necessary one. Imagine what we could do if we were all aware and united!

thanks for spreading the word, OP!


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