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A targeted individuals perception can be manipulated electronically

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posted on May, 16 2012 @ 06:54 PM
I believe. For the purpose of brainwashing and social conditioning. Its the way we are controlled. Imagine all variables can be controlled, from the wind and elements, to animals, to people, etc. The way its controlled is not externally, it is internal (I believe). Someone wrote on here that there is an EM weapon that can change your perception to context, so if a random person says something like "dude youre a beast". Person A, would say yea dude thanks, while person B would ask WTF did you call me a beast?

So what if this process was more widespread as far as just perception to wording? What if through V2skull (make a person think they are telepath), a series of EM weapons reducing sleep, breath, energy, etc, a person could be completely programmed into a "crazy" state. Since we have the established conscious class (mind readers) it is possible to say they could use this process:

1. read TIs mind
2. respond via V2skull (first stage)
continuously run steps 1/2, then also add
3. breathing, heartbeat, headache, stomach, EM weapons (second stage) to break the TI down
4. use perception weapon to point the individual into conscious group mind, although artificially and tell them that they have now made it and welcome to the consciousness or some other crap.

Next, and final step: after priming the TI, tell them youre God talking to them. They will experience so many synchronicities and so much synthetic telepathy (hopefully they realize they cannot really do it) the person in control could tell them anything, IE: jump off a bridge, commit suicide, etc, and they would do it.

Im pretty sure this is an identifier as to some of the reasons we have the Christmas Tree Bomber, the underwear bomber, sirhan sirhan, loughner, and others. The big thing, and it was noted with Loughner, was that he was lucid dreaming. It basically when a normal person become aware of the shadow world, and starts paying attention to everthing in the foreground, physical and is somehow linking it to the unseen.

The thing is that the unseen is meant to be just that, unseen.

Think about it, if people were telepathic and you were not, there would be no reason for them to even talk to you outside of topics that are mentioned verbally. If people are mentioning shadow world stuff with you, then its 99% that they are trying to brainwash you. If you are not telepathic you were never supposed to know about the shadow world. They are using it to ritually murder, extort, and a whole number of nasty things.

If you are experiencing synchronicities like this and feel a stream of insincere positive and negative influences, that seem fake, watch out you are being targeted and an attempt is being made to socially program you.

Just to put this out there too: GOD WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU IN YOUR HEAD. If you start talking to God and your environment starts doing some whacky and supernatural things, dont automatically assume its holy. Its the electricity being used to manipulate you in a way it was never meant to be used. Get away from people that are doing this to you.

EDIT: I think its the way they convince freemasons to join up because the entity using the tech tries to tie it in and piggy back it to the church. Satan basically hijacked religion and everyone walking around who is not in "the club" is one of 3 sets of people: 1. totally unaware, 2. deceived people convinced they are talking to God 3. people thinking they are talking to ETs/spirits/etc
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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by strangedays

i have a way of knowing things before i ever learn them. intuition is the word used to describe it. im new to all this info but ive known it for years. would love to talk about anything and everything as i feel i need a crash course. btw i feel blessed that i found this tonight. so cool.

posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 01:29 AM

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