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posted on May, 15 2012 @ 11:36 AM
AB2109 has passed the California assembly and is now on it's way to the senate.

AB2109 effectively ends the personal beliefs exemption. This bill forces parents to visit a doctor and obtain a signature that the doctor has explained the benefits of vaccines. Sources say that approximately 40% of doctors will not even accept patients that are interested in exemption. This bill forces parents to see a doctor and obtain the signed form or their child will not be able to attend school This follows in the footsteps of a recently passed AB499 that allows 12 year olds and older to be vaccinated at school without the parent's permission or knowledge.

I hope this gets a lot of discussion here. This should be in the media! This is against our civil rights to be able to decide for ourselves what is best for our children. You all should read this article. The democracy in action in the legislature broken down play by play in this story, shows just who really is in charge, the corporations!

From the article:

But alas, it was all for show, all for show. There was no real debate in that room, no real exchange of pertinent ideas. The only thing this line of questioning made abundantly clear was that all the months and weeks of the opposition’s organized efforts at faxing, emailing, and phoning in documentation showing all the violations the bill would be engendering — all this effort was wasted. It was patently obvious to any observer that none of the Assembly members ever considered the issues and implications of the Bill before they walked into that room. They were voting the way they were told, right down the line.

This is not about whether you think vaccines are safe or not, this is about your rights as an individual! Where is the bottom to this slippery slope!

posted on May, 15 2012 @ 12:04 PM

So I got up and walked to the back of the room and went out into the hallway. What a scene greeted me there! And endless gaggle of players lining up, pediatricians and medical students, talking and laughing out loud, having a riotous good time. I walked around the corner to where a TV monitor was mounted on one wall. It was showing the microphone inside where each actor was reciting his lines, and all the friends would laugh uproariously and point, and it was a great time all around! Who knew that becoming an MD would be this much fun?

So Big Pharma holds a pediatric convention across the street from the Capitol on the day of the vote, and employs them all to walk across the street for the hearing, and recite the exact same dialog in favor of the bill, even providing white lab coats that each doctor coming up to the podium would wear, then pass to the next.

Have we now come to accept that there is no real democracy, and that it's all theatre for the masses at this point?

If we don't talk about our government's actions nothing will be fixed.

posted on May, 15 2012 @ 01:16 PM
I don't doubt that this will be passed sooner or later. The nutjobs that pass it will probably keep their kids home schooled to avoid it themselves.

Freedom ain't free, so we better start fighting for our rights again. Big pharma and corporations have bought this country. We all know it and we are letting this happen. It's time to rise up and come together soon. Hopefully soon. Hopefully.

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