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CNN Yellow Journalism On Mladic,Reactions From Readers Paint Anti-Serbian Campaign

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 01:54 PM
Have you seen what CNN has been doing this week? in matter of a week, CNN posted three articles regrading the ICC trail of Mladc, however the problem is how CNN reporting it, and they are showing there propagandist side, once again, i am not surprised about this, this isn't CNN first time.

The reason i tiled the thread CNN on a Row With Anti-Serbian Fest Over Mladc & Nic robertson , Reactions is because due to the racist comments made by CNN commentators on there comment sections, a lot of them wishing for NATO to bomb serbia and some others were cheering the last bombing by NATO agaisnt the Serbian people.

CNN has no officially restarted there little hate campaign towards the Serbian people as a whole, forget Mladc, i will post some of the disgusting comments made by Americans.

And some of my analysis on the articles made by CNN you could easily tell its propaganda.

Analysis: In this battle with Mladic, women of Srebrenica hold the edge
Nic Robertson's Article

Robertson: The women of Srebrenica occupy the moral high ground in this battle
Robertson: If justice isn't sufficient, then Bosnians will be hostage to their history

The women of Srebrenica are in the Hague too. All these years later, they stand before him, with international justice on their side.

Now read the propaganda part play in.

Seventeen years after the end of the war, Ratko Mladic gives the impression he is still on the battlefield in what was once Yugoslavia, staring down his enemy, glowering across the courtroom. Even gesticulating death threats.

Even gesticulating death threats.

About the throat-slitting gesture was first mentioned in June last year, from an article of last year

Kada Hotic, who has relatives who were killed at Srebrenica, said Mladic taunted her when she threatened him. “I told him he will pay the price for murdering my son,” she said, adding that she drew her finger across her throat. Mladic could not hear her, but she said he gestured back, holding his thumb and forefinger close together to indicate she was insignificant. (emphasis added)

So it happen but it wasn't who Mladic who did it, it was Kada Hotic and history its repeating itself.

The comments, reactions.
In This article by Nic Robertson go down to the below of the artlice section where it reads comments and you below there will be at least 68 comments so far on this article.

Comment by AzWildcat

Serb = Coward

Wildcat has made a comment by calling every Serb cowards? and yet he gets 4 likes for making his comment, i am very sadden by this. But again i am not surprised.

Now the comments on the next article by CNN are very sad.

Comment by Xugos


Source The User comments


gamer - seriously did you finish high school? If you did go back and demand a full refund for your parents. The school failed you.

Is CNN doing this on purpose are they generating more hatred towards the Serbian population as a whole? because when i have seen those comments made those users on CNN thats what it seemed like.

It also seems to Me that CNN will never write nor bothering admitting on how the Bosnian Muslims have also committed the war crimes agaisnt the Serbian people in sarajevo and elsewhere in Bosnia.

The fact is the mainstream news media outlets were selected and hand picked where to go in and out in Sarajevo they weren't allowed to report any crimes committed by the Bosnian Muslims.

Yet wants everything and all to blamed on the Serbs.
And the point on srebrenica as of 2012, only 2,000 bodies have been thus far thats less then the claims made by the mainstream news media outlets number of 7,000 or 8,000.

Bosnian muslim nationalists paint the number to 9,000.

ATS i was surprised that mainstream news outlets such as CNN would report this yet Macedonia was in an upheaval spurred by an execution-style shooting of 5 people, in Macedonia by the Albanians.

CNN so far has avoided that at all.
But whenever a Serb does something or such as a case as this one its a big story for CNN.
Sounds to me that CNN has an agenda.

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 03:06 PM
I think CNN could care less about Serbs or Serbians. They toss some coverage at a war crime trial because nothing else is going on. I do not see any anti-serb campaign in fact they seem to be barely interested.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by MrSpad

They toss some coverage at a war crime trial because nothing else is going on

Thats pretty much true still it is Yellow Journalism at very best, and what i mean by that just look at the articles and the way they were written.

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