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Why Cops Fear-WARNING-As disturbing as Kelly Thomas video X 10

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:52 PM

and Secret Govt LOVES to see cops get F ked over---More transparency and surveillance of them will really increase the paperwork and litigation. PLUS they never know when the Feds Goon Squad will swoop in on City Cop and take jurisdiction.

nope. Wouldnt want to be a cop. No way.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:55 PM
If the first video got your blood boiling then you'll enjoy this one.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:21 AM

Originally posted by sailormon
First I worked hand in hand with many cops being head of rescue, then retired, most were just good people. Then I went up against one that had a side job and his personality came out. I will leave out where I am from for I still fear this full time state cop. And yes, I carry now due to this fear.

In his side job, he got to play power games with folks wanting to build homes and such. Ten years after having a cabin, he changed his mind and wanted it removed as he considered I tricked him in the beginning even though he had all the blue prints but tried valiantly to hide the records.

The short of it is, he tried to beat me up a few years ago at our last meeting when his true personality came out, my wife stepped in as I am disabled and was recovering from surgery at the time. So later he spread lies and had the township take us to court. Ultimately we had to cave in and we will tear down our little place as he, and the courts whom are also crooked here were rapidly bankrupting us. Know this, stand up to some of these guys and you will be attacked on many levels and the courts for the most part are part of this biggest gang in town. I remember the Judge whom threw out all our rights saying, we local governing agencies need to stand together and then commenced to present a new rule which he ordered I needed to comply to retroactively. Yes, I could have beat this had I been very wealthy. Nuff said, this was a rude awakening, there is no rights unless you are rich enough to pursue those rights.

Ditto, listen to this, because it's one part of the huge MATRIX [and it's deliberate] of the problem,

the "courts are part of this biggest gang in town", and that's not the gist of it,

I will get into further, what I know, here in bit after I finish reading comments.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:45 AM

Originally posted by SulucOhmun
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

I had a legal right to 1 hour of time to shower for every 24 hours locked in solitary confinement covered in my own filth, in a room full of garbage.

I had a legal right to 'reasonable medical care' defined as: "the minimum amount of care a reasonable human being would expect to get if they were not being detained".

Had I been given either of these RIGHTS, I would have gladly stayed in solitary for 3 months just to plead not guilty and fight this case.

I happen to have a few pretty serious health problems, two of which require medication daily, one of which can and will easily kill me if I do not take said medication.

I'm sorry if you think that I "gave up my rights" because I plead guilty. As far as I am aware, I SHOULD have had the right to be *assumed innocent until proven guilty in a trial of my peers--correct? so, the assumption is, that this is how our government treats innocent people?

Seriously, think about what your saying before you say it.

California courts are currently under FEDERAL supervision for medical negligence--that's how bad it is in my state, I just got caught up in it, and happen to have a few genuinely serious medical problems.

One month before I was booked into "county jail", a pregnant woman and her fetus died from medical negligence at the same county jail, in the female part of the SAME ward I was in, staffed by the same persons.
edit on 15-5-2012 by SulucOhmun because: (no reason given)

People just don't understand how horrible it really is, I BELIEVE YOU, because I am going through the very same thing...and I have no priors. And I also, like one who replied to you, as a long time activist believed that there was such a thing as 'due process', and that there was laws and ENFORCEMENT OF THOSE LAWS, boy was I deluded. And the sad thing is, the State is killing me, slowly, and there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it, NOTHING. Believe me I have tried...I have contacted EVERYONE including ACLU, nada, nothing, The entire system is one big Mock Show Racket.

I was coerced into pleading guilty to child neglect over a dirty house, while they blatantly and deliberately and wantonly ignored my very abusive husband who WORKS FOR THE STATE. My children are not young, they are older teens. And here's the real clincher,

