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I would like to share an experience.. Telepathy , Communicating through the inner soul and uses of t

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 10:29 AM
Over the past 5 years I have become a very spiritual and connected person.. both with Humans and also Animals.
I believe we all possess a power which allows us to communicate with each other, both in life and also in death.
I felt moved after reading the story of late author Lawrence Anthony and the elephants he endeavored to help , and ultimately, saving their lives. The elephants Mr Anthony helped, somehow knew of his passing on March 7 and for 12 hours slowly and solemnly made their way through the bush to reach Lawrence Anthonys home for the first time in 1 1/2 years, where they spent 2 days mourning before returning to the bush.
This type of activity has long been noted , in both the Human and Animal kingdom.
It was through a similar experience i started to become a very connected person myself.
I had much trouble with my experience, as it was a very personal and sad time. only now do i feel the ability to post a thread in regards to it, as i would like to share , and teach other of our abilities and connections.
Please Note: This is difficult for me to type as it involves two very sad events for me to talk about, so please read and also comment respectfully, and that will be greatly appreciated.
My first event i wish to talk about involves a friend i had grown up with from primary school starting at 5 / 6 years old and then onto secondary high school. We were both also in the local scout group, which consisted of around 10 of us. what happened around 5 years ago changed me forever. At the age of 21 years old, my friend was getting prepared for moving to Australia, he was a very nice chap, full of life , jokes , and fun times . My friend had went missing on a night out with friends in the city and could not be found anywhere.
I will always remember the time i heard he was missing, i was at the cinema and my friend got a text message saying that he couldnt be found anywhere. (sorry but i dont know if it is right of me to include his name bearing in mind how difficult this is for me to write in the first place)
It was thought he must be at a friends or maybe even went to visit a girl a few hundred miles away he was chatting with. There was much unanswered , and no information whatsoever apart from small leads of his online chats etc... of where he could be.
This unfortunately went on for days and weeks with no positive contact.
Now this is where things get even more difficult to talk about...
During the period he had been missing , i had a dream , which was very difficult to comprehend,
In the dream i was walking along the riverside in the local city and i was about to fall into the water, it was a dark gloomy day / night in the dream , there was a presence by my side which was talking / communicating to me , i was being told i could not not fall into the water as it had already been taken, in the water there was also a presence, albeit it felt like a dark shadow as so to speak which let me know they were there, and i also knew who it felt like was there
This was happening at an area of the river i am familiar with, and i knew exactly where on the river it was, as it was next to a popular boat that holds gigs.
This dream stuck with me playing with my emotions for a number of weeks.
I told friends about this dream and they just kept playing it down , saying dont worry about it , its just a dream.
I cant describe how extremely cut up over this dream i was and it gave me some issues as i had never experienced a dream which was so real feeling, and trying to almost tell me something. i wish i acted on this but at the same time i am glad i didnt , as words cant describe what i would have went through had i.
My friends just thought i sounded crazy.
As the weeks passed with still no sign of my friends whereabout,
I remember very clear the day things came to light, i had been in my job at orange business, when i recieved a call from my partner at the time.
I was told my friend had been found, but it wasnt good news, he had been found dead
R.I.P Buddy!!
Things were just unreal that i learned of his death and i was distraught as would be the case,
But, when i had been told where he was found by a passer-by, i just broke down in a real bad mess,
He was found at the exact location as was in the dream i had dreamt weeks before.
He was found in the river, next to the boat that holds gigs!! The exact same place!
Words cant describe the effect this had on me, the feeling was the worst ever experienced.
He had been missing for 7 weeks in total.
The whole time was just a terrible , living nightmare and it hurts so much thinking about everything surrounding the disappearance of my friend, leading up to the news we didnt want to hear.
The fact that he had died was just the worst news we could have recieved, but at the same time , i went into a deep deppression as i couldnt take in that the place from my dream many weeks before , was the exact place he had been the whole 7 week period. I had a sickening feeling of guilt that i could have helped and assisted , especially for his family and friends waiting for good news that he was found safe.
My friends all knew what i had told them , and the only thing they could say is that it was just a total coincidence.... i didnt believe them as i knew how vivid the dream was, compared to my standard dreams i have and knew it was telling me something but i didnt act on it . I am glad i didnt also , because the suffering i would have went through had i personally followed up my dream would have been my own death sentence.
I surely would not have been able to continue with my life, in a sane manner at least.
Nobody would ever want to find or even see anyone like that , let alone a friend .
R.I.P My Good Friend xxx
I felt this run deep and it has changed me very much , and i am now a lot more spiritual and connected with myself.
It has been very difficult typing this up, so please understand , and be very sensitive with me in comments.

