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Beautiful Artwork by Roberto Ferri

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by sugarcookie1
But anyway you look at his art its very well done some of the best Ive seen..I like his lighting on the body parts and how he shows the fingers digging into the flesh that makes it look so real and note how he shows one body as very dark and the other almost deathly white i think you get the drift of what I'm saying

I do, I do. Funnily enough I was reading yesterday a commentary on Homer's Iliad regarding the scene where Achilles and Agamemnon fight over who gets the girl Briseis as a war prize. Agamemnon had originally been awarded Chryseis, but on the advice of his seer had agreed to ransom her back to her father a Priest of Apollo, but only on condition that he receive Achilles' prize, Briseis. Homer takes this conflict back and forth, debating the various rights and priviledges of the victor, of the relative power of ruler and general, and yet, at no point is Briseis herself considered. She is the booty of war, mere flesh to be possessed, not a thinking, feeling being in any sense.

This in turn reminded me of another story, a true one this time, that I read some years ago, about a group of soldiers on patrol in Vietnam, who captured a girl from her village, took her, gang raped her and then murdered her. When recounting the story to one of his bunk mates, who reported the crime, one of these soldiers commented, that the experience was notable because it was the first time he had "made love to a lady" with his boots on. Made love?!!!?

Both these stories are evocative of Ferri's expression I believe, however, what I love about some of them, is their lack of supplication in the face of male possessiveness...this one in particular...

The look of hurt defiance on the face combined with the exposure of the labia, her foot penetrated by a spear, imparts the power that she possesses of her self. As in, the violation of the body, does not violate the spirit or detract from the valiance and integrity of the woman, she is not abased. I find that image incredibly empowering. Similarly, though I can't find the still, of the woman chained looking down on the head of an aged man placed between her legs, and the one of the woman scratching the face of the man who's mask has fallen to the ground. There are strong elements of domestic violence in there that I find familiar, and I wonder at what Ferri witnessed as a child, and what a strong woman his mother probably is, or was. He definately seems to seek to empower womanhood through his understanding of the historical context of the female condition, rather than debase it. Again, yet another reason I find his work compelling, there are many themes and symbols that I find familiarity with, and though uncomfortable, given my own experience, to look at, they almost have a therapeutic or cathartic quality.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by sugarcookie1

galadofwarthethird Thanks for posting..His paintings are on the darkside ..I like the wings and snakes and all the weird stuff he dreamed up to add thats what makes his paintings to me interisting..And yes they are sexualuly theamed..peace,sugarcookie1

Darkside... To tell the truth don't really know what that means. To me its just things people do and are into and things that they do not and are not into. But the paintings are really kinky though, the sexual theme is what it is people are into all kinds of things I suppose, and I don't really try to take anything out of them even tough there is. To me there just paintings, and no doubt different people will see different things in them and take different things from them.

In the end if I were to classify this anywhere, it would be in the kinky stuff people tend to do folder not so much the Darkside folder, and even the chimera human ones and the ones with people having metal objects sticking out there back still I would put into the kinky folder. And that folder is very and long and diverse it seems.

As for it being dark, I don't really know I suppose in a way they are, but if anything I would take it as just representations of people psyche, so in the end its an interpretation, but that interpretation is based on peoples kinky habits and what not. Maybe that one that Biliverdin was talking about about the representation of the mother and kid. I went back in the vid and watched it again since I must of blinked the first time I watched your vid link. And ya I suppose it may be a bit dark, poor little guy or girl. I suppose if something has wings it does not make them angels, if anything it may be a bit unhealthy. And again there are as many interpretations of angels as people can think up.
And after all that we come back full circle to whatever floats peoples boat.

And really that's all it seems to be, and be about.

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