I have spine disease and can barely walk....I am an abused disabled woman. But not only am I abused [mostly psychological but physical as well], my husband has done this to three other women in the SAME STATE, two with permanent restraining orders, one literally had to flee the state to get this. The State I am in is notorious for ignoring DV while of course, charging men for things like yelling for DV and railroading them--Fast Track, yet real abuse, they ignore. Our foster care system murders two children a year in the area I am in, and those numbers are growing. Two of my children my husband has no rights over, and the DA knew, KNEW, that he was abusive to them...and Still, either I plead or went to jail for a M2 [no injury] and I was Told I could NOT bring up the disability by my Public Pretender, that I could NOT plead no contest, nor Alfred. I was bound and gagged...CPS was involved in beginning and now they Did list my husband as a child neglect however, it was a ruse. They coddled him [he's heavy drinker and sociopath, doesn't hide it either, in fact brags about it online all the time and the Cops knew this, the DA knew this, CPS knew it, they flat out DID NOT CARE] and catered to him...all the while ignoring that I had spine condition, trying to pawn me off as some mental case. Four weeks into the investigation [cops charged me three days after they saw the house...that in itself was one hell of a Civil Rights mess] CPS is still laughing off the disability until one day a woman from a Life Skills came and what ya know, I can't move. She freaks, takes me to hospital, BECAUSE they ignored my disability [which I had medical records for] I sustained further injury to my spine, two more herniated discs in upper spine now that I will need surgery for--I was immediately put on steroids, narcs and referred to a Spine Surgeon, Neurologist and Family Doc to check to see if my cancer from 96 had returned.

The woman or case worker, got suspicious of the abuse and went to a shelter, to get me help [the shelters won't help due to disability, that's another scam I'll fill you in on bit] and Immediately CPS pulled her off the case. So I had to sneak money from our grocery budget [he controls all the money, phones, who I see, been isolated for 13 years and I am bankrupt, getting physically worse, etc] but anyhow so I sneak money because all I wanted was to save our children [they were still with me] AND sure enough...I was and still am, in horrid shape. co

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by ThreeBears


in horrible shape, my husband canceled our insurance once I was diagnosed with degenerative back in 2009, this is part of his control btw, long story, oh, that's also part of his whole dynamic with three other women I would later find, he likes them sick and disabled...yea, disturbing, it's about power, obviously,

Anyhow, I need surgery, I am losing ability to walk among other things. Once I had MRI [they scheduled] I showed to CPS, they immediately closed the case. And pawned me off onto the criminal, after all I was still in their hands...then the Public Pretender, didn't want to see the medical, didn't give a crap if hubby was more abusive to both me and the kids [the DA made him a Victim-Witness even though CPS registered him] therefore feeding his power trip [he's just like those cops btw in the video, try Living with that # every day], and with that, he becomes more abusive to my daughters, one he assaulted when she confronted him about cutting off our phones so I couldn't call out for help.

It was only by interjecting a thanks to CPS during the court process for taking me to hospital that the judge learned I was severely disabled--and two other adults in house, they go after a disabled woman, go figure. So basically it boiled down to, I was a criminal for becoming DISABLED. So...anyhow he gives me six months prob, OK, traumatizing enough having to deal with all the mess and not ever having been in trouble [I'm 49 years old] I was new to the system. I plead so my 16 year old daughter whom my abusive husband is horrible to verbally wasn't stuck with him with no help....because the SYSTEM FLAT OUT DID NOT CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN, and that's the part that really pisses me off the most,

10 months of putting up with their so called investigation, they saw that my husband did not care if we had a working stove, dryer [no laundrymat here], we didn't have a car and I can't drive anyway but I had no way out, latest thing is he breaks the shower head so I can't take a bath, which is DANGEROUS because if I fall with the spine disease I have I wind up with more fractures in spine. So much for concern for children's welfare--my 80 year old friend helped me to get a stove, hubby just drinks and sits on his ass...all with the blessing of the STATE.

So, on probation, they know, they don't care either, in fact they told me, just leave him and leave your son with him so yea, here I am charged with neglect for being disabled but hey leave my 12 year old son to defend himself against an abusive man..I"m like WTF, seriously. Oh, and of course pay out lots of money for mental health and fight forced drugging because hey, spine needs surgery but don't ya know, pharma that will brain damage me will fix that, I mean it's crazy, it really is. So much for the whole Cruel and Unusual Punishment [my husband has three priors btw],

so, it's not so much about being upset about the charge, that's bad enough...the house was horrid, I was bed ridden with no help. But it's how they Didn't charge [and cops even laughed] a man who clearly did not give a damn....while abusing a very disabled woman who in chronic pain and I do mean severe chronic pain, That was fine with them. I could understand if I was well...which Was also a help in my case because prior to my injuring spinal cord I kept an immaculate house and I had tons of they All knew, this was related to my spine, not drugs, not alcohol, but spine injury, a severe one.