My second experience i encountered was around 1 year later,
I had been at college studying music and media, and i had a really strong feeling about a notion i was going through that day, I kept telling my friend i had a strange dream / but it was like i had dreamt it while awake almost or it had just impregnated the thoughts into my head, It was all very clear , and i knew exactly what happened , but i had no idea why i had dreamt this... it was just crazy feeling.
In the dream I had experienced a travel which felt like a spirit moving through the air at a fast speed.
The movement went from a house in the city , then zoomed from there to my parents house to me in my bed , then zoomed off again down to a house under 1 mile from where i live.
Very strange to say the least. And also very intense.
I walked through college that day in a bit of a daze as i had a really strong feeling about the dream / thoughts that had manifested in my head.
later that day i was down seeing a friend and having a chat and catchup etc..
i was with my partner and he was also with his partner.
My friend asked me if i heard about the boy from my old school that was found dead, i said no i hadnt and he said i maybe knew him as he was just a year younger.
I had some bad feelings building inside me at this point, very bad indeed.
My friend went online to get the article, my gut feeling was getting bad bad bad
What happened next was such a terrible experience ..... Continued

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 10:42 AM
When my friend loaded up the article and was scrolling down ......
I just knew who it was going to be a photo of but i just didnt want to believe it... it couldnt be ... no way
When the image loaded , i instantly went into convulsions, i couldnt breath no matter how hard i tried....
The image which was showing on screen was a friend from school, the friend whos house i had dreamed of.
I was distraught firstly about his death, and secondly with the whole dream scenario.
The initial house which was in my dream was his flat he had, i had never even seen that flat in my life.
then when it zoomed out from my house it zoomed down to his parents house under a mile from my own home.
I remember vividly in the dream i was shouting .... No No No..... Why does everyone in my scout group keep dying
My second friend that passed away was also a member of our small scout group of around 10.
Totally uncanny and unbelievable , the nightmare had begun again.
I struggled to breath for over ten minutes and was very close to passing out and needing hospital treatment.
The feeling of seeing my friends face on the screen was one i had never experienced.
It felt like deja vous , but it was really happening , right before my very eyes, and i had experience the dream beforehand.
this was just terrible , and i got real , messed up again over the whole situation.
There is no way the level of detail i experienced was in any way a coincidence.
I really did dream these two events before anybody had known what had happened.
I am spooked to this day and i feel a closeness with my two friends that passed away.
I feel connected with their souls.
this has been very difficult to type and i hope it makes sense to all of you.

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 10:49 AM
My third experience which is still unsolved , was in regards to madelaine mccain.
the young girl that went missing in prai de luz , portugal
I had a very vivid and distinct dream similar to the previous dreams i have spoke of.
I was there with her , she was in Morocco, marakkesh.
I just knew she was most definitely there. 100%... not in Portugal anymore
that week the front page of the newspaper was , Maddie spotted in marakesh , morrocco.
My heart sunk.... i knew she was there with all my gut feelings and what i had experience in the past.
To this day madelaine has never been found

I feel that these powers can be harnessed by most people and they should be investigated further.
They are true , they are real , we need to open our minds to these scenarios and powers we all hold.

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by the2010apprentice

I had a girl friend who's mother had seen her fathers death before it happened.
Your dreams, if I understand, were when it happened.
The life and energy you shared with these people made you close. I think it is normal or natural that you felt or shared their passing. Please stop feeling any thing bad about it. Knowledge that we are all connected is powerful.
Should make you think before you cause harm to another. Maybe some conflicts with your religion but there's normally lots of that. Don't try to close your ability, feel it and learn from it, should make future relationships even closer...
Everything will be alright...

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 08:21 PM
People are better able to communicate with spirits, and receive messages from the other side when they are asleep, unless they have developed their ability to do it while awake also. People do this during sleep a lot, most just don't remember it.
I think your first friend was trying to let someone know where he was, and he chose you because of your close friendship.
You could choose to develop your ability further, and help with missing persons cases, since you seemed to hit it "spot on" in these.

I'm sorry for your loss. Just know that he is okay, and so is the other friend.

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