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The True Nature of Jesus

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posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 05:03 PM
Nothing makes me more happy than speaking about Jesus.

People want to talk about religion, but I think that's misleading and dead-end. We don't learn from books, we learn from the example of our elders. Books are only for the learned.

Jesus was all about the establishment of the government of mankind. One of his greatest tasks was to bring the knowledge of the light and the union with God to the Gentile races. That's us, kids.

Jesus was a civilizer of our minds and spirits. He gave the teaching of immortality, which the greatest lesson we can learn. He didn't die to accomplish this, he spoke and lived.

He taught us how to be perfect, (yes we can be) and how this causes our minds to become strong enough in power to overcome all the powers of darkness, and ultimately, death.

A perfect mind is not supposed to be a freak, or a rarity. It is something that should become common and the normal.

But we all know there are other wills and powers trying to establish their own kingdoms among us, and how evil these are! They try to prevent us from understanding Jesus, and joining the Kingdom of Light.

No church will teach this yet, but Jesus gave us the foundation of the government of the world. Not a government of physical things, or bodies, or buildings. But a GOVERNMENT of SPIRIT and INTELLECT that is immortal.

Hear this simple wisdom – The Kingdom already exists. It is already populated, and it continually present among us. That is the greatest secret I can give you guys. If you listen to some of the stories of Near Death survivors, some of them visit this "kingdom" and tell fairly consistent descriptions about it. One of the most profound descriptions about this wonderful kingdom tell about how a telepathic “knowledge reservoir” exists, and how any question they ask they can receive an answer to.

It is a sublime spiritual kingdom that is reaching out to the earth, planting the seeds of a golden age among us. I am one of the happy ones who received a seed of this kingdom. It is a telepathic link to this kingdom, and to them in it. As we progress in our development of awareness and perfection, we gain greater and greater access to this kingdom.

See? No church required. No sin. No death. Nothing of this world is able to prevent it. Everyone who resists this is serving the other side, which does not want this kingdom to appear. This kingdom does not have any books here. The bible appears as a child’s scribble, and the words of the prophet’s a child’s song as he is playing.

Relieve yourselves a little. You think you are stuck in a world where good is impossible, and God is far away. You were tricked into believing this. There is nothing outside of you. It is developing ourselves to join what is already in us. It is merging our awareness with the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to join it while you are alive, nothing will come to save you after you die, if you aren’t already part of the light. That light is the immortality you seek. That is what YOU are. Our bodies are just vehicles for this power. You have only a limited time to develop this power in your body. Once you die, what you have is all you get, and them that have enough receive everything else.

Put away your preachers, your books, and all of your churches. None of them are teaching this to you. None of the things that exist on this earth are part of this kingdom, most of them are opposing Jesus. Jesus is doing away with all forms of tyranny and oppression, and all forms of telepathic power that does not emanate from God.

Can you receive my words? Do they make sense to you? Are you still stuck trying to call each other Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc? None of those names have any meaning. Nothing is important except the truth of this Kingdom, and the children of men that inherit it. Join it! Seek it until you find it. It is already there! It has already collected all things to itself. Everything that was before, that was good, has assembled within it.

Glory upon glory! You have never heard these things before. No one has seen into the kingdom before, but the doors of it are opening. And the connections are being made with some of us here on earth.

I will give you a mystery, and I will see how many of you can receive it. The Great King builds that on earth which resembles what is in Heaven. This is the seed of Egypt. Our Lord came forth from Egypt, Our Lord is Knowledge.


posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 05:36 PM
........................are you egyptian?
that was so...weird.....I just didn't know what to say

hamna hamna hamna ^.^

posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 05:36 PM
[Edited on 30-9-2004 by regnassem]

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