I was told by some in mental health human rights that my Civil and Constitutional Rights were stomped over, yea I knew this...I was told by one agency [out of state] that the whole thing was messy and that this was a case that screamed a back room hidden murder of a disabled woman using the system to do so. And the thing is, not one of them wants to take any ownership, they all admit, the case was bungled up, but the answer I get is,

oh well, too bad, you'll just have to suck it up and if you die, too bad.

I mean, like you wouldn't believe it, seriously, unless you saw it or lived through's bad enough how the cops are corrupt, but it's not just cops...the One thing I did do, is I did my own investigation and you'd be shocked at what I found...and I found, it's not just in my state. They are deliberately targeted segments of population and killing them through very innocent looking [the oh it was mistake] ways through the systems set up, and it's all organized, it's yes M.A.F.I.A. and it's been in the works longer than many think...and here's the worst part, IT'S PAYING FOR THE CAMPAIGNS OF SENATORS AND CONGRESSPERSONS, FACT. In other words, blood money...child murdered, no big deal, the money has already been laundered through one fundraiser to another, woman murdered, no big deal, another stat and more money for those long briefs for PR that ...

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 01:25 AM
[sorry know it's long story but bear with me], con't

the more requests for Grants...and here's what I also found out, the whole thing from Father's Rights lawyers to Domestic Violence [yea they in same bed baby] and Child Protection and especially Mental Health [forced drugging] and the Penal System, both adult and juvenile, are all on one big Data Base...and judges and lawyers are on boards of this and that and their wives on boards and then the commissioners and it's all one big happy family--racket. FRATERNITIES, yea they go back all right, SORORITIES,

then follow that up with the little Occults [big part of it] and the government entities and political agendas, etc.

Now, this is where all this ties into the whole cop corruption, and oh, btw, yea, did my research on the Penal-SLAVE--UH, LET'S CALL IT WHAT IT REALLY IS, 'CONTROLLED MIND CONTROL FOR PUBLIC CONTROL EXPERIMENT AKA SOCIAL ENGINEERING', system, and I have tons of research there, that all ties into guess what folks,

GENETICS, one simple clue for ya, BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION-COGNITIVE MODIFICATION programming done through the UNIVERSITIES AND SCIENCE ELITE TANKS [those old boys of don't need to tell you who] that work also with genetics of hormone and food, etc., through the Criminal and PSYCHOLOGICAL studies, etc. That ties into military--need I say more folks

and what you have is a trickle down--fragments, fragmentation of de-part men Ts. [for those of you who study ancient languages, codes, theories, etc., you might want to pay attention to the language and semantics they use]

in utilizing complete control over the society--and of course, dwindled down resources, Zero Population Growth or should I say, Population wipe out.

But this, has been in making prior to WWII, School of America's ring a bell? That's part of it, their 'expertise', mind you, where people will disappear and no one will think any different because those on the outside have been desensitized through behavior mod--turned into PSYCHOPATH who continues to be SLAVE through chemical lobotomies and oh, yea,

those force druggings of children, teens, women [because hey, if you're raped or a DV victim or Disabled or Elderly, don't ya know honey, you have a chemical imbalance...Dr Mengele says so], all cause sexual side effects--

aka chemical castration [having spine cord disease I know a few things about how spine-brain-stem works like electrical machine] and so, long term effects on drugging a young teen woman or boy, young child, is

STERILIZATION. Meaning, no future generation from That genetic line.


Now, back to the clue, no, two clues, Clue number one, they have to take a psychological exam to pass academy or be hired right Therefore, they have to FIT a CERTAIN PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE--now Who came up with That exam?

Clue two, the last scene on video, park in MN, mass arrest, same state where the whole Psyche Evals were written up and horrid state known for horrible human right abuses to mental patients,

one big Millgram Experiment, Mob Control-Reaction, aka in a Park now...who will resist, how long, what fear factors work, etc.,

and then, Why is that? Gee, connect the dots people

as for this young man and his experience in jail...I did some research there too, finding Sex trafficking in women's prisons [fact], sex slavery-and sweatshop slavery [fact], child torture-sex slavery in juvenile [fact], ritual abuse-torture in foster [fact], and in juv and mental for children, they don't tell BECAUSE THEY DON'T REMEMBER--THE DRUGS AND ELECTRO SHOCK--BEHAV MOD

and this is all done through the Courts, both criminal, and civil [debts now] and FAMILY courts. And they all in bed together---and it goes from state to federal oversight...or vise versa,

but it's NOT just Federal, look into the whole science-university THINK TANKS, psychiatry and'll see it.

