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Inqisition in HAAG now proceeding

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 03:32 AM
Now that we know, that hundreds of thousands of civilians have been murdered, and many of these civilians been directly targetet. We even have TV series confirmation, that soldiers in Afghanistan target peple walking with a donkey. Even a donkey is targetet ....

In Iraq, we have malformed children being born, and radioactive dust all over, causing sickness and death. We already have proof of Abu Grahib.

In US airports, the people call a 1 year old child of a muslim woman, a "pig shet".

During all this, the US along with it's allies give the whole world the finger, by continueing their inquisition in HAAG. The word "genocide" being used ...

Not that I don't think that old soviet idiot, shouldn't be jailed, but I find it disgusting that there is an inquisition with an American judge judging people around the world, but nobody cares about Abu Grahib, malformed children in Iraq, or hundreds of thousands of dead civilians.

Now, that sounds to me, like injustice to the extreme ... and does suggest, that the tribunal is not a tribunal, n or a justice system ... but indeed an inquisition, that we should be ashamed of.

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