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My Thoughts On God, And Our Universe.

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posted on May, 16 2012 @ 09:24 AM
Ok, let me first start off by saying that I did not grow up with religion and was considered an atheist for most of my life. I would say that my views began to change drastically in while serving in the Iraq war. Some turn to religion in a time of war for comfort or just to take their mind off what is or has happened. I was not one of those, however it did give me a better understanding of life and just how precious it can be.

Now on to what this thread is about. Many people around me have been discussing religion around me lately and it has got me thinking. While I sat on my porch last night watching the sun go down, the same ideas that have plagued me for years now started rolling through my mind. The most simplistic answer is that yes, I believe in God, but I think I see it very different from most people. I must add that I don't base my ideas or judgment of any books or anyone else's opinions directly. My conclusions have come to me with from myself, my own reading, and no other outside influence. I believe many religions around the planets have been nothing more than a means to control masses of people with a little bit of truth thrown into the mix..

I see god as a creational force that is ever expanding and creating in our massive universe. I also believe that everything in the universe in interconnected, and I mean everything. I believe that we humans are just a small part of the god/creational force. I think we all know that as well, it's just that most have forgotten this. The god/creational force I know does not require my worship. We worship it everyday by living our lives and being creators ourselves. Hence the term, God created man in his own image. I also believe there are many ways to access this creational force/ god, and there are some on this planet who know how. I believe that the answers that most of us seek our inside of us until the day comes that we remember how to access that information.

I also think that this creational force/god is causing creation all over the universe. So yes, I believe ET's are real and that we are connected to them as well. I believe we are connected to every star, planet, and galaxy in the universe. With the universe as large as it is I would think that if you could imagine something, it either already exists, or you created it somewhere by thinking it due to the interconnectedness of us with the creation/god.

I have also had a few experiences over the last few years which make me believe this more than anything. These incidents are mainly sleep paralysis, and very vivid dreams. But they have given me a new outlook as I have felt the connectivity during these incidents. I also think our intuition is a good indicator of this as well. I think our intuition is our own piece of the creator helping to guide us through feelings and emotions. I know I trust my intuition more than most because I have not only seen it save my life but the lives of others as well. Some would say that god must have been watching over us but I believe it was our own higher selves who hold that connection to the source for us.

So there you have it, just a rather quick explanation. I would love to hear others thoughts on this and also other peoples views. I am sure I am not alone in thinking this way. So what do you all think? Please feel free to add your own personal beliefs if you so choose to do. I would love to hear them and see how they compare to mine.

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 09:31 AM
A very sensible outlook. Glad to see someone that can think for themselves, seems to be a rare thing.

Whether or not there is a God I cannot say, but I don't believe that we were created as Human beings, evolution is proven to be true to me beyond doubt. Was life on earth created by a creator? Possibly, but if there is a God, I'm sure he can understand the view of a logical person that refuses to blindly follow a religion because they were told to. Why would he make us as intelligent as we are if were were meant to follow like sheep?
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posted on May, 16 2012 @ 10:14 AM
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I think that one of the biggest problems with religeon is that it depicts god as a single entity, whereas I see it as everything. The god I think of is made up of everything in the universe including things that are not physical in nature.

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by usmc0311

Some would say that god must have been watching over us but I believe it was our own higher selves who hold that connection to the source for us.
I think the purpose of any sort of religion should be to do the things that you would if you were in fact acting according to a higher self, to be of help to others in our own god-like capacity.

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