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Ghost in the Machine Part II [TFTG]

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 09:42 PM

Silly Djin. Always the showboat with your ego and fancy ligeratures. Most humans don't write like that anymore. Get with it Fire guy, this is the Information age!

We, the Undines and the Sylphs are here with you too.

When you feel the gentle humid breeze by the sea on you face human, that is us. We too are on a higher vibratory plane as well but transversing with us will not burn you to ashes.

He fails to mention us due to Fire and Water do not always mix so well. It is most ok Djin, I still love you. He forgets sometimes the legions of the four elementals work in unison and all so subtly to terraform. For without us and the ones who dwell in the clouds, under the direction of Paralda and myself, "The Ghost in the Machine" would not function to capacity! Your microwaves and radio waves, and all types of wavy waves would cease.

He is correct with the notion that you, immortal human, is on the way to what once was. The masses are becoming aware that things are just not right. There is something more out there, you know it deep in your pineal. You can't help but to quest, it's in your DNA, not by chance I might add! Some have tried to corrupt and calcify your "God Gland", but be assured that my kind is reversing the poisons in your water at this very minute. They were foolish to believe that Higher Order would let them get away with it. Karmas a bitch!!

The operations of the Sun and Moon are coming back to the right hand. The times of strife are coming to an end.

We cannot do it all alone human. It is up to you to be the ruler of your own fate while you are here. The Seven Spheres can be quite harsh of stripping you of your "Self". The decision is yours, for if you make the wrong one and continue in your separateness, the harder the removal of your "self", the dense salt you call physicality.

Your children of generations depend on you to forgive and not be angry with the Scarlet ones. They are harsh and will be dealt with accordingly. You wouldn't want to start all over again would you? For without love, compassion and forgiveness, you are part of the disease, not the cure. You will soon see that all that you do and think has a direct effect on all of us. Critical mass is on the horizon and then the utopia that you were put here to create will be a reality once again. The pendulum swings.

I am Necksa, Queen of the Undines, I speak for us ALL when I say, unbalanced forces perish in the Void. Choose well and you will find you center ground.

When you can see the all in all, you are well on your way!

And if you look very close with a "open eye", you just might see our children of the four. They are alive too, can you feel it?!

Be sure to read part I... Ghost in the Machine Part I

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by timewalker

Much better. SnF. Less machinery, and more spirituality. I like how you address different aspects of human nature. Kudos.

posted on May, 15 2012 @ 10:26 AM
Hey mods,

Why do the additional parts not show up in the short stories forum? Only everyone's original shows. Is there some kind of hidden hand involved?

edit: Nevermind, just on last reply filter they don't show.
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