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Hello again!!! ODJFS - my experience

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:01 AM
Hello again ATS, after getting a virus that effectively killed my computer, I have returned. I am a (former) USMC veteran of the first Gulf War, I'm a son, brother and uncle - among other things. I live in southern Ohio, some of my 'neighbors' include...Atomic enrichment plant, Wright-Patt AFB, G.E.'s testing area near Peach mountain, Springfield Ohio (home of drone R&D)....

Please mods...allow this post to ride

I, like so many others, have fallen on hard times. To ask for assistance from the government was the last thing I wanted to do. Being my ONLY option remaining, I called and asked for assistance. The receptionist returned my call (they screen calls - my county office isn't THAT busy), and I proceeded to relay the information requested. A phone interview was set up and that call was missed. My phone never rang and obviously my fault (sarcasim). So I called into ODJFS to reschedule...during this call, as I was dispensing my info to the recptionist - she laughed at my circumstances...LAUGHED!!! I asked to speak to the supervisor and all the receptionist could say is " you want a new appointment or not?..." FOUR TIMES I had to tell this person that yes, I want to reshedule AND the supervisor. I was connected to a voice mailbox that wouldnt allow me to leave a message, as a matter of fact - it hung up on me!

Being a human being with dignity, no matter how dire my situation is, took offense. I contacted every state office from Governor down to county commisioners. If someone is employed by the state, has the gull to laugh at me on the phone...what does she say to others outside of ODJFS??? My opinion is that if my situation is that hilarious, she surely told "my joke" to others...around the dinner table, standing in line at get the idea.

If anyone would like the ph# of the ODJFS to call them and lodge YOUR disapproval of my treatment, I will relay that info later.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:38 AM
i feel for you friend,but it happens all over.
i'm not a vet,but i too have fallen on hard times.
i applied for welfare here in canada,and during the whole interveiw (in person),the lady made it seem like she was paying me out of her own pocket! her body language,her smug attitude,the tone of her voice,all to try to make me feel ashamed, and that i was beneath her.
i can make myself feel bad enough with out her help! thia was all for a rediculous $500.00 a month! thats it!
my rent is $800!
i have worked for 15 years,at 2 different jobs(with not even a week in between with no work)but that didn't seem to fizz this broad.she just treated me like some drug addict,welfare bum.
anyway,i hope your situation improves,and things get better for you.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:51 AM
Terribly sorry for your mistreatment. It is truly horrible how these departments that should be helping people hire uncompassionate moronsto run them. having dealt with many social workers, some who were amazing, and some who were just as you describe. I am now very embarassed to deal with anyone in that field now. I am terrified to ask for assistance for the same reasons you describe. I have been legally blind from birth and have had to deal with social workers, and receptionist who head the desk, and they have all seemed to have an attitude of some sorts. Like you said, I can onley imagine the topic at the dinner table, just sick. Not to further add stress, but I can assure you we probably are a topic. I had a step uncle who worked for subsidized housing as a repairmen, and boy did he judge the tenants at every cook out on the weekends. Although I don't know names, I sure do know some stories and what he thinks of theperson's character and home life. stupid

Feel free to post some info of this place and I'll be glad to make an email or call. good luck, because you deserve all the services you can get. It is only fair.

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posted on May, 18 2012 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by jarheadrob

With the phone calls I made to the elected officials and related agencies about this manner, I witnessed what some may call 'civility' in their actions upon my being in office at the time of a rescheduled interview. I had hoped to speak to the supervisor in charge of the employee in question, I guess I can wait to talk to that person....they were busy conducting 'damage control', as they were in a meeeting with the county commissioners and quite possibly my state rep.

Every so often, one must remind gov't employees that they work for US, we don't work for them. I took the power trip one was on, turned it up several notches and turned it right around.

"....One cannot pull the top of the tree to the ground by wrestling with the trunk, one must grabb the uppermost branch, and with little effort, the tree top will touch the ground....."


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