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Forget Peak Oil. We've reached Peak Government!

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posted on May, 15 2012 @ 07:55 PM

Great column link which very rationally lays out why we have reached Peak Government. The writer does a much better job explaining than I could but here's the gist:
The expansion of contemporary centralized gov't relies on 4 things:
1)abundant and cheap liquid fuel
2)an expanding working age population - expanding work force and tax base
3)an infrastructure of debt and financialization
4)an ideology of constant expansion

These are 4 things that are now working in reverse. Except for #4. The modern nation state has no mechanisms to allow for contraction. Power is never given up freely.
All sights are set on collapse.

Abundant and cheap fuel is becoming a thing of the past. This could be mitigated in the short term but current Administration policy precludes that option.
The baby boomer generation is moving into retirement which means that the working population vs the dependent population will shift in the next decade to be large majority dependent.
The banking/finance/debt infrastructure inherent to a large centralized state was always a Ponzi scheme with an expiration date. One that keeps being put off but is coming.
Without an option or contingency to deal with the above, collapse is inevitable.

Decentralization is the only option. It will happen. The question is, will we acknowledge our predicament and create a successful decentralized society (very possible with modern technology) or will we force our own collapse and do this the hard way?

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