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Paul Rusconi, Malibu Artist, Cleared Of Allegations Of Raping His Twin Daughters

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 12:41 AM

I had not heard of this case until today. Honestly, I just can't express my dismay. Can it be true that there are people this stupid? How did they get anyone to believe them? How did the authorities consider it a good idea to allow these people to care for *his children* for half a year while these charges were awaiting resolution? It simply boggles the mind.

Rusconi believes that the couple targeted him because he is a gay single father. "They all called me a sexual deviant and a pervert," Rusconi told KTLA. "That's all stemming from my sexuality."

The day he was arrested, June 17, 2011, Rusconi's two daughters were taken away from him and given to his accusers, who had convinced authorities they were the best caretakers for the twins. Rusconi was held overnight in jail and then released on $220,000 bail.

Six months later, a rape kit produced negative results and prosecutors were unconvinced by the allegations, so the artist got his daughters back.

How does it even stand to any sort of reason whatsoever that a gay man would rape his twin daughters? Being gay doesn't somehow magically make you incestuous or pedophilic, let alone both.

Those who pressed charges against him need to be taken to task over this. There needs to be some sort of lesson from such a travesty.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 01:25 AM
Head shots in a bath tub? OMG get real! How can beautiful photos like that even give a single soul the impression of rape? Well the link said he is suing his accusers. And I say good! But I think whoever kept his children away from him for 6 months is partly responsible also. 6 months for rape kit results? When such results mean the seperation of the child and parent the testing should be done stat!

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by elouina

Absolutely. The authorities need to be held personally responsible for their decisions and resultant actions. What they are doing is not "just a job". This affects lives on the most fundamental levels of a person's being. But on what grounds could they even make such a biased decision? Anyone with the most basic training in the social sciences can clearly see that this is homophobia, pure and simple. Everyone else with a lick of common sense can see it as that, too.

Surely someone in the hierarchy there must have seen how wrong this is. There's not one single aspect that looks right, no matter which way you look at it.

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