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Why has no one responded to a thread I posted ?

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 06:49 AM
I've lost count at the amount of threads I've started only for them to go into the dark bowels of that monster known as ATS.

Sometimes it's about timing, ie, when most of America is awake and at home.. Kinda around US evening time.. seeing as that is where most of the traffic comes from for this english speaking site..
If you were to post in the morning of UK time, then most will be either asleep or on their way to work.. so, over the hours, the thread doesn't see the light of day that is clearly shining on it..

Then you got the problem of thread titles. Just be honest with them. if it's ABN threads then you gotta use the title as given from the news/media site you're reporting it from.. learn from those titles and write accordingly in your own threads elsewhere.

Some tend to put in a lot of 'WOW' or 'OMG' or 'You gotta look at this..'
Yes these might work but not for all and a lot of people get annoyed by it when they discover nothing but pictures of wet flannels pretending to be big foots long lost relation..

You've also got the thing about people replying to other threads.. takes time to write a reply.. whilst we are all busy on here, other threads are being posted, others being swallowed up by the monster..

Don't let it worry you.. it happens.. I know .. just check my thread list, you'll see loads of zero responses.. or with just 1 or two replies.. if I'm lucky..

Keep up the good work .. Plot and plan a thread.. sometimesa lot of good writing and research goes to waste on ATS, but sometimes it really pays off far more than you could imagine.. I've had quite a few with massive amounts of replies, flags, stars and applause..

Don't you just love everyone here

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by azureskys

Sorry which thread?

Then I can comment on why I didn't read it or comment

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by azureskys

Also I am not sure if this will help...

After being on ATS on and off for about 2 years now I have come to realize that it's not always about the subject matter.

It can come down to something simple like net traffic times for ATS. Time-zones etc as ATS has alot of international traffic and although it may seem like a normal time when you post your thread it may 2am in Australia or UK, Europe etc etc.

Sometimes the traffic times play a part as well as all the other issues you mentioned.

The site stats of ATS are always worth checking out and the Quantcast data can help as well. Although I am not saying this is the only reason for a thread fail... sometimes it is the content and if you miss that window (the first 10-20 minutes) in real-time new topics then your thread gets lost in all the other threads... (Site statistics, demographics and traffic) (Quantcast ATS)

lol the irony... this thread is getting more attention that the one you are questioning!

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:05 AM
Here's a hint...title your thread "Christian Gays are hell bound and Obama is the Anti-Christ!" Brother, you'll get 84000 hits...

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:16 AM
noone replied before most likelty as your post is one of these scaremongering "the government want us all nuked... FUKISHIMA... FUKISHIMA GOD DAMMIT" posts!
most ppl are sick of scaremongering on ats as its 95% of the time prooved to be completly pointless.

do you really think safety procedures SHOULDNT be changed in a 30 year perioD?

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:20 AM
reply to post by BBobb

lol yeah there was thread yesterday about the church and gay issues... it went nuts although not many flags but there were alot of replies!!

It ends up becoming a hate thread though.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by azureskys

Definitely the lack of avatar. Most members won't even see a thread if you don't have an avatar.

Might I suggest you use a hot chick avatar? They always get plenty of attention.

Just don't be surprised if you start getting creepy u2us from the other members who forgot the old axiom that there is no such thing as women on the internet.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by FortAnthem

lol a hot chick avatar!?.. actually you have a point there although I am not saying it's right.

I have seen that before on ATS, in an intro thread ages ago there was someone with an avatar with a real photo (I think) and she was quite attaractive... the intro thread went nuts.

I think it scared her away from ATS though :/

In saying all that, I have seen other threads where the person doesn't have an avatar and they do ok..

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:44 AM
Oh the irony... this thread has more replies than the one you meant to get replies from!

just goes to show, it's not the content it's the way it's presented that matters...

edit -- LMAO

and one of those replies is someone saying "Oops wrong thread"

If I weren't so cold and angry over my pay being stuffed up over the weekend, I'd have a chuckle out loud for that...

ahh.. not even a warm beer to satiate my innards

sorry, off topic.. i hate my life.. lol
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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by mainidh

I know right... I think it was the subject matter of the original thread.

I had a look and did not feel the need or want to reply. The subject just didn't interest me.

It's a perspective thing I guess, you will always feel like your threads are important but you need to know what other people will find as equally important.

Add media as well when possible - images, links, video's and anything that supports or makes your thread more interactive and stand out against the rest.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by Havick007

Same here, I scanned the op there, but it's not something I'd usually read thoroughly. The OP's point doesn't jump at me. (sorry OP) though I do understand the concern.

Well at least it's noticed now

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by mainidh

I think this thread has been noticed more though...

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by Havick007

This may be true

I really just wanted help trying to find out what I may have done wrong to be
passed by so easily on my other thread.

Thanks for taking the time to look and voicing your true thoughts.

edit on 17-5-2012 by azureskys because: added more

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by mainidh

Thank you for your response and honest opinion.
Much appreciated.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by FortAnthem

I have a couple in mind. Sorry they are not hot chicks, although you gave me an idea
about a chicken on fire

As soon as I figure out how to place a avatar I'll do it for sure.

Thanks for your input

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by azureskys

No worries

It was nothing personal against you or your thread.

I have plenty of threads in the past that have gone no-where.. it happens. I have one or two that got no flags and no replies at all!

I thought ATS was broken lol but I think it was just my thread

Did you see the second reply from me (above) As I said sometimes knowing the busier times of day on ATS helps as well.

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by boaby_phet

I DO think they should be changed but maximized not minimized.

I was not scare mongering.
The news worried me and I thought others would like to be aware of what had transpired.

But that is not what this thread was about.
So please go to the other thread if you want to bash me

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by azureskys

I was just kidding about people ignoring the thread because of the no avatar thing, although it does help the other members to keep track of who they are talking to.

A lot of times, I will read a thread and S&F it but, not add any comments unless I have something constructive to add. Sometimes, the OP covers the whole thing and leaves nothing more to add to the issue. I usually don't bother to post the obligitory "I agree" if someone makes an excellent OP because I think that is a waste.

Maybe the people who saw the thread just thought they had nothing important to add to it.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 09:37 AM
Your title is:

AP IMPACT: Evacs and drills pared near nuke plants,

Here's the problem....let's dissect it.

AP IMPACT = what the hell does this mean? AP? Associated Press?

Evacs = do you mean evacuations? I think so...or is this some other acronym I've never heard in this context....

drills = simulation drills, or actual drilling into the ground?

pared = what is he doing now? slicing fruit? does he mean "paired" instead?

nuke plants = does he mean nuclear power plants, or nuclear weapons manufacturing plants?

All of this occurs in the readers mind in the milliseconds they take in scanning the title. So, with all of these, they simply keep going to a thread title that makes sense.

Sorry, but you asked for the reason, I'm just giving it to you.

If you want a title change, U2U me, and I can edit it for you.

I know it's the title of the article, and not YOUR title, but that's why it is failing to capture interest.

A better one would be: Safety requirements being reduced at nuclear power plants?
That effectively communicates the jist of the thread.
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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 09:38 AM
I really must yer thread......and moved on......i find myself raping this site for news of the world these days.....a kind of skimmed overview of the threads and a general day to day picture forms....
Your article was and is still a part of that picture.....
From what i see and where i see it (on the sidelines) things are comming to a head rather quickly now....
Technology has shot us in the foot( actually both feet) in our heaadlong rush to follow its allure, we have overstepped the bounds of our own ability to cope......i think i get it.....
we are on the verge of serious consequences which are of our own making for the most part,our lack of foresight may have killed us all off.

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