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the philosophy of miracles.....

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 01:56 AM

Originally posted by dominicus

Hey Jesus! One billion friends and I are going to go jump off a bridge. You should totally should come for we all BELIEVE we will survive'

This thread is not about "beliefs" in Jesus. I have experienced realms and states in which I know miracles are possible. I know others who have as well. I am also a Christian Mystic Nondualist. Through Christianity I have experienced the Holy Spirit which has shown me that miracles are possible.

We dont just find miracles/powers in Christianity. They are all over the place. I dont know what "belief" has to do with all of this.

The gist of this thread is this. Jesus was obviously a Spiritual Master/teacher (some say much more) and thousands witnessed miracles and spiritual powers attributed to him. Same goes for Buddha. Same goes for hundreds, if not thousands of Saints across antiquity, cultures, religions, etc.

We have a vast array of modern day teachers who also claim all types of things, yet they have no miracles/powers attributed to them. Why is that? Are they all false or not accomplished in the path?
In Reply to Noncoholic:

You see how misunderstood Prayer can be I hope, they don't always get answered the way one would hope... what exactly should one of Faith manifest his Faith in then? (Faith without works is dead)... would you really want to go that route... who in this world is so evil they should die?... plz, by all means enlighten us...... perhaps a Prayer for the Lord to shut down websites that mock Him? Or to crash the computers of the mockers?

I think you speak from a a very "milk" based Christianity (milk vs meat). The meat being getting the Holy Spirit and seeing things from a transcendent Spiritual perspective of Love and Infinity. In a meat based walk, One lives beyond faith and has complete and utter reliance on God.

Im not looking for miracles or powers. Just implying that if someone is spiritually mature/advanced in any religion, then miracles/powers would ultimately be a significant by-product. Jesus didn't have to tout powers/miracles. It was just a natural thing to do from his state, as it has been for various Saints of the past.

Put another way why would one who knows the strength of the Lords will be compelled to demonstrate it to one who doesn't? God reveals Himself to those who seek. "Seek and ye shall find". You show your doubt and in voicing it merely prove to yourself/others, and God Himself that you are of the lost and floundering.

See my reply above. There's no doubt or loss here.

Want to mock Faith, bring it... a God slap is forthcoming already... you only hurt yourself. But then when you have seen Faith in experience you can Pray for your own healing...

I've been slapped over a decade ago. I am beyond Faith. Faith is for the new comers on the Path. Beyond Faith is 100% complete reliance and there is no other choice. When you have experienced the realities of God, then you are no longer in Faith mode, but in knowing and direct reliance mode.

wtf? This is not a thread about beliefs?

We have a vast array of modern day teachers who also claim all types of things, yet they have no miracles/powers attributed to them. Why is that? Are they all false or not accomplished in the path?

Unfortunately 99% of the answers that you will receive, or comments made are only beliefs.

I referenced Jesus in establishing an opinion that one well known teacher that 'performed miracles', didn't in fact perform any miracles at all, at least not in a supernatural, or divine way.

The second reference towards Jesus was a joke...

I don't care to question faith or beliefs in Jesus, weird that you would say such a thing...

Just as it always has been... 99% of the teachers ARE FALSE, and false witnesses... they have no miracles and power attributed to them because miracles ARE FALSE(dependent on definition).. no 'powers' and 'miracles' because those are only cognitive distortions in relation to the truths of the matter.

Want to see a miracle?
look around:

It's all around you, it's everything that is, it's the stars above to the diamonds adorning the hair of the beauty women mankind seeks as he's carried by the current. Hearing a summoning voice, a beckoning light, to which we all eventually answer to.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:21 AM

Yet here you would rather I deny God whom inspires and instead imply I should trust man and his teachings instead... sorry, not gonna happen.

oh man... so many places to begin... all of which have one ending. Do what thou wilt with the whole of what is.

btw... suggesting that I imply the denial of God, ... interesting.

I swear, I question contributing to this site every time I make a post.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:54 AM

Then perhaps you should quit waffling. You stated that miracles are basically a farce and it is a psychological condition rather than a supernatural manifestation and now i I am not even sure what you are trying to say.

Care to elucidate it so it isn't as vague? You question why you bother to comment... join the club...

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