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INK - Jamin Winans

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posted on May, 18 2012 @ 07:58 AM
Howdy doody dudes...

I know it's always an issue when you talk about torrents. And a lot of you hate the idea. It is theft, stealing, and wo behold a dude advocating torrents.

Ya know, some people think it's a great way to distribute their stuff. I do not lie. Despite the "industry". ha.

I really want people to know about this movie. INK.

It's unique, it's beautiful and it's .. well, you have to see it to know.

If you've seen this movie, you know what I am talking about. And heres the rub - with little to no media to praise it, they didn't mind it being torrented. It got the movie out there. Amazing as it seems, people PAY for it.

It's pretty much one of the most unique movies I've seen, and I watch it time and time again, it just has such an air of brilliance, imo.

Please guys, check it out. 2009 movie, none the less, awesome. Jamin and all involved deserve the praise.

The main point I want to make in this post is about gatekeepers vs. audience. Had we relied on what the gatekeepers were telling us about Ink, i.e. "we don't know how to market the film," to "it's too strange" to "it doesn't have any stars" to "this would never sell" to multiple festival rejections, we would have given up and thrown in the towel probably by February. Instead of going on the expert opinions, we decided to take the film directly to audiences and bypass all the gatekeepers and guess what? Success! For one gatekeeper saying "there is no way to market this film" we have had 10 audience members claim it is the best film of the year. I'm not being boastful (there are plenty of people who think the film is awful), but I believe that 100,000 downloads across torrent sites in 48 hours is proof positive that the gatekeepers are out of touch with audiences. The film community elite have brushed Ink off as nothing, all the while the audience is screaming for more.

The "Oshkosh 6" - this group of guys drove 8 hours round-trip to see Ink at the Flyway Film Festival on October 23rd, 2009. From left: me, Adam Meyer, Mark Mazur, Trent Hillborn, Joseph Dhein, Joey Meyer, James Lieske and Jamin.

So for all of you filmmakers out there frustrated by a constant stream of "No" and "Please submit your next film", gather round and hear this: cover your ears, close your eyes, take the plunge and support your film with the ferocity of a mother bear. Kindly say "thank you for your time" and move on to the people who matter most - your fans.

This is proof that having your work out there, can bring in an audience you'd never had met with conventional means.

I have bought it. I'd have never know about it if it were not for the means by which I obtained it. This is a true case of showing your work, and THEN seeing it reap reward.

It's still a movie I do not see en masse. and it needs to be. It's awesome.

My opinion only.... but check it out. a beautiful film. truely..

pps if the music alone is not enough for you, you are dead in the soul.

99% of 100% people agree... and still not a single reply. we truly live in a damn snooki time...

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