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Aarcadius Has A Rant.

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posted on May, 16 2012 @ 05:19 AM
Done my hard yards looking through ALOT of threads here on ATS.
There are so many people on here who believe that they are special in some way or another.

there are alot of people who say they are "of ET origin" or have some traces of ET in them. Now to me these are people who have serious problems with their lives. be it that they are alone, having a mid life crisis, recently lost their job/wife, Have WAY to much time on their hands, Realize how insignificant their lives are or have been, have serious mental issues or just taken alot of these alien videos/story's way to seriously.

To These people i plead, PLEASE if you really do believe that you are special in some way or another and you think that it is worth your time sharing it here with the ATS community, You Obviously have courage right? so please provide unquestionable proof. be it a pic of your mug with your huge alien eyes showing or w/e gave you the first idea that you might be "special", Or a snapshot of the report of your "DNA test" that you must of had done before you went sharing your story's with the ATS community. Or if you believe you have other proof Share it but DO NOT just post i have been told, i have had done, i am currently... NONE of that! Your word means less then squat and i believe its because of that, that you came here to ATS to talk your crap.

If you have a problem sharing pics or privet info that's fine i understand, But then please don't share the rest of it at all! But don't go saying you don't have to believe me because your forcing us to argue with you about it by simply mentioning it without a shred of REAL evidence.

I have made this rant only about the "ET people" and not about all you loonytoons who believe your almost able to shoot beams from your fingers or travel with your mind... because it would simply take to much time and effort, also it has nothing to do with aliens so the topic would be incorrect.

The reason i made this thread is because recently i came across a member here at ATS who believes to be of alien origin and says that he has a DNA test that shows something seriously out of the ordinary yet no proof provided... also i mean if your DNA test showed anything really strange you would be on every newspapers front page. and this person arguing with many people on many threads about it... YOUR CRAP BELONGS WITH YOUR THREAD. do not go to other peoples threads and start filling it with garbage that doesn't belong there.

Flame and rant here if you like... I don't really care aslong as my rant gets through to atleast a few people.

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 05:41 AM
I think most of the time they're just after attention. Either that or they think it's funny to see the amount of people that will believe anything they read, which it is.

I commented on a thread about someone being ET recently on GLP and got IP banned, my only ever comment and it was perfectly harmless. Wtf?
I have a dynamic IP yet every time I visit I'm banned.

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 05:48 AM
Its called attention whoring

and if it was in my power i would immediately shut threads like these who claim i am of et origin etc.

Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.As long as we have people like that ufology will be a funfair.

I hope your message gets across arcadius

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 05:56 AM
ha ha ha! i'm with you friend!

far too many nut jobs here!
i have lost my job and my wife,and although i do look for work,i still seem to have too much time on my hands.

having said that,i still have managed to keep my faculties in order!!!

i have seen 'strande' things in the sky,but of coarse i never have a camera at the time. but at the same time,its not worthy enought o post a thread on it.
when i come across one of these nutty alien/reptilian threads,i just close it and ignore it.
like i said, i do have alot of time to spend,but its MY time,and i wont waste it reading that crap.
as for rants,there are many topics i could go off about,but that too would eat up all my 'free' time!!!

i really dont care about ron paul,and if the american public thinks any of these clowns will save the day well,you deserve what you get! wasn't obama supposed to be the saviour? look what happened!
any way cool post. s&f for you!

posted on May, 16 2012 @ 10:57 AM
Great rant OP

I'd like to add the whole thing about "Government shills are following me because of my google search history"

here's the thing... Once again and I agree with you, "what makes you so special"

love it

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