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Ron Paul victories in states they were cheated out of beauty contest wins

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 11:34 AM

If you still think it is terrible that the Paul campaign is having delegate victories even though they are the ones that have been playing by the rules.....Get over it!

The fact is that Mitt Romney seems to have never had the real majority of grassroots support on the ground to begin with. The Romney campaign has been dependent on small groups of loyalists breaking the rules, election fraud, an army of lawyers and dirty GOP leadership that has allowed him to get where he is at in this process today.

Let us not get confused, Mitt Romney has not yet won the nomination! Until and if he ever gets 1,144 BOUND delegates acquired through bona fide data and accurate math prior to the national convention, the primary race is not over. There is now even considerable debate regarding whether any delegate can truly be bound to begin with. According to party rules, there may be legitimate grounds to suggest that no delegate has to vote for any particular candidate and that a complete binding of their vote could actually be against the rules.

The most recent report by the Paul campaign is now calling a continuing battle at the Arizona convention a possible "game changer".

In the latest chaos at the Oklahoma state convention, once again Romney loyalists broke all their own rules and did not even complete the party's business before shutting out the lights and unethically closing down the convention presumably because they were not going to be happy with the results. It even descended into physical assaults by 2 Romney supporters against Paul supporters.
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Aint that the truth?

With all the crap going on at the conventions trying to derail the delegate process is showing that Mitt Romney has 'artificial' support thanks to the MSM marketing him as the 'perceived' front runner. With Ron Paul's recent wins in delegate states - it is slowly uncovering the veil of how deceiving the media can be and how the GOP is handling the Paul Campaign.

Now the deceptive media is trying to paint the Paul Campaign in a negative light by stating they are stealing delegates at these conventions and are the ones causing any-and-all the trouble we're seeing. Thing is that's completely wrong. There have been live feeds streaming the caucus events where there are witnesses in attendance including people online who have witnessed all this unfold live! Some of us here have seen what goes on, its no secret that the romney camp has been using every trick in the book to derail, slow down the paul camp. I can tell you one thing...

Ain't Gonna Happen

What i've learned from the Paul camp so far in these caucus states is that his supporters are very organized, very smart, know the rules, and know how to return fire when they need to. so far they have been playing this like professionals and are well underway in re-shaping the GOP in the Paulian philosophy.

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:01 PM

Ron Paulbarians are at GOP's gate

Just thought id add this article here too...

The rabble's success has many establishment Republicans gnashing their teeth, with one sour grapes GOP blogger referring to the Paul supporters as a bunch of “liars, cheats and thieves.”

But the reality is, the Paul folks played by the rules and more of them attended the convention than the other team. As the saying goes, the world belongs to those who show up.

In the meantime, many in the media are scratching their heads wondering, “What was this all about? What do the Paul people want? Don't they know that they've lost; that Romney's going to get the nomination?”

While true that some Paul supporters still hold out hope for a Tampa miracle, the more realistic are already looking well beyond November's election.

They know that in politics you often lose a number of early fights in order to gain experience and grow your movement for the long term.

Indeed, should Ron Paul “fail” in his presidential effort, he will have nonetheless successfully planted the seeds for an emerging “liberty” movement (not quite the same as the “conservative” movement) that will (hopefully) enjoy far greater political victories in the years to come.

Call it Barry Goldwater 2.0.
Nevada Appeal

This article also attempts to inject the Ron Paul camp as 'insurgents' but its partially correct. it also still states that he cant win and its a long shot. (which it is for now anyway) cannot wait for the end of June to see where RP really stands. It however admits that Ron Paul is making a dent in the GOP which is the secondary goal of his campaign.


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