As for jails, my research showed a disturbing and patterned methodology of inmates dying [two a month in USA alone] the first two days they enter, profiles, young males or older females.

Still researching.....but the thing is people, this is not something that can be fought within the system, because IT IS THE SYSTEM...all of it. It's institutionalized and organized, and it's done through a psychological system, like one said, the pebble at top and avalanche at bottom. Violence, I think it will come down to that, but, that's part of it too, remember, these engineers have been studying MOB VIOLENCE and they'll use it to their advantage, reactionary will simply be a nail on our coffin,

and, forget talking about it online, as what to do--they watch it on here. The thing is, they aren't hiding it and they are more abrasive about it, meaning, the Order is here, has been [TSA anyone], they've created a population of masses who are indifferent, easily pacified and who'll sell out [cult of personality]

or who live in la la land. Their weakness?

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 01:43 AM
To close this...again, apologize for it being so long and YES, I AM RISKING MY LIFE EVEN WRITING THIS, as I'm in the system so to speak....but I'm being killed off anyway, so,

one thing, Hannah Ardent said, in her Origins of Totalitarianism, that I recall [don't have the book any longer] is that they 'isolated' everyone prior to killing them. In Nazi Germany, they murdered the mental patients first, then disabled, it was all through psychiatry, those records as well as 'doctors' were spared and used by our own government, that among other things, a psycho nut doctor in Japan and the mind controls of both Soviet and Maoist China, most of you I'm sure are aware of these...

what this says is that what we are seeing is not something that just sprang out of now where, oh no, this has been in the works, experimentation, for DECADES, one clue, the drugging of women back in the 50s, Stepford Wives anyone, after WWII, to keep those restless women docile and at home, uppers at day downers at night,

all we have today is a modernized version of the same thing, especially to women. That's part of the whole Drug Wars btw too, on that, the Nation of Islam, what they said back in the day [70s-80s], they were absolutely right, it was deliberate and planned in the inner cities...

there are certain types of Profiles, like these cops, pay attention to those, there are certain types of profiles of the targeted public too--and of course, doesn't take an IQ of twelve to see the connections between corruption in Chicago [cops] to racketeering,

all which, ties into, even bigger Lordship, Arch of Rome...

many speak of Hitler-Nazi's but how soon they forget [or don't even know] Mussolini and Franco

they do like those trains running on time now do they not?

enough said

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 02:06 AM

Originally posted by Silverado292
If the first video got your blood boiling then you'll enjoy this one.

YEEEEESSSS!!! Those people must not be on the fluoride water!

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 07:51 PM
Since cops fear SHTF, they will do anything to stop it and that includes silencing and suppressing all dissenting opinions no matter what the cost.


posted on May, 18 2012 @ 11:42 PM
I watched the entire video, this is sad people. When are we going to stand up for ourselves???

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:24 AM

Originally posted by facelift
reply to post by orbitbaby

This is just wrong on so many levels. What is happening to our police?

If you were to quantitate the number of these incidents to the number of officers out there, it would demonstrate that the majority of LEOs are doing their job the righteous way.

But, it is also fair to point out that regardless of the numbers, one should be cautious dealing with Johnny Law, 'cause you just don't know which one you are gonna get - good cop or bad cop..?

It's the criminals that are supposed to fear the Long Arm of the Law, not your Average Joe. Especially since your Average Joe is broke, frustrated and more than likely a gun owner...just like the bad apples of law enforcement, we all have are limits - they better catch on before they find themselves up against the wall - literally.

No, unfortunately that is not the problem. The problem is that they have been entrained to disregard their moral aptitude. They are following the by-laws of a corporation, and they are compartmentalizing and justifying their behavior rather than view it as it is. Like all sociopaths, they can point it out in another but CHOOSE to disregard those same standards themselves. This is not a disease, it is a choice and that is held up in court. This is the specific entrainment system to create a sociopath. And over the decades that is who has gained power, and this is why things are so bad.
Cops are not there to protect the public, they are there to enforce the by-laws of the corporation and that also is held up in courts. This is the 'force of law' created by the charter of incorporation of the UNITED STATES corporation. Enforcing 'code' violations is Revenue to them. They then tell these cops and homeland security types that all the public is the enemy, you never know which one is going to turn on you, and so the innocent cops unwittingly aid and abet, and those who are corrupt have already figured out how to use and manipulate the system to stay in power and still kill whomever they want.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 09:25 AM
The last five minutes or so, with the mass arrest and encirclement, feels like a scene from minority report or v for vendetta.

This was the most terrifying part of the video because it raises the question, what are they preparing for?

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 08:58 PM
There is no such thing as a peaceful protest in America when one side is forced to submit by jackboot storm troopers. In the end it will take the second amendment right to set things straight.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:27 PM
and so the gauntlet has been thrown down and i'm proud to say it's by someone I know, everyone take note. this is how angry your rights being taken away and being oppressed should make you

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 01:02 PM
this is no suprise to me! When we allow individuals to make rules instead of the democratic majority this is the result! This is a way to divide and conquar the majority! Stop the protests! Though I don't believe that all cops are evil, just many misguided allegiances to their brethern! just as we have been misguided in our persuit of the material! the persuit of capitalism! Leading us down a road of destruction, destitution and division! While our purpose is fleeting from our reality and only in unity can we ever hope to surpase this phase of our evolution! only through peaceful measures can unity ever be attained. Even at the cost of many patriots!
if we continue to do nothing, our fear will quell any sense of hope we have until all that's left is hate, anger and revenge in our thoughts! This will lead us into utter turmoil without any chance to change! Hate, anger
and revenge only lead to violence. These emotions will not lead to prosperity! I realize many of you are angry by these images and you have a right to be but please let your anger turn to sorrow so that we may heal that which drives the violent cycle to repeat! Only through peace, unity, courage and forgiveness can unity ever be attained!
the alternative is constant violence which will destroy ourselves first through the mind, then body and finally our very souls!

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by justbecause1

well when i was being harassed by the police when i was younger family was the first thing i looked into turned out the officer was dating a friend of mines mother from high school and had been cheating on her for weeks i took photos sent in my own honey pot and caught him cheating on his wife sent her the photos and let her know what her husband had been doing he ended up getting screwed in the divorce and lost custody of his children(she had a prenup) and he ended up shooting him self......sure solved my problems from that officer. "going after the family" does not always have to be violent but if you can legally screw with their family life (LEGALLY IS KEY!!!!) it is a nice little trump card to play but still had some blow back from some of the cops friends after the fact(who i caught on audio recordings saying they would plant evidence on me)but due to evidence and my dad being pretty big in politics at the time and close personal friends with the head county we threatened to sue their department for everything it was worth and they backed off.....still moved out of state but it did in fact work and i didnt end up in jail because of it or any trouble as i did everything legally sorry for the rant but it worked for me and in theory(if legal to do so in your area) coudl work for others and dosent have to be a violent response either

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 04:13 PM
Oh Dear Lord! Thank you, Father, for granting me the strength to watch this video. In as much as I know, I knew, and realized the truth already, I needed to feel it.

I feel a dreadful pain of wanting to gain restitution for those victims. I want to vomit on anyone who has participated in such obvious intimidation tactics, let alone worse.

Restitution, that is the final Chapter! It is missing but it is waiting for its moment.

Each and every liar will be shown the err in their ways, to which they can either own it, or, they can stand proud for it as they are thrust into the depths of what they represent.

I often never carry an identification on me. I do not personally have fear of the Law or Law Enforcement, and it is obvious to me now that fear is not what is required of me to stop this madness, but, I do have fear in GOD, and this madness will stop, but not soon enough.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 12:55 PM
Why are these abusers almost universally fat, balding middle aged white men? Middle aged white men are the most privileged group in the world, yet this is how they treat others? We should not let his fascist mentality into our police forces any longer.

The second chapter, where the former police officers are simply asking for an complaint form are consistently harassed, assaulted and arrested is incredible. I hate the way they use the demand for formal ID as a bullying tactic. Arresting people for not having their 'papers' is so disturbing!
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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 03:28 AM

The American Citizen is just now getting a taste of their own medicine. It's all fun and games when we go blow other countries to oblivion and torture the sh*&t out of innocent people abroad. But now all of a sudden we just don't like this idea anymore, huh? It's always different when the shoe is on the other foot.
reply to post by milominderbinder

I know right. How can anyone complain when the cops come pounding on their door and force their way in, yank everyone out of the home and tear the house apart looking for something, anything that can be construed as criminal activity? That would be hypocritical since we are so comfy with sending our boys into other peoples homes in other countries, sometimes killing everyone before actually entering (for the soldiers safety of course) to look for anything that might incriminate that family. *shrugs

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by SulucOhmun

Awe Sully,

So sorry about your adventure. I suppose next time the cop tells you to do something you might just comply the first time?

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